SuperDAE, leaker Xbox 720 specs, gets raided by Police

It looks like SuperDaE has been raided by the police, according to his Twitter account.

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Bumpmapping1950d ago

Wow so that means the rumors where true!

Smurf11950d ago

They were true. Kotaku had seen the documentation.

subtenko1950d ago

What is this is all just to throw is off the trail? Opinions please. Also, if kinect is built it, it must have a wide angle lens because it depends where the xbox is put.. Whats the difference from xbox always being online to being online anyway when you sign in? Do people mean always be on? (like iphone). Right now M$ just has me confused atm.

SilentNegotiator1950d ago (Edited 1950d ago )

The "evidence" of a raid at this point is a twitter post. It could easily just be a publicity stunt.

xursz1950d ago

If it smells like a publicity stunt, it's probably a publicity stunt. I agree.

Also, any confirmation by Kotaku should immediately be disregarded. People should know that by now.

krepler1950d ago

How could he be posting on twitter over two hour span if he had all of his electronics taken from him?

He has tweeted that he has “no phone, nothing”.. That line itself makes no sense.

darthv721950d ago

i mean if a guy can think his girlfriend (who he never met) just died and be made a laughing stock.

Who is to say this isnt all staged by this superdae guy as well. People will do anything for drama and attention.

Sounds more like trying to steal thunder from sony's big day.

BitbyDeath1950d ago (Edited 1950d ago )

Found the original article for those interested.

In a nutshell :

-500GB HDD
-Kinect in everybox and required to be on at all times.
-360 controllers won't work with it
-It can run multiple games/apps at once
-Blu-ray is included but it can't play games, only install them. Every game must be run off the HDD (must be an anti-piracy thing)

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solid_warlord1950d ago (Edited 1950d ago )

SuperDAE is well known as a legit source. Multiple sources backed his spec of nextbox dev kit and of his evidence. The only difference is he tried to sell it on ebay.

Usually Dev kits are only given when non-disclosure agreement(NDA) has been signed by devs and publishers. In America, the violation of such is a serious offence. The fact he even was able to sell a dev kit is quite a mystery and let alone illegal but multiple sources have admitted the dev kit is the real deal.

ChrisW1950d ago

And anyone who violates the NDA can have their life made pretty unhappy. SuperDAE may be laughing about the FBI and police in his house now, but wait until he gets the bill for the raid... plus whatever damages lawyers can milk out of him. We will not be hearing from him for quite some time, if ever again.

I'd feel sorry for him, but he perfectly knew what he was doing.

hazardman1950d ago

Solid he tried to sell one on ebay but the purchased was blocked from what I read in a previous article. Anyway this guy is dumb for even trying to sell in first place. Another thing does anyone know if the SuperGae guy is a developer? I'm trying to know how he got his hands on not just one but two dev kits!!

B-radical1950d ago

No fbi in australia= no raid you been trolled xbox leaks prob a troll also

Zechs341950d ago


We have an insider here.

Thanks for your contributions and very helpful info.

At this point, we don't have all the details.

N311V1950d ago

The FBI have agents posted all over the world ( It's not unheard of for the FBI and Australian Federal Police to work together. The two countries are close allies after all.

clearelite1950d ago (Edited 1950d ago )

either way, a day before possible PS4 reveal = possible, obvious publicity stunt.

Steadyhndz1950d ago

This wasn't a move made by Australian law enforcement...America has Embassies all over the world, regardless of this, when you have a multi-billion dollar company involved, they can get any government to do anything.

solid_warlord1950d ago

No but Australia have better than FBI. Australia have KBI or Kangaroo bureau of Investigation. The Kangaroos have have stopped violent games being sold throghout Aussi territory.

OneAboveAll1950d ago

Oh really? Go ask Kim Dotcom...

Axe991950d ago

It'd be news over here (Australia) if the FBI did a raid - it's pretty unusual - the Kim Dotcom thing was all over the news for days, and he was in NZ. And there's no way the FBI could do a raid without the Australian Authorities - that would be all kind of illegal, and an international incident (imagine if the Australian Police were doing raids in the US!)


Axe99 is completely right, even though FBI have agents all around the world working on embassies (just like every other federal police from any country), they will only work on foreign cases under special circunstances, one always being the local government agreeing with the action (in this case, a raid) and, usually, said government controlling the operation, not USA government.

Going against it isn't a simply violation of jurisdiction, it's a violation of sovereignty, i.e. can be technically ruled as an act of war depending on local legislation.

That said, in the Twitter it's said he had 1 FBI Agent and 7-8 other police officers raiding the house, he never said there were a bunch of FBI agents, so if those other police officers are australian it's actually possible. In fact I suspect the protocol would be along those lines, Aussie government and police would agree, excecute and comand the action asked by US government, which would designate one FBI agent to oversee it, represent US in the warrant and report back.

But I too agree with Axe99 that this kind of action would generate quite a media fuss. Also we would of had some evidence on the internet.. I mean, your neighbour just got raided by FBI in Australia? Come'on, that's youtube material right there!

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joeorc1950d ago

"Wow so that means the rumors where true!"

Well if that is a Very "Big if" He was in fact raided, it could have been for many thing's besides this, but the fact that" the warrant only really mentions "Microsoft", "eBay", "Paypal".

If that is the case it's Most likely about the information that was released to public more than anything, the Dev kit is one thing but releasing Info to the public that you are under NDA not to disclose unless under perjury to do so is like privilege!


B1663r1950d ago

Well police have raided e-bay auctions for Fraud as well. Say everything he posted was bogus, and was doing it to pump of the auction price of his bogus dev kit, well that would be FRAUD.

Fraud would trigger the criminal element that is now in play, not just the civil remedies of violating an NDA.

fr0sty1950d ago (Edited 1950d ago )

However, when you have several sources confirming the devkit details were not bogus, it typically means his house was raided because he really did have a devkit and really did try to break the law by selling it on ebay. They obviously didn't care so much about the leaks as much as they did him trying to profit from them, hence why Ebay and PayPal were cited on the warrant. Him trying to profit from it is where he crossed the line. The idiot should have known better.

I'm normally against police raids of any kind, but this guy took something that (legally) wasn't his and tried to sell it. I can't sympathize with that.

zeal0us1950d ago

I guess SuperDae isn't having such a super day anymore.

Viper71950d ago

Unless attention is what he was after.

Some people just want to see the world burn, and don't really care what happens to themselves. They can fine him what ever they want but I wouldn't expect him to pay any of it.

UnholyLight1947d ago

Except SuperDae could be in some seriously deeper shit than he expected Viper7! haha. He broke the NDA so that right there has some HUGE consequences, not to mention trying to sell the dev kits ON TOP OF THAT..Not using their head very well I would stupid is he/she?

3-4-51950d ago

You can always tell how close to the truth you are by how people in power react. If they pay it no attention it means they know better, if they go after that person it means they've gotten too close to the truth.

greenpowerz1950d ago

Dam a lot of people in here still wishing these specific rumors are not true trying trying to make a mountian out of a mole hill.

This BS about Kinect always being on as an excuse to cover up what they're really mad about which are the specs themselves is ridiculous. KInect cameras have settings which can stop using the video or set to not share online.

This myth of KInect always spying sending video to others and MSFT is an ignorant at best and slander at worst.

Godmars290 You are upset the dude said the xbox was an impressive graphical powerhouse and you stir up mondane sh!T to draw the attention from the stuff xbox owners really care about.

DOMination-1950d ago

Why the hell does this random guy in Australia even have dev kits or documentation anyway? Providing its true of course

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Qrphe1950d ago

This pretty much confirms the specs. That next-gen Xbox document from a while back was also confirmed by Microsoft when they put legal effort into taking it down.

Link0791950d ago

So gpu is not quite up there with WiiU what a shame.

fr0sty1950d ago (Edited 1950d ago )

Not sure where you got that info. Wii U's GPU still gets smoked by both "Durango" and "Orbis". According to the leaks Durango's GPU is a bit weaker than PS4/Orbis... lacking 2 shader cores and 4 compute cores if I remember right (I think Durango has 12 and orbis 18). Maybe even a slower clock speed as well, but I don't remember the specifics.

Edit: Looks like I was right. From Eurogamer:

"Here's where we see our first point of divergence: GPU rendering is all about spreading the computational load across many cores and we find that the new Xbox has 12 of these "Compute Units" (CUs), while Orbis has 18 - a 50 per cent advantage. "

3-4-51950d ago

Why don't people understand that games are made differently now.

That is still like saying a car is better because it has more makes it have greater top end speed, but doesn't make it a better overall car.

Because new tech has factored into how this case games....are made.

We hardly understand anything about it really.

EbeneezerGoode1950d ago

@ 3-4-5 No, *you* hardly understand anything about it (really).

Better specs are better. End of story. If 'modern methods' of making games makes better use of tech then it can apply to Sony as well as MS so? you end up with EVEN better games again (on PS4) if the tech is 'better'.

That is, given the same game and each system pushed to it's max capabilities.

And these are games consoles. This gen has been a long drawn out one, and with all the casual stuff and tablets/phones taking over a lot of core gamers are once more ready for a PROPER focussed games console with raw power. There is never any way that 'less power' is better when it comes to gaming, if so we'd have stuck with the SNES or AMIGA or PS1 all these years.

We need/want more power onwards and upwards until games STOP looking like cartoons and start feeling like real experiences, so jaded gamers can start feeling excited again. There's only so many varieties of games and things you can do within them, until tech changes/advances, and we should always be keen to see that happen!

DarkBlood1950d ago

havent notice the leaks myself but looks like the cat is out of the bag

may not do good for thier own hype at this point

Link0791950d ago (Edited 1950d ago )

The stock version of the WiiU gpu scores a massive 5870 in mark vantage thats proper perfomance ie testing on games ect,and this is higher than a HD4850 which has the same terraflops as the 720 chip ? Nintendo will make the E6760 more efficient lower the clock speed a little but with on board EDRAM ect ect it's basically a Memory heavy E6760 that will score alot better in its modified form.

720 has a HD6670 go look it up all i know is if devs dont try u will get the same performance but the E6760 is better.

dcbronco1950d ago

Actually I've never looked at that GPU being a problem, if there is more than one. I believe the next Xbox will heavily rely on HSA. That GPU has Accelerated Parallel Processing. I believe it is just the foundation for Microsoft engineers to build their own GPU. They will use updated modifications to get a ton of power from it and their advancements in HSA will allow them to get better efficiency out of having several CPUs and GPUs. It will all equal a very powerful console.

nix1950d ago

"Microsoft Is Changing the Console Experience"

at least this guy is learning it first hand.

shivvy241950d ago

HAHAHA you sir deserve a bubble !

Psn8001950d ago


BanBrother1950d ago

Man not even World of Warcraft players could pull a raid off with that much insane precision.