Dead Space 3 weapon crafting guide – 8 of the best guns you can make

OPM: Having trouble with those pesky Necromorphs? Sort out your killing power with 8 of the best guns you can craft in the game. Whether it’s crowd control, precision face-melting or something in-between, we have a boom stick for you.

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SOD_Delta1950d ago

My MK-V Assault rifle/Shotgun beats all of those guns.


oh yeah let me get that!!!

SOD_Delta1950d ago

I don't think I can share the blueprint because it uses MK-V parts, but if I can I'll give it to you. You just have to tell me how. I never figured out how to share with other people outside my friends list.


@SOD DELTA...Most likely we would need to join a co op game together then go to a work bench. it has a share option there. I play it on PC tho, what system are you on?

SOD_Delta1950d ago

I play on PS3. Can you cross share?

brando1011946d ago

@BLKxSeptember if you could add me on origin i wouldn't mind checking out that blueprint of yours