The Adam Lanza Killer Cake a Sandy Hook Tragedy

by Luis Zacarias

The bottom line up front is that a gamer killed little kids. No matter how we spin it, the truth is Adam Lanza the Sandy Hook shooter was a gamer. Police have said they found thousands of dollars in video games in his home and odds are pretty good that some of those games are the same shooters you and I play. Two things stick out as I think about the video games angle and Lanza, and you may not like what I have to say but I will not allow gamers to distance themselves from a killer because he was said to be a gamer. We have to own the fact that a gamer killed little kids and yes that makes all of us who consider ourselves to be gamers look bad.

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A gamer didnt kill those kids, a disturbed and mentally broken boy killed those kids. Lets end this nonsense right now.

Christopher2009d ago (Edited 2009d ago )

Saying video games is at fault for his actions is akin to me blaming professional football for Michael Vicks and his dog fights.

Mykky2009d ago

Yeah I guess Guitar Hero created rockstars, Fifa created professional football/soccer players and Gran Turismo created drivers.

The people who blame games is usually people who have never even played a game. I can't believe people are so simple minded.

thorstein2009d ago

Well, let's think about this, if gamers kill massive amounts of people... especially in a society where gun ownership is high... I had better leave North America... Canadians play all sorts of violent games and they have some of the highest gun ownership. I can just picture them armed to the teeth, almost feral human beings just waiting at the border to invade the US en masse on their massive shooting sprees!

...or, maybe psychopaths are actually just psychopaths.

jvelite2009d ago

Football does not let players fantasize about animals killing other animals for money.

Games can be about killing people and having fun doing it.

Christopher2009d ago

***Football does not let players fantasize about animals killing other animals for money. ***

No, it actually lets them brutally harm other people. So much better and not at all an action that leads to other violent behavior.

Mounce2009d ago (Edited 2009d ago )

I'm not going to say it was aliens.

But it was Gamers.

(Am I doing it right from Political standards? I think this makes 100% Sense!)

Should make a meme about it in regards to the Alien-meme and a new political-incompetent meme like.

I'm not going to say it was aliens(in regards to the Batman theater shootings)

But it was BATMAN!(That, or Gamers are to blame again for some stupid reason)

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fr0sty2009d ago

They don't even know what happened. They tried saying he was using an AR-15 to shoot those kids, then later that same AR-15 was seen on video being pulled out of the trunk of his car (which he never made it to, he shot himself before making it out of the school). They then said he acted alone, and now are being forced to admit that there very well may have been an accomplice or two that got away. We can't even trust the details that he was a gamer at this point... These people don't know their ass from a hole in the ground when it comes to details on this crime.

Kaneda2009d ago (Edited 2009d ago )

There was a report that people saw two people fled the seen. One was wearing a red hat, red shirt, blue suspender with a curvy mustache...

The other was wearing green hat (similar to red one just different color), green shirt, blue suspender...

Here is the sketch

thorstein2009d ago

I've yet to see a story reported correctly in the news.

ilikestuff2009d ago Show
Kamikaze1352009d ago

Bad parents love to point the finger at everybody but themselves.

3-4-52009d ago

So why didn't 200 Million + other games shoot kids ? O yea because everybody knows you don't do that....everybody except ONE PERSON !

So that ONE PERSON did this......not millions of people who never met.

A Priest Raped a child....does that mean all priests are bad ?

That cop in Cali just killed people, does that mean all cops just randomly kill people, or just that one person ?

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rainslacker2009d ago

So is 80% of the US population. Less than 1% of the US population commits crimes, and even then most of them aren't violent.

Bio_Mod2009d ago

mass murder has never affected religion, let's be honest games are an easy scapegoat, maybe deeper questions need to be asked about society in general, instead of passing the blame as authorities seem to do. The idea he killed kids because he played games is stupid its like saying he did it because he drank tea 0.0

goldwyncq2009d ago

The irony is that if he read a book instead before the shooting, no one would raise an eyebrow.

thorstein2009d ago

Well, if it was the 1950's they would have blamed the book...

hennessey862009d ago

Another idiot trying to pin a crime on gaming.

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