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Anthony Severino Writes: Despite bearing the name, this is no Metal Gear game. At least not like you’re used to. This would have been good and fine for Raiden to have a game of his own outside the Metal Gear Solid universe, that’s filled with action instead of stealth. But, then why have stealth? Why have a soliton radar? You rarely use either, and it doesn’t quite fit in the fast-paced action confusion. Hideo Kojima was right in cancelling Metal Gear Solid: Rising—it just didn’t work. Even he saw that. Instead, someone at Konami had the bright idea to let Platinum Games take over the development. From the ashes, Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance was born, and like any problem child that grows up into an insufferable disappointment, it’ll leave a stain on the reputation of the parents: revered developers Platinum Games and Kojima Productions.

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raytraceme1948d ago

This game is such a hit or miss between reviewers. From the demo I played I felt bored after a few mins. Though the graphics and physics are awesome for a game running at 60fps.

Blacktric1948d ago (Edited 1948d ago )


I also love how you tried to trash the game by saying it's not a real Metal Gear Solid game in one of your comments when that actually was the point of an "action based hack and slash spinoff".

Kinger89381948d ago

Same here, didnt think it looked great either

Skate-AK1948d ago

What? The game looks great.

Kinger89381948d ago

I guess it depends what its compared to mate each to there own

fei-hung1948d ago

It's a hit for those who know what they are talking about and a miss for those journalists who are talking out of their rear ends like this one.

The dude is complaining about the most stupid things and raging about them when anyone with half a brain knows, this dude is just shit at this game cuz he has no skills. This is what happens when you play dumbed down crap, you yourself become dumbed down and the world becomes a challenge.

Troll review. Avoid giving the troll any hits.

PirateThom1948d ago

So, because the reviewer is bad at the game their opinion is void?

Maybe the game does a poor job at exlaining the mechanics, maybe there's some flaw with the design of the game.

I don't know why someone not being good at the game makes it a troll review.

fei-hung1948d ago

@pirate dude

If the demo was enough to teach you how to play the game, then how is it the full game can't?!

You just made my point even more valid that some of these reviews just talk crap. It's as if certain things only apply to certain games and not others.

MGS4 being a short game (gameplay was minimal compared to cutscenes) was okay and so was Vanquish but this isn't. Why?

It's 60fps and has tons of destructible environments and dynamic gaming sections, but the graphics are bad. However, games like COD and GRA would be backed up with the same journalists saying, "but it's open world, but it's 60fps...."

If journalists go back on their own principles and get caught talking crap, for this game or any other game, we as consumers will call them out.

3/10 means the game is pretty much unplayable, full of glitches and has zero replay value etc. everyone who has played the demo knows this to be bullshit. This article is almost there to do nothing but to spite the game and for all the above valid reasons, I call this a troll review!

As for DmC fans, hell I ain't bought the game yet, but I wouldn't say it's a 3 for all it's flaws or shortcomings as an original DMC fan. I will still give credit where it is due and buy the game 2nd hand as I know it's a great game even if not a good DMC successor IMO. The only reason why I haven't supported the game is due to Capcom and their milking and arrogant behaviour (I haven't bought any new Capcom game in years) and NT's stupid remarks.

Mounce1948d ago

I read before coming to this article, reviews for it which came like...





Then I come across this being 3/10....I just don't get it on how this game is a hit or a miss. Like, do the people who rate it low just have shitty expectations of the game and they don't try to even have fun with it? Do these reviewers just play a small chunk of it, don't try to get into it or fail being immersed so they say IT SUCKS, I'M TIRED OF PLAYING IT! sorta thing?

Am sure this game doesn't deserve a 3/10 no matter whos' opinion it is.

Dir_en_grey1948d ago

This is why I hate this site's reviews, they rate any game with any sort of difficulty down way too much. The reason is because this reviewer Anthony Severino is not reviewing, he's whining about the game being too hard for him.

He mainly complains about the parry and camera.
Parry is a simple down up attack; and they give you freedom to control the camera, so that means you have to control the camera, just like you have to push the attack button to attack.

This is equivalent to reviewing a fighting game, but rate the game down because you can't do a simple fireball motion, or reviewing Mario and rate it down because you can't get past the first hole you are supposed to jump over because you SUCK at judging distance, which is something every other gamer can do or learn to do after a few fails.

If you find you can't even do the basics the game asks you to do, you shouldn't be reviewing this game period.

Sure he got famous breaking the Last Guardian footage (maybe he shouldn't have cuz Sony clearly wasn't ready to show it), but this Sev guy sure suck at games way too much to be a reviewer.

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Irishguy951948d ago (Edited 1948d ago )

This reviewer has absolutely NO IDEA what he is talking about. With regards to Rising's development cycle. I Mean really you'd expect a reviewer to know what happened to Rising before spewing BS about it.

"but then gets his tail handed to him by the most generic of enemies—it doesn’t make sense"

Welcome to hack and slash genre. Where Kratos can take out a Giant and then be killed by 4 or 5 little ****s or Bayonetta can take out a large god thing with two heads and be ****ed by some little ****.

"from the weakest of enemies, to the anger-inducing boss fights—is frustrating. Frustrating due to the camera."

Translation - I suck at this game

"did not complete the game. I did not finish the last boss. On normal"


SOD_Delta1948d ago

Sounds like this guy never played a hack and slash game. His lack of experience renders his opinion invalid to most players. This review should have an asterisk by it.

Good_Guy_Jamal1948d ago

Speaking of Kratos, I just got my ass handed to me several times by that 3 headed lava Ceberus hound and his exploding minions on Titan mode.
I rage quit, but not before putting a hole in my wife's serving tray with my controller!

GenericNameHere1948d ago

That was actually one of the three hardest fights for me on God of War III.
The first one was against Poseidon (does fighting Poseidon count as spoiler? Because other than Cronos, everyone seems to talk about him the most), that Cerberus (it's that one just after rescuing a *certain* person, right?), and the last boss fight (whom I shall not spoil, although it should be pretty obvious if you know Kratos' motives).

I don't think GoWIII on Titan was really that difficult, just these 3 fights.

Good_Guy_Jamal1948d ago

Yup, that's the one. And I thought aMazed trophy would be the toughest thing to on Titan mode. This has to be the toughest battle of the game so far. It made me hate myself and want to weep!

iMaim1948d ago

Yeah I know what you mean. I busted my whole weekend just trying to get the Titan mode trophy a couple years back. Ahh good times.

darren_poolies1948d ago

Didn't complete the game therefore the review is invalid.

Rayansaki1948d ago (Edited 1948d ago )

I'll take a wild guess that you did not play the game yet.

The points he makes are valid. Devil May Cry, God of War and Bayonetta are challenging, but the dedicated dodge button they have is what makes it possible for you to take big groups of enemies.

MGS:R has no dodge, and the parry is on the same button as attack, so it's very hard to attack and time your parrys at the same time, especially when some attacks come from outside your vision, because the camera has a very short field of view.

3/10 is probably a bit exaggerated, but the lack of dodge or higher FoV make for frustrating difficulty even against pitiful foes. It's not proper difficulty, it's unfair difficulty because you can't counter it 100% even with perfect skill. I mean, I've beaten DMC 3 and 4 in Dante Must Die difficulty and had extreme difficulty taking the boss in the rising Demo, which took me 5 tries. In normal.

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ShugaCane1948d ago

This is not the game's fault if you suck at it.

MoonGazing1948d ago

I doubt this review is serious probably just wants hits.

SlyFamous021948d ago (Edited 1948d ago )

Like I said before, not a real MGS game.

If it will help you sleep better at night son, this is not a MG game.

Hanso1948d ago

yep its a MGR game genius

SOD_Delta1948d ago

Haha you got him. People have a hard time excepting spinoff.

kB01948d ago



god_o_war1948d ago (Edited 1948d ago )

Why cant people realise that this is not a forced spinoff, this is something that the creator of the entire MG universe wanted! Kojima wanted to show off one of he's most favourite characters of the metal gear series.

Besides if your a metal gear fan and you've played MGS4, when Raiden was showed doing the things he did as a cyborg, didn't you wish you could take control of him?