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Crysis 3 is a sandbox shooter set in 2047 where players take on the role of Prophet who is on a revenge mission after uncovering the truth behiind Cell Corporation's motives for building the quarantined Nanodomes.

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realiks1979d ago

Will get when the price drops. Didn't like very much Crysis 2. Maybe it's meant to be played on high end PC though.

Jobesy1979d ago

I feel the same, never even finished Crysis 2, got too boring. Also it has nothing to do with playing on a high end pc. It will look better, but a crap game is still a crap game.

Army_of_Darkness1979d ago (Edited 1979d ago )

How dare you say such things! your gonna upset the pc fanboys! crysis is their babY! they will love and defend it no matter what! LOL!

Grap1978d ago

I am PC gamer and Crysis is not my baby. i just run it to see and benchmark my rig. "it's very boring game"

Army_of_Darkness1978d ago

Don't worry bro, pc fanboy don't apply too you since your a pc Gamer.

ShinMaster1978d ago

""i just run it to see and benchmark my rig""

Such a stereotype reaffirmation lololol

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Trenta271978d ago

I love the series yet I didn't even like Crysis 2. This one, however, is wonderful. It's fantastic.

x5exotic1978d ago

I'll buy this game when the price drops to the point where they pay me to buy it.

Campy da Camper1978d ago

I picked it up from red box today. Its meh at best. I don't k ow what it is but it was boring. Played a couple hours before turning it off. Funny thing is I think 2 looked better. Aside from good lighting its blurry and really low res. The entire first level on the ship looked bad. Every yellow railing was a jaggy mess.

I know this prob looks sweet on PC but my ps3 copy was blah. We are seriously in need of a new console. I'm pumped for tom.

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DigitalSmoke1979d ago

Yup Yup, watch the real reviews clown the ppl who say this game is great, blinded by GFX.

WarThunder1979d ago (Edited 1979d ago )

Sorry I don't use "reviews" other's people opinion to show me what game should i play, i use my own opinion... and From what i have seen gameplay video on Youtube, i think Crysis 3 is a great game. Graphics look fantastic, Gameplay is solid, it feels better than most shooter "COD, Battlefield, Halo etc)

If you like useing reviews more than ur own opinion then you are not a gamer ur just a troll and a loser...

Anon19741979d ago (Edited 1979d ago )

So what? I'm supposed to go out and play every game that comes out and make up my own mind? Sit through video of someone else playing the game and try to figure out if that's how I would play it, and enjoy it? Go..."ooh! That's pretty. I should buy!" I don't know what fantasy world this is, but I don't live in it. My gaming time and my gaming money are both precious to me and in short supply. I rely on trusted game reviews to help me not waste my time or money. Watching gameplay videos on youtube doesn't tell me squat compared to someone who's job it is to play an entire game and provide an informed opinion.

There's nothing wrong with listening to reviewers you trust or who's likes and dislikes you've found match your own. I never make a game purchase unless I've at least considered my review sources. Too many games, too little time.

WarThunder1979d ago (Edited 1979d ago )

@darkride66, pffff

I enjoyed games that got 5-6 scores more than games that got 9-10 scores and this says a lot....
if some "opinion/review" said the game is not good, that does not mean its not good for you or for anyone else....
Because "pro reviews" i missed a lot of great game like Warhawk, Vanquish, Folklore... if i go with what "pro reviews" say, i should say COD is the best game. I wasted my money on Halo 3 because of the high review scores it got...

Saying a game sucks because of some reviews/opinions without playing the game, this shows how stupid that person is.

Those so called "pro reviews" don't have a better opinion then your own opinion.

DigitalSmoke1979d ago

Don't excuse yourself to me for not reading reviews, cause i don't care.
But you should, because you bought a mediocre title, bored much maybe?

Now...saying its better then Battlefield just blows you right to the shit list when it come's to rationality son.

Anon19741979d ago

"I enjoyed games that got 5-6 scores more than games that got 9-10 scores and this says a lot."

To me it says you have no standards. In my 30 years of playing videogames, the general rule of thumb is if a game see's a bunch of 5 review scores, there's reasons for it. That's not to say there isn't fun to be had with some of these games, but is it going to be as great an experience as a game that's getting 8's and 9's? Probably not.

But hey, for some reason they keep making Scary Movie sequels. Justin Bieber is a huge hit. As is Nickleback and Britney Spears. Millions like them, just as your bound to find some games that you like among the 5's and 6's.

No where did I say game reviewer opinions are any more valid than yours or mine. In fact, I specifically stated I don't just trust any reviewer. After years I find those that match my specific tastes and use those to help me make informed purchasing decisions.

If you want to go play mediocre games and find fun in them, more power to you. If you like them, that's what's important, but don't insult the millions who like to make informed decisions just because you'll play whatever's thrown in front of you. If you can't make a point without insulting anyone who doesn't agree with you right out of the's time to rethink your point.

jetlian1978d ago (Edited 1978d ago )

your opinion is no different than his dark. A few journalist have no more say than anybody else. If he likes it he likes it.

Titanic and avatar both sucked as movies yet they are the highest grossing movies. His standards are just different than yours.

This looks better than c1 and c2 to me. Im liking the bow... Electric and explosions too. Alien weapons and forest are a bonus

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NYC_Gamer1979d ago

The game lacks a real story and characters that gamers could give a damn about

kwyjibo1979d ago

So did the original though, and that was never a problem because the gameplay was great.

Sadly, it looks like they've not improved on it.

Campy da Camper1978d ago

Exactly. The game is forgettable. Unless u play on PC for eye candy this is a waste if you spent 60 bones. Glad I red boxed it. Going back tom

EbeneezerGoode1979d ago

Yeah Crysis 1 and warhead had weak story/characters for sure but they DID have gameplay, new style gameplay that felt exciting and empowering... along with stunning graphics.

I have to reserve judgement on C3 as I won't be able to play it for sometime (on PC) but if it's more like C2 than C1 then I already know it will be disappointing compared to the original.

Seriously Crysis 1 is a sublime game and warhead (though more linear) isn't bad either.

Crytek should have stuck with PC only and focussed their strengths there. They are doing nobody any favours by spreading themselves so thinly (except making more money but pleasing less people)

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