Entertainment Lawyer Stephen Smith Believes New Legislation Could 'Dumb Down' Video Games

Forbes -- In the wake of a series of tragic shootings, violent video games are once again public enemy number one. Even though Arnold Schwarzenegger, as the Governor of California, fought hard to ban the sale of “offensively violent” video games to minors – and lost in a Supreme Court battle; new legislation is being written to once again take aim at video games, as well as the First Amendment.

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jagiii1973d ago

Parents should be the ones responsible for kids, not gamers, especially those who don't have any.

gamerlive1973d ago

I agree, plus politicians are clueless about games.

YoureINMYWay851972d ago

It's not game developers jobs to mine sure kids understand what real And whats a video game

Magnagamer2221972d ago

Can't you blame em reality TV isn't real and games are becoming more interesting to kids than reality. I always amazes me how videogames are always attacked when it comes to real life violence. Look at our culture, cartoons, TV, music all the things that influence people to make games but videogames are the root of violence? Stop it!