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Adam Sessler explains the “downfall” of X-Play and why some gamers hated him

In a recent Reddit AMA, former X-Play co-host Adam Sessler said the problem with X-Play was timeliness and that the reason some gamers hated him was due to just being on TV. Sessler also said that he doesn’t believe there will be anything like the good old G4 again. (Adam Sessler, Culture, Industry)

edonus  +   745d ago
What happened with Xplay is whats happening around gaming journalism and journalism as a whole. The information is based more on opinion than education. Basically, if I read or watch something it will give 1 minutes or 1 paragraph of solid fact based information about the game and 4 minutes or 6 paragraphs of opinion.

I always felt news was meant to educate and inform. But the powers that be for their own reasons dont want well informed educated consumers. They find it easier to just feed people what they want whether wrong or not. So they actually just act as reinforcement of ideas as opposed to the expansion of ideas.
MidnytRain  +   743d ago
Very true. You should blog this:


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