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Submitted by zerocrossing 1087d ago | news

Randy Pitchford has only time for Colonial Marines praise

While the Internet at large still waits for Randy Pitchford -- or anybody -- from Gearbox to come clean and explain what went wrong with Aliens: Colonial Marines, the studio CEO has decided his best course of action is to display contempt for those who felt cheated when they bought his stinker. (Aliens: Colonial Marines, Culture, Industry, PC, PS3, Wii U, Xbox 360)

joab777  +   1086d ago
It just seems like it could have been better without a ton of work. It will look better on pc and hopefully modders will fix enemy AI etc. Why not make the aliens more like the encounters in the movies than bullet fodder. Also, and maybe i am wrong, but this could been better alone. Maybe u enter as a group but get separated and u r overwhelmed. It would cut out the need for AI and up the tension and difficulty. I give a nod to detail but someone must have played this and noticed that it just wasnt up to par for 2013.
Linsolv  +   1086d ago
It's pretty clear that Gearbox were just the best-known of nearly a half-dozen studios that worked on this piece of crap. Why should Randy Pitchford waste his time on listening to people? It's quickly becoming clear that he and his people probably knew what was happening--the odds that you (or some theoretical Messiah of disenfranchised gamers) will tell him something he didn't already know.

Is he a good guy? I don't know. But his twitter is (currently) somewhat reasonable-sounding and I can't be offended by someone not wanting to hear criticisms that aren't new, just rude (and yes--I think that twitter users can be pretty offensive) any more than I can be offended by not wanting to argue with people whose political opinions I don't agree with. Even if I were a political consultant, I would think that I have every right to say "look, you have your opinion, but my opinion is that I don't want to hear it."

In short, not news.
1nsomniac  +   1086d ago
Randy Pitchford, biggest bell end in the business.... and not in a good way!!

It's about time that people realise he has always been like this & that Gearbox have always been a shit developer & no Borderlands is not an awesome game!
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Linsolv  +   1086d ago
Agreed. In addition to my above comment, I'm really not sure why people are surprised by any of this. DNF was the same story. If people want to get mad cause they got burned, whatever, but don't act like you couldn't have seen it coming. This is not the first time Gearbox has done this, and it's not the first time that Randy Pitchford has acted like this.

Feel how you're gonna feel about it, but don't play dumb, John Q Public.
Fairchild Channel F  +   1086d ago
That's funny because I feel nothing but contempt for liars and swindlers. I guess we're even Randy.
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MadMen  +   1086d ago
This guy is going to become a very hated icon in the industry, many angry of money mis spent. Cant Blame them

Doesnt matter if others had their hands in it, they did personal interviews on the game, they had game trailers at their actual building in a video talking about it and had Alien figures everywhere, they seemed like they were personally going to change our view on the bad Alien games -

Then we got $hitted on
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Rhaigun  +   1086d ago
If people have questions, go to the developer site. I don't see why people feel the need to seek out his personal Twitter account.
Root  +   1086d ago
He dosen't have a Gearbox account does he, all there is on Twitter is the Gearbox account which probably won't even be looked at if you commented

He set the Twitter up like most devs to get feedback from gamers, he probably set it up mostly for praise and didn't think about if anything like this happened but still it's happened now and he should look at what and his studio have done.

He deserves this for lying to us
Rhaigun  +   1086d ago
Yes, by all means cyber bully the guy. Because I've read some of them, and thats what they are. Asking questions is one thing, but people are berrating the guy.
Reborn  +   1086d ago
I hope Sega takes action.

Its fair to block out those people who are blatantly there to just insult. However, to disregard those asking significant questions... is another thing.
grayfoxx881  +   1086d ago
This whole situation just reeks. I never liked Pitchford to begin with. He never seemed the least bit genuine, talking out of his ass like he was selling used vehicles or something. Now we are hearing things like funds for this game were actually used for Borderlands and team members were pulled from the Aliens game to work on other projects. What a scumbag.
Inception  +   1086d ago
I'm not updated why people are raging over A:CM. But after i look at this video, now i knew why people picked up their pitchfork and want their $60+ back.
CalvinKlein  +   1086d ago
Randy bitchford. "Booo hooo I put out a shitty game with a fake demo and people are mad at me. Boo hooo sega is going to sue us and I will loose money. Feel sorry for me Im going to be less rich than I could have been If I wasnt a lazy, lying, cheat scumbag."
jmc8888  +   1086d ago
It's always funny seeing the so-called journalists (hint: there aren't any anymore) rail on Pitchford when they themselves could have warned the public, but didn't. Oh they sign an NDA. So. You don't have to break it.

There are ways around it. Ways to still get the point across. It's not like someone needs to do this for every game, but the real stinkers. Or the ones that we are lied about.

When you think of it, what Gearbox did was tantamount to fraud. Don't know if it would hold up in court, but on a slightly lesser legal threshold it would be considered a slam dunk fraud. So the NDA forces people play along with that fraud. Great huh. Where accessory to fraud is legalized by NDA's. (and we wonder why we're in a great depression! Protip: Stuff like this and repeal and not reinstated Glass-Steagall)

He could have wrote a short article, or even just visited one of the pre-launch pages and said something to the effect...."Oh I just cancelled my pre-order for Aliens: Colonial Marines"

Nothing wrong with that. No NDA can stop that.

Hell you can even get your point across by saying, SWITCHING versions to the Wii U version...made by a different dev.

Or even made cryptic comments like
The canon was broken.
The canon fizzled when shot.
The aim wasn't right with the canon.

Or make comments about COMPETITORS. Like "I'm going to be playing lots of CoD this week despite A:CM launching"

Lots of ways around it that no NDA can touch. At least until we go 100 percent fascist.
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jmc8888  +   1086d ago
I got screwed by Pitchford with Duke Puke 'em. Was waiting for my b-day to buy Red Faction: Armageddon, then found out they ditched the multiplayer. So had to ditch that game (since multiplayer, especially siege mode was the bomb on RF:Guerrilla).

So was looking for a b-day game, and Duke was coming out, so I got Duke.

Yep, videogame wise that b-day sucked.

I'll wait to see more about the Wii U version, do I cancel pre-order or get it? Well it depends on what I see between now and launch. If it sucks, preorder is gone. If not, I'll get it. But this is twice in the last 1 1/2 years Pitchford has screwed over fans of some major franchises.
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