Gamers, Their Lack of Respect & Etiquette

Eskimo Press: The console war between the big hitters of home console gaming; Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft rages on. With the Wii U out and somewhat struggling, Sony’s PlayStation event just around the corner, and the next Xbox reveal sure to follow, the internet is ablaze with biased fanatics stroking their egos. PC gamers are somewhat more reserved, confident in their platform’s superiority (which is true in many ways), but there's always those that feel the need to express that sentiment in a negative way. There’s not much we can do to stop all the dirt slinging, and flow of hate fueled remarks across comment sections and forums, especially when Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft aren’t exactly setting any decent examples with their occasional stabs at their rivals. As gamers we have a lot of passion for our games, and it is completely understandable that we want to defend our platform of choice, but there’s definitively room for a bit more etiquette and common decency.

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ShugaCane1859d ago

I love to debate with people who have solid arguments and know how to defend them without being disrespectul. Who cares about angry kids or frustrated dumb pseudo-gamers ? Ignore them and the problem is solved.

Sako1859d ago

I kind of agree, I know that a lot of people are reluctant to listen to (or use) reason and don't really know how to give or receive criticism, but using negative terms like "frustrated dumb pseudo-gamers" aren't going to help them get any wiser either.

Like with any problem, ignoring it isn't really the solution. Although in a matter like this, I don't know if there's such a thing as a solution haha

Alos881859d ago

Ignoring them doesn't make them stop, but at at least it makes them go away and find someone else to annoy.

MikeMyers1859d ago

It's easy to ignore but hot damn, some of them sure are persistent. In fact many probably have multiple accounts.

When I host games online everyone has fun. We don't put up with idiots or those who kill their own teammates.

MestreRothN4G1859d ago

"Angry Kids"... It would do a nice toss game.

CouldHaveYelledUiiW1859d ago (Edited 1859d ago )

Agree (with last line),

I love Nintendo, and I will argue against people who unreasonably wants to end it, BUT that does not mean that I am not impressed by other companies.

Personally, I can't wait to see ALL of the E3 shows, I also am excited about Sony's Reveal (tomorrow)-

I guess I kind of see Nintendo as the underdog and I can't help routing for the underdog. But since childhood Zelda and Samus (Metroid) have held a special place in my life long before Microsoft and Sony jump into gaming. So, I tend to be protective of the company that has consistently created entertaining editions of these franchises.

But for the industry I think Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo are ALL Very necessary in order to push console Gaming forward- making it as culturally ingrained and diverse as Film, Television, and Literature.


DomceM1858d ago

"Gamers, Their Lack of Respect & Etiquette"

B**** Say what?


Spookshow1858d ago

I love WiiU's Miiverse, gamers are so much friendlier there, and the trolls and disrespectful are banned right away. MS and Sony could learn a thing or two about it.