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Crysis 2 was seen as something of a black sheep by fans of the original Crysis. I personally loved it, but others were turned off by its comparatively linear environments and plain New York backdrop. For many, the open jungle of Crysis was sorely missed.

Crysis 3 hopes to strike a compromise between the worlds of previous games, presenting a literal urban jungle. New York is overgrown with lush vegetation and fields of grass, while the remnants of concrete structures poke out amongst the green. The result is a game that looks like neither installment, yet plays a little like both.

Though maybe not quite in the ratio fans had hoped for.

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Kinger89381733d ago

Im still unsure if i should get this one as 2 didnt click with me at all like warhead and crysis 1 did

EbeneezerGoode1733d ago

2 was crysis only in name. The first 2 games (1 and warehead) were amazing.

Kinger89381733d ago

Glad im not alone :) this looks like more of the same :(

Tyre1733d ago

This review is too harsh. I'm sure there will better scores.

wishingW3L1733d ago (Edited 1733d ago )

like it should. Reviewers really have to stop giving 8-9-10 to every single Triple A budget game seriously. It's like the only thing games these days need is good graphics to receive good scores.

There are so many games getting 9's and 10's these days that those cores already lost their meaning.

grailly1733d ago

the biggest problem is that it becomes really hard to differentiate a great game from a good game in reviews, these days. when you see a clearly superior game get only 1 point more than a average/good game, it's quite disgusting.

x5exotic1733d ago

Welcome to game reviews, where the score is from 5-10, and 1-5 is reserved for new games no one cared about or used-to-be classics that everyone thinks it's cool to hate on.

WarThunder1733d ago (Edited 1733d ago )

So this reviewer gave the most boring, unpolished and unfinished 9 month work game "COD black ops 2" a 8.5

And this extremely polished 2 year work game a 7.5
Reviews are so dumb and unprofessional these days.

Im not saying this game is perfect, yea it has a boring story Crysis in general has a boring stories. Crysis is all about graphics combined with top Effects( like particles, smoke, fire, water) animation and gameplay.

I played the beta and i can say the Effects and gameplay are so immersive..