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Not insignificant Xbox LIVE system update is now available - what does it do?

El33tonline writes:

"If you’ve logged into Xbox LIVE very recently, you would have been met with a request to download a new system update, but what does this mysterious update do exactly?" (Xbox 360, Xbox LIVE)

dazzrazz  +   828d ago | Helpful
News these days, they don't even bother digging enuff

added new dashboard style, other security updates. Anti-Piracy 3.0, XGD 4.5 Challenge responses has been updated

update most likely due to Gears leak yesterday on internet :)
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OliverKO  +   828d ago
We asked for official information and got details back from an Xbox representative - update included in the post.
DOMination-  +   828d ago
I came in N4G to find out what this was for. +bubbles for helpful
FamilyGuy  +   828d ago
That sounds about right, Gears is a huge franchise, to have it leak a whole month early isn't exactly surprising but MS having an update so quick to prevent it being played is.

They usually release system updates too frequently so, while the gears leak seems logical I doubt that was the main motivating reason.

Maybe more was going to be included but they rushed this update out because of the gears leak.
grifter024  +   828d ago
Dazzrazz- I find it funny how you talk about people not researching stuff these days and yet you didn't do so either.

I don't know who actually uses Wiki as an actual source of info, because anyone can change that.

I can go on there right now and change it to "This update did nothing," An do you know how many people I can fool? Yup tons.

Next time do your own research as well.
SnakeShady  +   828d ago
Come on, do it. And see whats happen.
Kurt Russell  +   827d ago
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Tapioca Cold  +   828d ago
'Not insignificant'?

Guys, if you can't see that this is seriously poor grammar and should not be supported then just die now.

Domn't support media that isn't media. This is why we have these silly console fanboys. Because the media we promote isn't educated.

Why do you even comment on this? It doesn't even make sense.

What if CNN had a headline that said "not insignificant shooting at an elementary school"?

Please use your brains people. Don't support things that lower the standards of society that our grandfathers have fought and died for.
Mutant-Spud  +   828d ago
"Please use your brains people. Don't support things that lower the standards of society that our grandfathers have fought and died for."

That'd be Great Grandfathers and they fought, died and lost, that society hasn't existed for nigh on 100 years. If you could swap a man from 1913 with a man from 2013 neither of them would be able to comprehend their new surroundings.
MarkusMcNugen  +   828d ago
"Why do you even comment on this? It doesn't even make sense."

lulz for commenting on it...
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TheSaint  +   827d ago
Slates others for bad grammar with bad grammar....

That's genius.
isyourhouseonfire  +   828d ago
Thank you MS for continually improving the xbox live experience and reliability. This is why we continue to pay instead of use the sub-par free options available.

Again, thanks!!!
stage88  +   828d ago
I'm not disputing that they are good on their updates but Sony has released a lot to in regards to stability, security and improvement as well, albeit, for free.
SJPFTW  +   828d ago
live updates are free, even for silver/free accounts
xursz  +   828d ago | Well said
I'm shocked, all that self gloating for an update? Even needing to put down Nintendo and Playstation. If that's what it takes to make you feel better paying for xbl service then I guess, whatever helps you sleep at night man.
Blackdeath_663  +   828d ago
i'm not sure whether or not to take you seriously.
TheTwelve  +   828d ago
DomceM  +   828d ago
you are paying for breathing air.
lex-1020  +   828d ago
Paying to breath air. :)

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hazardman  +   828d ago
@ lex
Paying to breathe air... you were both wrong!
DomceM  +   828d ago
no im not wrong. PC has better online gaming than xbox and you dont pay any extra for it. PS3 is def on par with xbox live and they dont charge any (only thing missing from psn is cross game chat). But PC has that.

So actually you are wrong, you are misinformed, and you are paying for nothing.
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lex-1020  +   828d ago
Damn. You're right.
BISHOP-BRASIL  +   828d ago

I believe he meant you were gramatically wrong, not going against your point.
SlapHappyJesus  +   828d ago
Stop trying so hard.

The amount of money that Microsoft makes through live, I would only hope the thing would be fairly secure.

It's nothing people should be thanking them for.
FinalomegaS  +   828d ago
really, you didn't need to add the dissing of the sub-par free option part.
TheRealSpy  +   827d ago
he's just trolling for noobs. you're fanning the flames.
hazardman  +   828d ago
That was hitting under the belt man. But I know where your coming from with the comment! Regardless I enjoy both!!
DA_SHREDDER  +   828d ago
thats why you pay? for updates?!! wow that's the first time i heard an xbox fan say that, and ive been here for years!
UnholyLight  +   828d ago
Well the thing to remember here guys is that on average most updates on XBL are VERY fast and unobtrusive. The game updates take 5 seconds and a dashboard update like this one **EDIT:(if it's a bigger download, such as spring/fall updates then figure about 5 minutes)*** probably takes 1 minute for it to download, install, and for the system to reboot.

So I don't understand why isyourhouseonfire gets so many downvotes. It's how we feel about our service, our updates don't impede us when we want to jump into a game. I guess sayin sub-par is a bit of a stretch on the free services statement, but I do agree that they haven't treated me as well as XBL has this gen for me.
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Axe99  +   828d ago
Haha - you need to get out a bit more - as noted below, the Xbox updates aren't charged for (I'm silver, and I get the update as well - so it _is_ free), and the PS3 (I can't speak for the Wii U, and it wouldn't be a fair comparison anyway, given the product hasn't been around as long) is just as reliable, does a number of things better, and isn't weighed down with adverts. Oh, and I don't need to pay an extra charge not found on any comparable gaming device, ever, outside of the 360, to use half the features of the system.
Frknawesome69  +   828d ago
Convenience, organization, security, regular updates, smart glass, first access to DLC, party chat. The list goes on and on and on.
JimmyDanger  +   827d ago
Don't forget - custom soundtracks for every game, iPod connectivity, ability to play any disc based game installed to the hdd (quicker loading/less wear on the laser - and silent), voice and photo messaging, cross platform (360/pc) messenger connectivity,multiple account logins simultaneously across all games, every arcade/downloadable title having a trial/demo - and that's just off the top of my head - and you don't even have to pay for gold membership for any of that.
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subtenko  +   827d ago
Just get out...
JAM_brz  +   827d ago
hahaha very funny... then continue to pay to have this "better updates". I will continue to pay to have "poor freebies" with my PS+. What a joke!
B1663r  +   828d ago
I suspect given the trend on the internets the last two weeks, I will get the most agrees if I offer that this update is designed to enhance the xbox's ability to ruthlessly murder babies, puppies and kittens.
Dms2012  +   828d ago
What do you mean two weeks? Its been like that for years.
DeFFeR  +   828d ago
I'll confirm.

I lost two bubbles the day I switched my Avatar from Nathan Drake to Master Chief.

Oh well - there are other less biased news aggregate sites for gaming news.
unjust75  +   828d ago
It should be free. It offers nothing. My experience with xboxlive has made me understand that my PS3 has a better service. I've played all the COD's up until Black Ops 2. I decided to buy it on the PS3. I have had less interuptions and lag problems on the PN then Live. Hell, even the Netflix streaming looks way better on the PS3. So what service are we talking about on xboxlive that's so great. I really like both systems, but Xboxlive doesn't offer really much that I can't get for free on the PS3.
DomceM  +   828d ago
only thing xbox live has is cross game talk. Something that is free on PC. Lol thats worth 1 brand new game every year for xbox users.
JeromeNtheHouse  +   828d ago
hahaha PSN is a joke. (I have both ps3 and 360 and my internet is really fast) The download speeds are garbage compared to xbox live. I don't mind that PSN is free, but at the same time since you're not paying for a service, they can put the bandwith at whatever speed they want. So as a result, getting updates and downloading from the PSN store takes forever.

With paying for xbox live, they can afford to keep the servers/service running smoothly etc etc.
Dee_91  +   828d ago
So what your downloading 1gb a minute on xbl or something? lol
slightly faster downloads arent worth an additional fee imo.Your just over exaggerating speeds to make your self believe paying for something that should be free seem okay.
Only thing that would make me consider paying for xbl would be playing with my friends who have xbox. Not slightly faster download speeds and cross game chat.
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Axe99  +   828d ago
I've got both too, and the download speeds are nowhere near that different. You find that people that play more on one than the other tend to have more updates waiting for them on their 'less used' console, and a lot of mainly 360 but occasionally PS3 players see this as slower updates. I'm the other way around (mainly PS3, occasionally 360), and find the updates on 360 just as painful. There was also at least one instance where I just had to sit and wait for something to DL on 360 that happens in the background (for free, ie non-PS+) on PS3 - can't remember what it was though, was a while ago now, I can just remember thinking "Blazes, and this XBL thing's supposed to be better than PS3?"
BlmThug  +   828d ago
I have owned a Xbox for over 4 years but recently sold it for a PS3 and I can say the Xbox online is leaps and bounds better than PSN. PSN is so clunky and slow, the DL really are slow e.g same size item, 4 minutes on the Xbox, 8 on the PS3. Other than PS+, PSN is seriously lacking. Even the apps don't work as well compared to the Xbox's, with 4oD being a mere link to the console browser rather than being a standalone app like the Xbox
hazardman  +   828d ago
dude stop lying to yourself man
I also have both console and both services and there's more connection issues on PSN than on XBL. To me the COD games run better on Xbox too. Also since I pay for both xbl and ps+ maybe Sony should give me some money back from my fee for all the downtime PSN has had.(although. They always do give us something for any inconvinience). Compare service downtime between XBL and PSN, its not even close. PSN has been down more times than XBL has since it was created!
UnholyLight  +   828d ago | Intelligent
You do realize CoD is a peer to peer connection right?

Someone you are playing with/against is the host, that should mean neither PSN nor XBL have the upper hand in "interruptions and lag problems", good try though.
JeromeNtheHouse  +   828d ago
@ UnholyLight
haha nice. U're absolutely right.

I'm not exaggerating anything, and of course NO ONE would rather pay for something that quite frankly should be free. However, if I'm required to pay for that said thing, then I'd rather have peace of mind that I'm getting something good.
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lex-1020  +   828d ago
I was't sure whether to mark this as Helpful, well said, or intelligent.
lex-1020  +   828d ago
Sounds pretty insignificant to me.

"Xbox LIVE System update out today. No big changes just an update to default settings that will only be visible to certain users in the EU" -Major Nelson
DeFFeR  +   828d ago
MN always says that - "settings" were updated, but never goes into details what the settings are.

It turns out that the update was more than just "EU Settings" as it always does.
denawayne   828d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(2)
LAWSON72  +   828d ago
A redone interface that is even slower. That would just be great.
memots  +   828d ago
top of the page eh?

I guess any news is good news when you got nothing to talk about lately.
condemmedman  +   828d ago | Well said
I dont hate sony but I love xbox :-) take my bubbles I dont care
redcar121  +   828d ago
the update was for youtube if you go to youtube you will see it changed
QuantumWake  +   828d ago
Oh wow you're right, they did update the Youtube app. It's all blue now! lol
JimmyDanger  +   828d ago
Well after the update, there's now a Sony Pictures app in the app marketplace.

That's all I've noticed.

I live in Australia though, it may be different in other regions.
frankiebeans  +   828d ago
move along nothing to see here just a xbox 360 user want something big to happen so he can talk about his system and not about the ps4
Plagasx  +   828d ago
This update is to prepare the Xbox for world domination.
PS4isKing_82  +   827d ago
Ya the world of social and media apps lol

"Hey Microsoft, where's all the games??"
"Microsoft: games? We don't do games anymore. But we can offer you Facebook, Netflix, Hulu, tumblr, four square, and many other amazing apps."
WitWolfy  +   827d ago
My theory is the update is suppose to notify MS when people have played the gears that have leaked on their GT.. Even if it was offline..
CustardTrout  +   827d ago
The fuck was that?..
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