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The Adam Lanza Killer Cake a Sandy Hook Tragedy

by Luis Zacarias

The bottom line up front is that a gamer killed little kids. No matter how we spin it, the truth is Adam Lanza the Sandy Hook shooter was a gamer. Police have said they found thousands of dollars in video games in his home and odds are pretty good that some of those games are the same shooters you and I play. Two things stick out as I think about the video games angle and Lanza, and you may not like what I have to say but I will not allow gamers to distance themselves from a killer because he was said to be a gamer. We have to own the fact that a gamer killed little kids and yes that makes all of us who consider ourselves to be gamers look bad. (Culture)

RIPSKATEDESTROY  +   1009d ago
A gamer didnt kill those kids, a disturbed and mentally broken boy killed those kids. Lets end this nonsense right now.
Christopher  +   1009d ago
Saying video games is at fault for his actions is akin to me blaming professional football for Michael Vicks and his dog fights.
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Mykky  +   1009d ago
Yeah I guess Guitar Hero created rockstars, Fifa created professional football/soccer players and Gran Turismo created drivers.

The people who blame games is usually people who have never even played a game. I can't believe people are so simple minded.
thorstein  +   1009d ago
Well, let's think about this, if gamers kill massive amounts of people... especially in a society where gun ownership is high... I had better leave North America... Canadians play all sorts of violent games and they have some of the highest gun ownership. I can just picture them armed to the teeth, almost feral human beings just waiting at the border to invade the US en masse on their massive shooting sprees!

...or, maybe psychopaths are actually just psychopaths.
jvelite  +   1008d ago
Football does not let players fantasize about animals killing other animals for money.

Games can be about killing people and having fun doing it.
Christopher  +   1008d ago
***Football does not let players fantasize about animals killing other animals for money. ***

No, it actually lets them brutally harm other people. So much better and not at all an action that leads to other violent behavior.
Mounce  +   1008d ago
I'm not going to say it was aliens.

But it was Gamers.

(Am I doing it right from Political standards? I think this makes 100% Sense!)

Should make a meme about it in regards to the Alien-meme and a new political-incompetent meme like.

I'm not going to say it was aliens(in regards to the Batman theater shootings)

But it was BATMAN!(That, or Gamers are to blame again for some stupid reason)
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fr0sty  +   1009d ago
They don't even know what happened. They tried saying he was using an AR-15 to shoot those kids, then later that same AR-15 was seen on video being pulled out of the trunk of his car (which he never made it to, he shot himself before making it out of the school). They then said he acted alone, and now are being forced to admit that there very well may have been an accomplice or two that got away. We can't even trust the details that he was a gamer at this point... These people don't know their ass from a hole in the ground when it comes to details on this crime.
Kaneda  +   1009d ago
There was a report that people saw two people fled the seen. One was wearing a red hat, red shirt, blue suspender with a curvy mustache...

The other was wearing green hat (similar to red one just different color), green shirt, blue suspender...

Here is the sketch
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thorstein  +   1008d ago
I've yet to see a story reported correctly in the news.
ilikestuff   1009d ago | Bad language | show
Kamikaze135  +   1009d ago
Bad parents love to point the finger at everybody but themselves.
3-4-5  +   1008d ago
So why didn't 200 Million + other games shoot kids ? O yea because everybody knows you don't do that....everybody except ONE PERSON !

So that ONE PERSON did this......not millions of people who never met.

A Priest Raped a child....does that mean all priests are bad ?

That cop in Cali just killed people, does that mean all cops just randomly kill people, or just that one person ?
Xbot360  +   1009d ago
He was a gamer.
rainslacker  +   1008d ago
So is 80% of the US population. Less than 1% of the US population commits crimes, and even then most of them aren't violent.
Bio_Mod  +   1009d ago
mass murder has never affected religion, let's be honest games are an easy scapegoat, maybe deeper questions need to be asked about society in general, instead of passing the blame as authorities seem to do. The idea he killed kids because he played games is stupid its like saying he did it because he drank tea 0.0
goldwyncq  +   1009d ago
The irony is that if he read a book instead before the shooting, no one would raise an eyebrow.
thorstein  +   1008d ago
Well, if it was the 1950's they would have blamed the book...
hennessey86  +   1009d ago
Another idiot trying to pin a crime on gaming.
Nevers  +   1009d ago
"FACT: 100% of serial killers and drug dealers have admitted to drinking water"

We need to get the focus back on this vicious liquid!!!!

TheOneEyedHound  +   1008d ago
Omg.... our bodily fluids....
thorstein  +   1008d ago
Are you talking of dihydrogen monoxide? The silent killer? http://www.dhmo.org/facts.h...
momthemeatloaf  +   1009d ago
A human killed those kids. No matter how we spin it a human being, one of us, killed those kids.
Ron_Danger  +   1009d ago
How many millions of copies did CoD sell? That doesn't mean there's millions of killers out there. Just because .000001% of CoD players are murderers, does not make it the deciding factor.

I can't wait for the day when someone on CNN or Fox News grows a pair and finally says "Parents, stop trying to be friends with your kids. Stop trying to be the cool mom or dad. Stop saying you're going to let your kids make their own decisions. It's time to act like adults and raise your children and teach them right from wrong."
Ashunderfire86  +   1009d ago
He was Autistic kid who was on Psychotropic drugs, that gave him false hallucinations about killing people and himself. These drugs probably made him look at the games he played as a way to kill people. Whenever these kids get many ideas from games and violent movies into their heads, the drugs reinforce them to think these things as reality. This is why the media blames games and movies, but they never tell you the real reason is the drugs. These drugs are killing millions of people around the world. Shhh!!! Go to the cchr.org for more info.
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NexGen  +   1009d ago
Why not give full disclosure Ash? The CCHR is a scientology recruitment/propaganda organization. Check your sources.
Ashunderfire86  +   1008d ago
Did I tell you to join the group? No and so what if they are Scientologist, they actually have video proof of all these drugs effecting people. They have a better argument than the crappy mainstream media blaming video games. Scientologist are not even the only ones saying this either. You want proof here is proof. I show this like a hundred times to people on N4g with so many agrees. Watch the video here:


I myself is not a scientologist, and I don't have to be one to see this.

What do you think is the reason why kids do mass school shooting? Don't say oh the parents is to blame cause I heard that obvious answer already.
It is a fact that Psychotropic drugs like Ritalin, Prozac, Zoloft, Xenex, and many other anti-depressants cause chance of suicide in a person. Plus that person can have violent behavior. Heck even Chris Christie knows this, because he admit that mental illness is an issue among Americans and the world. These drugs they have in schools nurse office, are worst than the street drugs.
Bio_Mod  +   1009d ago
LMAO !!!!! scientology, I think i prefer the street drugs to brainwashing, at least its a choice with drugs
Ashunderfire86  +   1008d ago
Don't come crying to me when these drugs alter your mind with suicide thoughts, so consider yourself warned. And for all you people who disagree with me for the hell of it, are thick headed to see the truth in front of them like most apathetic people on this planet.
Bio_Mod  +   1008d ago
Maybe I should clarify STREET DRUGS not anti- depressants, I understand the effect of anti depressants from my own life experience but at no point have I ever been that broken that I have to fall back on a cult to make myself feel ok, the authorities are to blame for the drugs they make, you believe that he only did this because he was on anti depressants, quite simply no there are probably a multitude of factors involved. granted the aforementioned drugs are far too prevalent by my view but so are crackpots who will happily follow some religious zealot. by the way despite Scientology denying it there are a lot of drugs used in their little organization because I find it hard to believe that people are that stupid or that malleable.
Tonester925  +   1009d ago
Who said that video games made him do this in the first place just because he played them like MILLIONS of people do around the world.

So when you have ONE person out of the MILLIONS of gamers that go out and commit a mass murder, blame it all on the video games.
RustedMan  +   1009d ago
A mentally disturbed individual killed these children.
I've killed half a million people on Halo 2, does that give me the slightest inkling to go out and do the real thing? hell no. I am a firm believer in thinking that games offering a buffer for aggressive tendencies. They PREVENT us from jacking cars, and killing prostitutes. They alleviate stress by giving us an output for any anger or stress accumulated throughout the course of a given day. They are, dare I say it, therapeutic in that regard.
Do I really know how to use a gun after carrying around some of the most advanced, most nail bitingly realistic weaponry on the planet in the latest Call of Duty or Battlefield? No.
He probably watched an Adam Sandler comedy before, and that film is JUST as much to blame as videogamers. He probably had burger king one day, well that Whopper must be accountable for something....Music, hell Marilyn Manson was to blame for Columbine (or act as a scapegoat) and Dark Knight Rises to blame for the Colorado shooting. The shooter responsible for Virginia Tech supposedly played Counter Strike.
But you know what separates these people from normal gamers? they are disturbed to the Nth degree. This horrendous article attempts to validate the preposterous assumption that violent videogames are to blame for the massacre of children.

It pisses me off.
MattyG  +   1009d ago
*starts slow clap*
abzdine  +   1009d ago
he terrorized and killed innocent souls. sick terrorist criminal
kassler  +   1009d ago
Lanza was probably drawn to violent games because he was sickly fascinated by violence and death. So, mental disorder was probably a much bigger factor than violent games.
DeadPixel  +   1009d ago
Pathetic article and a shallow attempt at blaming video games for the actions of a mentally disturbed man. Millions of us play video games are we all mass murderers in the making???
ninjagoat  +   1009d ago
Unless you know Autism you know nothing. Americas gun lobby is looking a scapegoat and its sad.
maelstromb  +   1009d ago
Ultimately, the difference between this sick f*** and a normal person with a moral compass, is that a normal person, even if he/she had access to videogames AND guns--like Lanza did--would STILL not spontaneously decide to go out and shoot another human being, let alone a child.

Do we all have the capability to kill? Yes, that's true. But would any stable person go through with such an horrific atrocity if provided the "ingredients," as you say? Absolutely not, and I don't care how you justify it or frame it.

The family, either because they were in denial or b/c they didn't think their son's illness posed an immediate threat, slacked off on their necessary duties of providing Lanza with the proper mental care, and THAT should be the main issue here. Lanza was extremely mentally unstable and entirely capable of committing these atrocious acts with or without videogames in his life. Like others have said, it could have been books or movies or TV--none of which are being put under the microscope in the media like videogames are at this moment.

So maybe what you should have been getting at is that anyone with a record of mental illness should be denied access to violent videogames, just like anyone with a record of mental illness should be denied access to a firearm.
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MattyG  +   1008d ago
Maybe I'm just being thick or am still in my post sleep haze, but what the hell does cake have to do with anything?!
clintagious650  +   1008d ago
Dude looks like a physical path. Hope he enjoys playing pick up the soap because hes going to be someones bit** in prison. Have fun walking around wit a bloody ass*ole lol.

Edit: I didnt know dude killed himself. Well we know his azz is in HELL.
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TheOneEyedHound  +   1008d ago
Every loner will go to gaming at some point, than when he realizes he isn't going anywhere, they do stupid thing like this.
gamegenieny  +   1008d ago
Click the link, read the first comment on the site to the article. It'll be worth it lol
H3ADWOUND81  +   1008d ago
We hear it all the time, someone in the states going postal with an assault rifle.. Same old story.. Let's blame call of duty!!! Then people will look past the fact a kid on psychotropic drugs shouldn't have even had access to such weapons.. Wake up.. It's not rocket science, stop selling guns.. Trigger happy Americans, they never learn anything from these despicable acts..
Oschino1907  +   1008d ago
Your right, because before we had guns in the world no one ever....... Oh wait that's right people have always been hurting other people for as long as anyone can trace back our ancestors.

Got to love snooty people who talk out of their ass with absolutes having clearly not thought anything through because they are too busy basking in their own farts of self satisfaction as they say what makes them feel better about themselves.

Not to place blame anywhere but if we are going to be ignorant let's point out the decades of mass murders that came after the British decided to half assly divide up the world on a whim after their empire fell based on religion and ethnic origins.
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SilentNegotiator  +   1008d ago
"Wake up.. It's not rocket science, stop selling guns"

Another person that thinks a ban on guns would instantly fix the US's gun violence.

The US isn't like other countries that have always had major restrictions on guns. There are now millions upon millions of guns in the US; banning/majorly restricting them would be both an ugly and ineffectual process, similar to the handling of illegal immigration. It isn't an island country like Britain or Japan, that get cited so often in these arguments, that can easily stop international smuggling. Despite being higher in violent crime than a lot of other similar countries, it is still on a gradual DECLINE. Concentrated crime in cities like Chicago (and furthermore, concentrated to specific districts - many places in Chicago are incredibly safe), a city with highly strict gun laws, accounts for all too much of the "dangerous" US's statistics.

It *IS* a science. It's foolish to think that this is a simple issue.
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BattleTorn  +   1008d ago
What a disgusting article!

The author projects that because he, a gamer, likes to achieve "high scores" that this must also have been Adam Lanza's, also a gamer, motive!!!?

Sickening, to make such comparison!

Does the author also think he gets bonus points for them being children? What is a Double XP weekend?

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Zichu  +   1008d ago
I didn't even need to read the article, you can see it in his eyes that he isn't right mentally.

I've seen eyes like that so many times in the newspapers, they're dead inside.

A person who is mentally sane and who wouldn't even think about harming a fly wouldn't have those eyes, I don't have those eyes and I'm a gamer.
mastershredder  +   1008d ago
Simple math will tell you that the "games makes people killers" is an illogical theory.
How many gamers do we have out there? Were talking high number millions.
How many killers linked to having played games? Maybe a handful. Hmm.. So why are not millions of gamers going ape-pooh hurting and killing folks?

Anything can influence, but the issues are with that person's mental stability. Severing what the majority finds entertaining and enjoyable fun (as they can differentiate between right and wrong, acceptable and not acceptable), over the actions of a few socially/logically/mentally inept individuals is asinine.

This whole media spin frenzy needs to be put to rest once and for all. It's a waste of everyone's time and energy. If you are in support of that crap (anti-gaming, violent or otherwise), you need to get more productive in your own life and get out of everyone else's.
Xbot360  +   1008d ago
Ignorance in some of you is appalling.

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