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TG writes: The next installment in Hideo Kojima’s Metal Gear series is set to be unleashed across multiple platforms. For the first time, Xbox owners will be able to experience Kojimasan’s stories firsthand as they slice their way through Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance. Did Kojimasan and Platinum Games create a title worthy of the name Metal Gear, or did they just phone this one in?

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TerminalGamer1587d ago

Great game, but Metal Gear fans will be on the fence with it.

ftwrthtx1587d ago

It definitely takes the series in an alternate direction.

ftwrthtx1587d ago

I did have to read up in the MG Wiki some.

ftwrthtx1587d ago

Reviewers seem to either love the game or hate it.

TerminalGamer1587d ago

Seems the more of a Metal Geaer fan you are, the less you'll like the game.

I'm a fan of MG but I still enjoyed MGRR

ftwrthtx1587d ago

I'm with you on that one.