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Submitted by Extreme_Coolcat 1013d ago | video

Crysis 3 video: PC versus PS3 and 360

A new video shows the difference between Crysis 3 PC, PS4 and 360. The footage was captured with a hardware encoder so that they compare frame by frame. The differences are quite obvious. (Crysis 3, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

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urwifeminder  +   1013d ago
Looks like no vsync on pc in this vid i guess cause of fraps,i will get for pc thats for sure looks ok on consoles though.
hiredhelp  +   1013d ago
Vsync can still be enabled with fraps crazy frame rates on max thoe good if they utilizing pc video cards thoe.
DoomeDx  +   1013d ago
I knew that when I saw the titel..
It would be a german site.

Dont know why.
Brawler  +   1013d ago
I know right, I hate these German sites that have been put through the translator. I would rather it German and let chrome translate it for me.
Zefros  +   1013d ago
ps3 looks sharper than 360 version this time.
hiredhelp  +   1013d ago
Considering consoles run via a DX9 i think theyve done bloody well on all consoles.
JedMan1985  +   1013d ago
They did all they could.
M2-  +   1013d ago
These two pics at the very least state otherwise.

Xbox 360

Playstation 3
ChrisW  +   1013d ago
I am certain you didn't even look at the videos nor screen shots.

However, PS3 has always been better at doing motion blur. So it's kind of a moot point.
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Zefros  +   1013d ago
I saw the video, looks a bit sharper on ps version. but it might be the settings, no fanboy. Some games look better on xbox and some games looks better on ps3.
MooseWI  +   1013d ago
Wow that looks blurry on consoles.
vulcanproject  +   1013d ago
Who smeared the console screens with lube
FarCryLover182  +   1013d ago
JohnnyAkiba   1013d ago | Trolling | show
Tyre  +   1013d ago
It never looked blurry on console, define 'blurry' cause u can't judge until you've played it on ur own setup. U can't judge it by this compressed vid, cause we don't know the variables of the setup on which these versions are recorded on. We can make an assessment by looking at multiple sources of Vid about the PC/Xbox/PS3 version. On my own setups Crysis on consoles never looked 'blurry' it just had lower resolution textures than the PC and a lower framerate. Anyways i think the console versions of Crysis 3 look fantastic! Can't tell from a compressed vid that PC min settings look better.U must compare it to other console games instead.
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WarThunder  +   1013d ago
Even PC min looks better than 360 lol!

On PC settings this is the best looking game right now, Their graphic engine is a blast! Made in Germany!

BTW PC version is the cheapest around 25Euros
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BattleTorn  +   1013d ago
I thought it looked good on all platforms!

Regardless of my console preference, this will be a PC game for me! (nowadays most my SP games are)
ChrisW  +   1013d ago
It's amazing what the devs could do with the amount of RAM, CPU, and GPU that they had to work with for the consoles! They did a damn good job!

Also, I'm quite surprised that the min settings on PC looked pretty darn good! In my opinion, that means that next-gen consoles' graphics are going definitely be awesome!
JedMan1985  +   1013d ago
You ever heard the stories or watched the shows of "The Little Train That Could"? That's Xbox.
BattleTorn  +   1013d ago
Haha, and if you don't fully-install you games, you'd swear it was..

I can't stand when I go over to a friends apts, whom never installs disc onto their Xbox.

It sounds like a jet engine, choking!

With installed games, you hear it until it gets to the title-screen, then goes quite.
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ATi_Elite  +   1013d ago
The Glorious blah blah blah
PC on minimum details is still miles better than the consoles!

Next Gen consoles will have high fidelity like the PC but the CryEngine 3 holds up well on 7 year old technology as the console versions are not bad.

All in all the CryEngine 3 is a wonderful engine with great scaling capabilities and impressive visuals. Good job Crytek now market your engine so more Devs use it!

Looking forward to Crysis 3 PC Graphic mods to really push things to Enthusiast Levels!
jetlian  +   1013d ago
yea needed 2-3 gb ram too barely best 512 mb. i should have the game in a few hours
chukamachine  +   1013d ago
Looks decent all round.

Obviously much better on PC.

That pc max details is running @20fps, most likely due to fraps, although I've heard people with gtx 670's struggling with the game in places.
JedMan1985  +   1012d ago
Ya the guy was probably running a 670 and the game requires a 680 for optimal speeds. But, if you SLI 2 670's, they'll beet the piss out of that single 680. Same with two 660 ti's.
DomceM  +   1013d ago
pc looks amazing. As it should as it is the only unlimited platform. Obviously consoles cant come close... 10 year old hardware and all that. Thats why we got ps4 coming (forget xbox). anyway... i think all things considered this looks pretty decent on consoles.
Bladesfist  +   1013d ago
My god, that blur is ugly.
HappyWithOneBubble  +   1013d ago
Too bad the PS3 have to suffer less quality because of the 360. Anyway PS4 is coming to make a change in that.
Hufandpuf  +   1013d ago
Someone's contacts fell out of their eye while plying the console versions.
kevnb  +   1013d ago
better on pc, but if its like crysis 2 i don't even care.
ironmonkey  +   1013d ago
Ps3 got the better port of this. Xbox ehhh not so much.
kevnb  +   1013d ago
wow, 360 looks noticeably worse than ps3.
Hassassin  +   1013d ago
720p video? why???
solid_warlord  +   1013d ago
Again PC argument about graphics. The game was all about graphics but the game isn't very good as its hyped upto be.

If u planning to buy a high end graphics card, u might aswell save up for PS4 and Next Xbox which will basicaly be same price of a single high end GPU.(GTX680/Titan/7990)

Next gen console will make 1080p and 60fps standard. Any higher wont matter for most average consumer as most HDTV can do 1080p and 60fps Max.

Console games have better exclusives. Even games like CoD & GTA ect come out Console first. Console, u get more for ur buck.
Hassassin  +   1013d ago
4k is coming... also, I think they'll do 1080p (or less) and 30fps . Unless its a shooter developers prefer eye candy to smoothness.
Consoles are for kids, exclusives and really lazy people (who want a plug and play experience).
Eldyraen  +   1013d ago
Just to point out what should be obvious to nearly every console fanboy... if we can afford to spend the price of a console on a single component then most of us could budget the same for a 5y+ proof console as well. I'm sorry not everyone can afford to do it but its the truth.

Secondly the 'best' games are always subjective depending on who you talk to as there are huge markets that love or hate every genre imaginable. I am willing to admit consoles have some insane exclusives but for fans of many genres its also hopelessly devoid of many good game types only found on pc (especially strategy and mmos which have as large as fanbase as any other genre).

Last but not least: more bang for your buck... It may be cheaper but fans of pc gaming get the best deal in gaming anywhere: mods. Moddable games have more bang for your buck than just about anything out there as it can be as minor as making games more difficult for better replayability, add new levels or areas to explore or create entirely new game experiences seperate from the original design.

The thing about pc gaming vs console is what you are willing to invest and what type of games you prefer. Both have their strengths and weaknesses but they're not mutually exclusive either so you are free to enjoy both.
faizanali  +   1013d ago
HOLY FUCKING HELL, This game on Maxed Settings is fucking next gen
That is not a bullshot, A user on NeoGAF posted it, It is downsampled THIS IS FUCKING AMAZING YO.
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ratcop22  +   1013d ago
to bad the gameplay is shit on metacritic Crysis 3 has a 79. Probably going down lower soon. But i'll still buy it.
Eldyraen  +   1013d ago
Trusting anything on metacritic is a waste of time anyways. The only reason you should ever consider visiting it is to find easy reviews to read yourself and not go by any average.

I still don't think Crysis 3 is the end all of all FPS but just saying using Metacritic (and practically any mass online review site) scores as a standard for purchases is just asking for trouble.
plaZeHD  +   1013d ago
The video says for it's self. But wow, the PlayStation 3 version looks better than the Xbox 360 version this time around, that's...surprising.

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