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The Future of PlayStation Vita

SCEJ President Hiroshi Kawano suggests the future path for PlayStation Vita and talks Free to Play, the price drop and the importance of Hunting Action titles. (Industry, PS Vita, Sony)

DaveyB  +   806d ago
I think free to play is a great idea for Vita - Phantasy Star Online 2 is looking amazing, and it's a nice model for a handheld title. I hope it does well.
lovegames718  +   806d ago
Yeah i want Phantasy Star 2 online! and cant wait for Kz merc, Soul Sacrifice and tear away!!!
Protagonist  +   805d ago
Soul Sacrifice is coming soon and maybe, just maybe we will see some surprising things for the PS Vita tomorrow besides the PS4.
DivineAssault  +   806d ago
There are many games i want for vita.. Im supporting this handheld in every way possible as long as they keep up the good work.. They need some more support from publishers but it will get there after the price drop & a few more games release..
Patashnik  +   806d ago
Toukiden is looking really good too - but lots of people haven't picked up on this yet. It looks like Monster Hunter but much darker - and with added dismemberment! : ) Phantasy Star Online 2 is amazing - I love the PC version, and I hear the Vita one is a solid port. Can't wait! Well done to Sega for making this free.
miyamoto  +   805d ago
I don't know why Omega Force games are famous in Japan but I couldn't care less because for me Toukiden may benefit from OF's reputation.
Which is good because the concept of Toukiden, although "very Japanese" or niche, is too mind blowing for me and I want it to succeed.

Ancient Japan timeline is so rich and powerful.
Seven Samurai
Hidden Fortress
Ninja Scroll
Samurai Showdown
Shinobi: Heart Under Blade
Musashi Miyamoto

And Toukiden has this vibe in it.


"Kawano felt that releasing 100 titles in 1 year after release was not lower than Sony expected. However, the problem is more to do with the fact that the titles people want to see haven’t been released – and expects this will be resolved this year. Since the two reasons people aren’t buying Vita are price and volume and type of titles – Sony needs to continue talking to game companies, to try to keep releasing titles people want – something Kawano states they are actively doing."

Sony knows what is the problem.
We'll see their action.
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izumo_lee  +   806d ago
The price cut is a good start to judge the publics want for the system. A recent poll from Famitsu stated that over 64% of Japanese gamers are thinking about buying a Vita this year.

Although a price cut is a welcome addition a steady stream of high quality games will be the most important factor for the Vita's future. The Vita Game Heaven they showed some upcoming games that are just that. More of these Vita Game Heaven's in the future to show off more games is what the Vita needs to ease the minds of Vita owners.

That games are coming.
Patashnik  +   806d ago
It's a tough position to be in. Develoers need to see more systems being sold to support it. Conversely, consumers need to see loads of games in order to be convinced to buy.

This is why one 'killer app' is so important for a console to succeed. I've no doubt PS Vita will get it - I wouldn't be surprised if that games is Phantasy Star Online 2, if anything can replace the mighty Monster Hunter, then I think this is it.

regardless, that massive drop in price is a step in the right direction...
miyamoto  +   805d ago
Like what they did on PS3, Sony 1st party games will have the great responsibility of adding vitality to the PS Vita platform.
Protagonist  +   805d ago

I remember that JP poll and since JP somehow dominates how handhelds fare, we need them onboard as soon as possible.
redrim217  +   806d ago
I concur. The free to play model is gaining more and more ground on the PC, with most of the bigger releases of recent being more focused on the f2p market (planetside 2, Hawken etc.) In the realms of a handheld it would be perfect - particularly as many of the owners have PC's or consoles as well that they may prefer to spend the money on. It would certainly bring about an interesting dynamic to the handheld market; even more so if the majority of them (or the larger ones at least) could be played cross-platform.

In other news, this guy's got the right idea - perhaps it's time for Vita to hit it's stride? A lowered price point and the potential of future releases should hopefully be enough for more people to jump on board. I did in August, and have at this point given it 95% of my attention over android/3DS gaming (both of which I was previously an avid fan of). It's a great console, and deserves more great games.
Whxian  +   806d ago
i hope they dont forget normal games just because they focus on f2p, and also they should start localizing more games
Kingthrash360  +   806d ago
Gaikai on the vita.. is one of my hopes.
Free play games are welcome too. 2013 looks to be an interesting year for gamers. The vita coming around with price cut, ps4, xbox720....nintendo need to release something big this year other than pokemon or it may get lost in this frenzy year of 2013.
DaveyB  +   806d ago
Vita is one of those strange machines that everyone KNOWS is really good - in terms of hardware. Lots of people are on the cusp of picking it up - but are just missing that final push to go out and actually pay the money to get one.

Person4 Golden definitely helped. I think PSO2 will help if it lives up to it's early promise - and then a little price drop will also stimulate things.

In the UK, it's still to close to £200 - I think if Sony can bring it down to around the £150 mark to match the Japanese drop, it will make a big difference.
Kingthrash360  +   806d ago
They will drop the price in the EU/US regions....they almost have to. Its rgw same out here in the us. A lot of people want a vita but the price is a lil high for this economy. I own one and cant leave home without it. People see it and ask about it...ill show it off then they ask if I know anyone who has the hook up. Everybody wants a deal abd this price cut will give it a boost thats foe sure.
Protagonist  +   805d ago

Sup brother ;o)

Anyway, lets hope that bloody pricecut is what it takes to make the PS Vita the succes it deserves to be.
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chiwoo  +   805d ago
announce and remake final fantasy 7 on vita and watch the CA$H come in gurenteed
porkChop  +   805d ago
I think F2P is very important for any platform. It sets the entry point so low that pretty much anyone can play, which will yield a large community, and with non-intrusive micro-transactions you can still make a lot of revenue. But F2P is especially important at launch.

Think about it. Sony Online Entertainment made PlanetSide 2, one of the best FPS on PC in a long time. And it's free. What if Sony were to preload PlanetSide 2 on every PS4? They wouldn't lose money by bundling a retail game, yet the consumer would still have an amazing game to play at no extra cost. No hidden fees or installs, it's ready to play straight out of the box. A similar bundle could do wonders for the Vita if they can also get in a decent sized memory card.

Although I don't think F2P is the future of gaming, I do think over time it will become a very important part of the industry. Maybe even equally as important as retail boxed products.

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