Ubisoft hosting mysterious Assassin's Creed event next Wednesday

GE: "Ubisoft is sending out mysterious invitations for some sort of Assassin's Creed event taking place next week."

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ShugaCane1675d ago

Sony revealing the PS4 tomorrow, I guess this is the perfect timing for Ubisoft to confirm AC 4 is a next-gen title.

Lucreto1675d ago

I hope so I love Assassin's Creed. I look forword to seeing what they announce.

3-4-51675d ago

To be honest...After only making it about 60-70% through AC3..( still own it ), I can safely say I would like to wait a few years before my next AC game.

AC2 was a GREAT game......from there it's all down hill.

AC3 is so boring and frustrating. When it's not boring, it's pissing you off.

Lucreto1675d ago


To each his own I guess.

I like AC3. Connor was not the best character but replacing Ezio was going to be hard.

Thefreeman0121675d ago

As long as Connor isn't involved and its a new setting ill be happy. The revolution setting was a bit dry and didn't ever get me fully enveloped like previous AC games have

Simon_Brezhnev1675d ago

As long as its not Connor i would be happy 2. lol

FarCryLover1821675d ago

I don't think this will be AC4.....(Unless they decide to forego "subtitled" AC games in the vein of Revelations and Brotherhood).

Agent_00_Revan1675d ago

But BH & R was only so they could keep yearly installments while the main team worked on 3.

BanBrother1675d ago

Well,Ubisoft have already voiced their live for a yearly Assassin's Creed, so I am going to assume it is just that.

TBH, the series has gotten dry. I would love a good break, so that they can come back with some good ideas.

west0151675d ago

Hopefully the new developer will add some life back to the series

FarCryLover1821675d ago

This "all new team" is probably the same team that did Brotherhood and Revelations while the "Experienced team" start work on AC4 (or something like that).

If that is the case, I like the new team better.

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The story is too old to be commented.