Randy Pitchford openly thanks fans who enjoyed Aliens: Colonial Marines

At a point where there's not a lot of positive press surrounding, "Aliens: Colonial Marines," Randy Pitchford took time to thank fans who had sent him reassuring messages of their support and love for the developer’s recent release.

Pitchford told one player, “Thanks for the kind words, you're a hero to me” and said to another fan that his kinds words were “good to hear right now.” Perhaps the well-known figure in the gaming industry is appreciating knowing not everyone dislikes “Aliens: Colonial Marines,” even though looking at the games review scores around the web might lead one to believe otherwise. Randy Pitchford has often times mentioned that he strives to please his fans and dislikes to

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000012123d ago

this just in! Randy Pitchford doesn't apologize to the fans who thought the game was garbage.

hulk_bash19872123d ago (Edited 2123d ago )

Wow so I guess they're really gonna trying to sweep this one under the rug. Mr. Pitchford thank you for making one of my favorite franchises this gen in Borderlands, but fuck off for this disrespect to the gaming community.

sunnygrg2122d ago

It's pretty clear Randy is going on a damage control mode, and trying to indirectly insult gamers who "did not" enjoy the game using underlying cynicism. Boycott this guy and any game he creates so that he learns of the power of the internet.

WitWolfy2122d ago

Its Like Mass Effect 3 all over AGAIN!!!!

Nitrowolf22122d ago

guys IDK if those are even real accounts. Two of them ar freshly new accounts XD

zerocrossing2123d ago

I've asked Randy Pitchford on twitter, for an apology to the fans that feel lied to and betrayed over ACM.

We'll see what happens but Im not holding my breath...

ApolloTheBoss2123d ago

This is going to come back to bite him on the a**. I guarantee it.

antz11042122d ago

Wow, I kinda think that makes him look like a bigger jerk.

Enjoy my $60 asshat.

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caseh2123d ago

I can see this hitting the bargain bins withn 2 months, same thing happened to Binary Domain with the exception that the game was actually awesome.

When it does i'll swoop on it for the multiplayer as its apparently a lot of fun.

Skate-AK2123d ago

Binary Domain was pretty cool.

Myst2122d ago

First yeah Binary Domain was really fun and enjoyable wish I could have tried the MP on that one. Second the MP in Aliens is okay if things actually work for you and you don't encounter any problems.

EbeneezerGoode2123d ago

I have REALLY enjoyed this game!! Sue me!

I'm glad I form my own opinions rather than only read reviews and avoid. Same goes for positively reviewed games, many of which have left me annoyed and shaking my head.

This game = 7/10 - good fun thrillride through the Aliens universe, decent gameplay, decent to great graphics, good immersion, brilliant score and sound and nice pacing.

Nicaragua2123d ago

I also really enjoyed Bubble Bobble, but i'd be pissed off if thats what loaded up when i was expecting Crysis 3

caseh2123d ago

After what I experienced with Crysis 2, if I inserted Crysis 3 disc and Bubble Bobble loaded up I would actually be relieved that I wouldn't have to endure another sh*t FPS thats applauded for how sexeh it looks.

antz11042122d ago

LMAO, well said!

I thought the campaign was decent. If nothing else the environments seemed very bland and empty in between fire fights. The multi felt very clunky and lopsided so unfortunately it didnt have too much replay value to me.

aPerson2123d ago (Edited 2123d ago )

You must be the fan Randy was thanking.

isa_scout2122d ago

If you enjoyed the game that's fine, but if you've been waiting several years(like I did) anticipating this games release then a 7/10 still isn't good enough. Also, i fail to see how the graphics were decent to great in any way shape or form. Damn, you must play some crappy looking games if you thought the graphics were great. Actually pretty much everything you said is wrong; it wasn't a fun thrillrid, it's gameplay wasn't decent, itdidn't have decent to great graphics, nowhere near good immersion(glithes break immersion), brilliant score and sound? only the motion tracker sounded good, and the pacing was horrible. How can the pacing be "nice" when everything about the story and cutscenes and missions is total garbage?

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deadfrag2123d ago (Edited 2123d ago )

I thought this guy was already in the hospital with a broken jaw after all the lies he told to fans!Im guessing he is in a bunker waiting for the storm to pass and counting the money Gearbox made with all the lies.Mot%%% Fu%%%%!

OccludedGamer2122d ago (Edited 2122d ago )

Yes because there are so many gamers who would actually go punch the guy in the face rather than moan from their keyboard. :/

Here's the problem, remember the article that claimed the game was completely outsourced? It was a rumor and still is, why does every rumor on N4G suddenly turn to fact?

Im not saying it isn't a possibility, just that rumors become fact too fast on N4G

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