Why Is Square Enix’s Yoshihisa Hashimoto Headed To New York?

With just over a day until Sony’s big PlayStation Meeting which has the industry on super hype mode, news has surfaced that Square Enix technical director Yoshihisa Hashimoto has embarked on a trip from Japan to JFK airport.

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Lucreto1680d ago

I am looking forward to this.

I wonder if FF XIV will be moved to the PS4. The are so late with it it might die off very quick.

I hope FF V XIII will finally make an appearence or even FFXV.

torchic1680d ago

I was thinking about this all week.

Square Enix always expressed an interest in putting the game on as many platforms as they could.

can't put it on 360 for obvious reasons, and they also said that they were "considering" a Wii U version.

there's a fairly high probability of it being released on PS4 as well.

Reibooi1680d ago

being that it's the technical guy I would bet Sony is bringing him in to possible show that Agni's Philosophy can run on the PS4. If they were gonna announce a game I would imagine that someone else would do that(Wada or Nomura most likley and if this was FFXIV related Yoshida would likely be there).

Either way I'm not expecting to much in the way of games and more about the console and what it will be able to do. If we get games that is a great bonus but I would imagine they would save the majority of the game unveils until E3.

Lucreto1680d ago

I am expecting him to say Agni's Philosophy can run on the PS4. But he will have to shw a game running the new engine.

His facebook message was deleted so it was meant to be quiet about it so I would not be surprised if Nomura will be there or Wada.

They don't even have to be there they can show a video of him talking about the game and have Hashimoto introduce it.

HarryMasonHerpderp1680d ago

Please be Final Fantasy Versus.

Crystallis1680d ago

I'd love to see Versus tomorrow as well, but if Tetsuya noruma is not there also then I don't think versus will be shown. I actually think yoshihisa will expand on that tech demo we saw last year.

Lucreto1680d ago (Edited 1680d ago )

Nomura might be there but even if he isn't he could be there in a video talking about the game like a developer blog.

He doesn't need to be there for an announcement.

Grap1680d ago

i have come to a point that i don't want to see this game.

Irishguy951680d ago

Doubt it. Not from him anyway.

This guy was very important for the luminous engine. So...there is that.

Showing off next gen tech with Ps4.

If Nomura ain't there, do not expect Versus

ApolloTheBoss1680d ago (Edited 1680d ago )

If it's not Versus then explain why Hidemi Matsuzuka posted this pic on Twitter.

https:/ d _dog/statuses/3034610064185098 24

He wouldn't do that for no reason. It's gotta be Versus.

Temporary1680d ago

how about you learn how to post links.

HarryMasonHerpderp1680d ago


You're both probably right, would make more sense if it was something for the luminous engine.
I still have a little hope for versus though.

edit: ugh look what I've just found -_-

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uuaschbaer1680d ago

The curtain rises, Watson. Nobody can stop this hansom.

Cam9771680d ago (Edited 1680d ago )

Just Cause 3.
Whatever it is, tomorrow's announcement can't come soon enough. If rumours be true, the PS4 will have a beefier amount of power than it's blatant competitor, the next XBOX. Whatever happens tomorrow, I'll stay with my PS3 for at least 2 more years. I still need to play a few HD trilogies, both Fallout games, upcoming games (GTA V, TLOU and DaS 2 etc...), Silent Hill: Downpour and much more. Although some of those games will give a temporary fix, longer ones such as both Fallout games should last me a long time.

In retrospective, this generation has been great for Sony regardless of their initial bumpy start. What began with MGS4 and Littlebigplanet, this generation has done Playstation well with the Uncharted trilogy and many more.

Let's hope that the next gen succeeds this generation well and doesn't repeat mistakes we've seen devs make during the course of this generation (EG: Skyrim's "state", poor ports, yearly releases and downright cruel DLC tactics).

Long Live Play,
bring on the PS4.

clintagious6501680d ago

If it aint for ff versus i hope your plane crashes lol just kidding. effin hurry up & show sum new footage atleast.

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