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Submitted by mrprice33 1013d ago | review

Metal Gear Rising Revengeance Review: Chasing the Cool | VGRevolution

Marc slices and dices with Raiden in Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance. Find out if he liked it inside. (Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, PS3, Xbox 360) 5.6/10

modesign  +   1013d ago
ilikestuff  +   1013d ago
saw some good and bad reviews, i wanna play the game but personally i wanted mgs4 to end all their stories, so im on the fence. i liked the demo though
RyuX19  +   1013d ago
I guess when you suck, blame the game.
mrprice33  +   1013d ago
I mean, when you go to every Revengeance post and troll, I guess that's what you would say in response to a thorough review that points out almost all of the flaws in this horrible game.
SAE  +   1013d ago
Saying it's horrible only proves that you are ignorant. Just because you don't like the gameplay or you suck at it doesn't mean it's sucks. The story is from Kojima so ofcours it's good. The gameplay and the AI is challenging , new and it's doing something no other game did before. The only thing you can complain about is the graphics that look good too but can be improved..

If you want to say it's sucks talk with reason. Say the good things and the bad things and don't say it's sucks because it's sucks -.-
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Ultr  +   1013d ago
I only have to see that he played the game for 5h and finished it.
THATS WHAT I DID WITH VANQUISH on normal difficulty.
I went on playing the game on a higher difficulty level, the game forced me to play more precice and use every ability I had.
once I had a hang on it....


The game just went from great TO UNBELIEVABLE AWESOME!!!

How I know Platinum games, the game shines when you play on higher difficulty.
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HiddenMission  +   1013d ago
Actually the reviewer did not play the game and you can tell. There are over ten factual lies in the review...

This is a troll review simply for hits and while I fed it a bit it will be the last time I go the site ever again.

Review Quotes:
1. no reliable way for Raiden to defend himself.

- False you can block and purchase a evade move...

2. Devil May Cry only without the former’s mechanical prowes

- False the combat is just as deep you simply have to purchase the upgrade to skills, weapons and character stats

3. with multiple weapons, each more useless as the last.

- False each weapon provides a new set of combo upgrades while allowing you to tackle different enemy encounters to suite the best approach.

4. The problem with the mode is that Raiden cannot move while using it,

- False press in the left analog stick and you can move...

5. It’s also easy to get disoriented while using the mode, as your natural instinct is to use the left stick to move around and dodge enemy attacks, but this only changes your perspective and gets you confused and hit.

- False the Platinum games have gone on record stating that you are supposed to weaken the enemies up prior to using blade mode...aka that's why they flash blue. Add to that if you use ninja run followed up with a slide attack you can easily go into blade mode and have all the time in the world to attack.

6. It’s the same basic “enter an area, get locked off by a semi-visible arbitrary wall, then fight until everything is dead and move on” mechanic that we’ve seen as gamers since the inception of action games.

- You just simply bashed every single hack n slash game out there...god job boss why did you review this game again...

7. Between the inability to dodge or block and the enemies’ predilection to sneak up on you

- False, again you can dodge, block and parry so yeah did you actually play this game or read some broken reviews and figured you would spew out the same lies...

8. typically boils down to annoying crowd control interspersed with frantic slicing-of-the-glowy bits via Blade Mode.

- Only Mistral has a crowd control the rest are one on one unless you count the 1st part of the final boss. Monsoon is alone, Samuel is alone, Sundowner is alone...with the exception of a few choppers that rarely attack from a yeah.

9. The CG video is heavily compressed on the Xbox 360 version of the game, looking in parts like a low-quality YouTube video.

- False none of the games cutscenes are CG they all use improved versions of the in-game engine. Kojima and Platinum do not use CG for their cutscenes.

10. Two characters, previously on opposing sides of the battlefield, find a common bond, but it arrives out of nowhere and doesn’t feel earned in the slightest. That this forgettable character is further honored in the final boss fight comes off strained and silly.

- Actually through out your encounters with this character which is several times and is the leading villain so to speak actually spends a fair amount of time trying to connect to with Raiden on one level or another. If you had paid attention you would see this.

I'm sure I would have found more issue but I stopped read after so many paragraphs riddled with lies and just plain hate for the game...sounds like you wanted it to suck so you could say DmC was better...and yes a read can quickly pick up on that.
grailly  +   1013d ago
5 hours for vanquish on your first play through? O_O I think I'm somewhere close to 7 and keep ragequiting everytime I try finishing it. I don't remember on what difficulty I'm playing though.
j-blaze  +   1013d ago
RyuX19 is right you either suck or just seeking hits for your lame site...i mean 5.6? be serious now

@ HiddenMission

you destroyed him my friend, well said!
SAE  +   1013d ago
Bubble for you mister HiddenMission
darx  +   1013d ago

You need to relax it's just another mans opinion. And I really wouldn't use the term factual with regards to your list.
belac09  +   1013d ago
im playing it and its amazing, so you have your opinion, lets keep it at that.
wishingW3L  +   1013d ago
@Sae, Kojima has nothing to do with this game. The script was written by Koji-Pro and then re-written by PG in like less than 2 months to make it over the top. Every review says the same thing, that the story sucks but that the gameplay is good.

The only ignorant here is you that don't want to understand that people have different opinions. Just because a couple of reviewers are giving 9's to the game it doesn't me that it will be a 9/10 game for me too.
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HiddenMission  +   1013d ago
Actually Kojima Productions handled the story then let Platinum give input but at the end of the day the same writer who helps Hideo put his scripts together controlled the stories end product.

...there are several video interviews that confirm this and can be easily found with google searches.
wishingW3L  +   1013d ago
@HiddenMission I'm not wrong. You're wrong. Koji-Pro made the story but it was all according to PG's vision because they wanted to make it over the top.

"The vision I had and the script as it was didn't match," so he (PG director: Kenji Saito) had the entire thing rewritten." -

"they discussed from morning til night what the writer wanted to create for a story and what the game director wanted to create as a game,"

So don't try to make people look bad when you're the one that is wrong. The story of Rising sucks because of PG and no one else.
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HiddenMission  +   1013d ago

Again go google the video interview and you will see that the ACTUAL writer of the story who was in the interview stating that he had made changes...based on the input of Platinum games but he was still the writer.

Even the quote you provided did not state who rewrote the script.

I did your research for you...lazy is the link!

You tried to imply that Platinum Games did the final script but here you go you are wrong son so step up your game! All they did was change the settings from between part 2 and 4 to after Sons of the Patriots...that's all

This does not mean that Platinum Games said we want our story...all it means is that they wanted to weigh in and have the story sync up with the new tone of the combat...that's all.

So yeah your wrong and I proved it...
grailly  +   1013d ago
I guess it's kind of the games fault if you suck at it, it's like telling people QWOP is great, when you don't suck at it...
it's a legitimate complaint if you think you sucking is the games fault.

still, from what I played the game looks to be good, it reminds me of vanquish, so I can only like it.
mrprice33  +   1013d ago
I have 2000 words of criticism at the top of the page going through the good and bad.

BTW, it's *not* a Kojima story.
Allsystemgamer  +   1013d ago
Uh....this review doesn't apply to the version I played. None of his issues bothered me one bit. Sounds like mindless complaining to me.
Energy-HL  +   1013d ago
Not played the demo yet still meaning to give it try, however the original gameplay/trailer of rising which was slower paced looked. The best review of a game is by playing it yourself, just not good on the wallet :P
Energy-HL  +   1013d ago
looked good*
DivineAssault  +   1013d ago
wow.. every other critic disagrees
My_Name_BTW_Is_Dante   1013d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(1)
mrprice33  +   1013d ago

1) I specifically reference the dodge in my review companion. It's a terrible defensive move when enemies are attacking. The parry is okay but has issues as detailed in the text.

2) That's an opinion of mine that you obviously don't share. However, I would argue that DmC has a depth to its combat that this does not.

3) The best weapon you get in the game is the pole-arm. The sai is more or less useless, and the final HF blade doesn't come into play until the final encounter.

4) I don't have the game in front of me right now to check but this is not listed in any of the review materials I received, nor is it indicated in any of the in-game tutorials.

5)I clearly state that it's only useful when finishing enemies, but to have something this highly touted only be useable in very specific situations is a waste.

6)Doesn't make it any less annoying.

7)The crappy camera makes the enemies hard to track, and they hit you from off screen often. Since there isn't a quick dodge like Bayonetta or DMC, these off-screen hits often connect.

8)There are two boss fights which don't spawn other enemies, by my memory. Every other one throws random crap at you while you try to take down the boss, including Gekkos, helicopters, those balls with arms and legs, and others.

9)The videos in the game look like ass. It's horribly compressed.

10)You fight him once at the beginning and once near the end of the game. Somehow, in between this time, he becomes someone to honor, despite the game giving no reason to ever care about him, or any of the other characters. It's all empty, ersatz wanna-be Kojima crap that pales in comparison to the actual heart and soul other entries in the series offer.

And yeah, if you want proof I played the game, watch the video. It's pretty conclusive since, you know, I'm playing it the whole time.
oriononer  +   1013d ago
I'm sorry you didn't like the game. I find it absolutely brilliant. Opinions and all I guess. The opinion you hold here looks to be one shared by the minority of people who have played the game, but at least you're honest. I disagree with just about everything you said, especially number 8 where you complain about having more stuff to fight in an action game. Give me as many things to fight as possible and I'm a happy camper. This game scratches the itch I was hoping DmC would and I can't get enough of it. To each their own I suppose.
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jetlian  +   1013d ago
dude let it go you dont know what your talking about this game has blocking, parrying and dodging. blade mode was never meant to be used in general purpose combat!

Does dante have 100 percent use of devil trigger in any dmc game? no why because it would an instant win in every fight
InTheLab  +   1013d ago
Don't even bother. Platinum has some of the most passionate fanboys in gaming.

You state that the game is empty, fanboys say you suck. You point out the god awful camera and fanboys say you suck. You point out the absurdity of the parry and how you are, in fact, locked into an animation, and fanboys tell you you suck.

You'd think they'd just run off to a more favorable review and skip this one. Or at least attempt to counter the points made without baseless claims that the author did not play the game despite the video companion that proves otherwise.
dubt72  +   1013d ago
The MG fanboyism on this site is only surpassed by Sony fanboyism. True story.

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