Nintendo Life: Review: Travelling the World with Wii Street U

Nintendo Life: Wii U Panorama View remains one of the most impressive demonstrations of Wii U's potential: a collection of videos filmed with a special camera array so that you can look around 360 degrees and see the film from every possible angle by moving the GamePad. It's coming to the Wii U eShop at some point this year – at least in Japan – but until then there's a new application that uses the technology in a different way: Wii Street U.

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Nevers0ft1856d ago

Panorama View is actually a really good idea. I'd even be tempted to pay for virtual tours of some stuff, say for example the Science Museum in London or (ahem) an Amsterdam brothel O_o

1upgamer991856d ago

Much more cooler than I expected, and FREE!!!!!

PopRocks3591856d ago

It's a fun little thing. Hopefully they can update and do more with it.

BullyMangler1856d ago

i heard nintendo gots some scanner thing on wiiU gamepad that allows one to buy real items from japanese flee markets from the comfort of your own home .. .

. .. . . then i woke up