Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance Review-TGH

TGH Writes: "When Raiden first made his appearance in the Metal Gear Solid franchise he wasn’t a fan favorite by any means. The Solid Snake that all of us knew and loved was replaced by a rookie soldier sent on his first real mission. Not much else was known about Raiden besides for his real name Jack the Ripper and his dark past. In Metal Gear Solid 4 Guns of the Patriots, Raiden was reintroduced being more cyborg than human now."

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Cybermario1947d ago

slice and dice with those manly heels! but seriously game is just great, kudos!

caseh1947d ago

Not a fasn of Raiden myself, regardless of how good the game is I can see this waiting on a price drop before I pick it up.

Ultr1947d ago

just bought the limited edition inkl. Statue of Raiden lol :D :D

blackstrr4111947d ago

I hope to spend nothing less than 50 hours on this game

Starfox8111947d ago

Looking forward to this for sure. Big fan of the preview builds I've played + I like Raiden (especially as MGS 2 is by far the best MGS title).