PS4: 5 Must Have Features To Win

"With excitement building consistently for Sony’s Feb 20th press conference, many rumors have spread about the features that the PS4 will have. " |

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platformmaster9181917d ago

This would be amazing even if it were $500 but they should cut out BC to have a $400 option

DigitalSmoke1917d ago (Edited 1917d ago )

All this bullshit money talk, its outdated and a way to keep the tech down.
A Console cycle lasts what, 6/7 years, look at the time you spend enjoying the system.

Now think about how long your 600 dollar I-phone lasts you, no more then 2.
I rest my case.

Now plz give me a 1200,- dollar cutting edge Playstation 4 with all!!! the bells and whisles and give me the option to pay it off like i do my phone with an online plan for 3/4 years or something.

Think out of the box (pun intended), Sony does.

andibandit1916d ago

You're insane, my phone has saved my a$$ so many times, my console is just a luxury.

DigitalSmoke1916d ago (Edited 1916d ago )

A 50 dollar phone can save your Ash to sonny,stick to the point and dont get crazy now.

Ninja_G_Aidan1916d ago

With so many people in debt, do you really think they would get accepted for a contract? I sure as hell wont!

ichimaru1917d ago

to win what? it's a competition sure but ultimately I, no we win. the gamers

clintagious6501916d ago

Feats wont win u sh*t without games but will be just added bonus.

1Victor1916d ago

Good read and makes sense ,free 3 months of ps+ , 2 controllers isn't going to happen,headset is a must have ,backwards comparably will be tough but not impossible with gaikai , shared online won't happen because difference in hardware but who knows about this one.