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Submitted by jazzking2001 1089d ago | review

Neocrisis: Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance Review

Neocrisis: Can Rising surpass Metal Gear Solid 4? Is a game a Metal Gear Solid game when the main character is not Solid Snake? Has Platnium Games done justice to this series with the release of Rising? Do I need to watch ridiculously long cutscenes like in Metal Gear Solid 4? I sense an enemy approaching, can I use my lovable box to hide myself from the enemy? Read on and find the answers to these and other questions. (Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, PS3, Xbox 360) 10/10

Ezio2048  +   1089d ago
why am i sensing this to be a universally acclaimed game :p
DatNJDom81  +   1088d ago
Seems like this reviewer didn't like MGS4.....
Masta_fro  +   1088d ago
Seems like he didn't really play the game...

maybe a demo. This is not a review. Its a "try hard to make it look like i played the full game so my website gets hits" review...
HammadTheBeast  +   1088d ago
Another review gave it a 3.
AznGaara  +   1089d ago
Guess that one user who said he/she was going to buy DMC instead, based off a 7.5 score, has to buy this game too lol.
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crimsonfox  +   1089d ago
there are multiple users on this who have their heads so far up th.... man... I'm not giving them anymore troll food. But, I will say DMC looked horrible the demo cemented my idea of it. I just can't get over the ridiculously over stylized environments. Metal Gear Rising has been looking nuts since platinum got a good of it, they have yet to let me down. And as huge fan of Metal Gear I'm counting the hours/minutes to see what platinum has came up with!....Damn I lost focus...
DivineAssault  +   1089d ago
i have to buy this.. Its getting great reviews everywhere.. The demo wasnt all that to me but it didnt by any means suck either.. Im just afraid of blasting the $60 & it ends up being something i wanna sell when im done.. MGS games always stay with me forever but idk if this will be like that
SAE  +   1088d ago
When i played inFAMOUS1 Demo i didn't like it at all. I felt like it's a super hero game like batman or super man. But when i played the full game i had a different feeling for it because of the story so maybe you will have the same feeling too about the full game when you see the story..

The story is different then war games. It makes sense and the talk can be seen in real life like in my country Bahrain. When you play it you will understand me. I don't want to spoil anything to you..
DivineAssault  +   1088d ago
Ya, i get u.. Maybe ill grab it on payday.. I was gonna get DmC but i think this one is going to be better
Soldierone  +   1088d ago
Everyone (including me) that I've talked to had the exact opposite reaction to inFamous lol We all didn't care about it at all, then we tried the demo and pre-ordered the game.

The GameStop employee I talked to even said pre-orders didn't really start happening at his store till the demo released.
crimsonfox  +   1089d ago
Damn you work! getting in the way of me and this game...
These reviews are just getting me more excited. Damn good read
Ryder49  +   1089d ago
10/10? Damn. This made me sit up and pay attention to the title again.
Donnieboi  +   1089d ago
This applies to all game reviews:

Don't be gullible over a score. Even COD gets 10/10, and we all know that that doesn't make sense. Try reading more than just 1 review to get a sense as to whether the game is right for you.
Ryder49  +   1089d ago
Yes I know that. It's just been getting pretty good scores across the board so that's why it's interesting.
ginsunuva  +   1089d ago
And this, folks, is why companies and reviewers care so much about the little number called a score at the end of their review, because it clearly makes people suddenly and intensely interested in the product, as seen above.
Ryder49  +   1089d ago
Yes because I've totally never read a full review before. I just look at the pretty numbers and spend all my money on games that only get 10's!
NateCole  +   1089d ago
Again. Even if it's a zero i will still get it.

Ever since Riden took out the Gekos in MGS4 in the best cutscene ever i wanted to play as him since then.

This is finally my chance.
AznGaara  +   1089d ago
But this game isn't a Metal Gear game! Who cares if Raiden actually beat Geckos in MGS4 by break dancing?!?! So what if this game actually goes along with Raidens character in MGS4?!? It's a Metal Gear Game that isn't stealthy that mean its automatically bad Rawwrr!! Lol

Glad to see someone who actually acknowledges what Raiden did in MGS4. I mean he tried to stop a boat with his own body, A BOAT!!! And these "fans" still want him to be steathly...
belac09  +   1089d ago
well said.
wishingW3L  +   1089d ago
you just don't get it do you? This is like Dante's white hair all over again. Let's just ignore that Raiden lifts up metal gear Ray and cuts it down like butter with a 4 foot sword, and the badly written dialogue and setting too. -___-

Patriot system was destroyed in MGS4 and in what? 4 years? The PMC's made armies of cyborgs. But the question is with what money? Because the military world was in ruins due to the deactivation of the nano-machines in the soldiers.

Seriously, PG should have left the story the way Koji-Pro wrote it instead of changing it to make it ridiculously over the top like a shonen anime.
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Ripsta7th  +   1089d ago
@whisingW3L - you sound like those bitchy gamers that complain about every little detail in a game thats a SPINOFF! ComPrayDe AmiiGo?
NeXXXuS  +   1088d ago
Not too many people get the meaning of "spin-off."
I'm hoping to get this as soon as I can. I saw a Let's Play of the first half hour and I'm really excited.
jon1234  +   1089d ago
even though ive heard the story goes against mgs4, i just beat mgs 4 and watched everything again in anticipation to this game :) i cant wait
Dannycr  +   1089d ago
I'm really excited about this game. Loved the demo, but I do not understand why they have to compare it with MGS4. They are 2 different (EXTREMELY different) games, plus, that is the complete opposite idea of what they wanted.

They wanted a Spinoff, a game that belonged to Raiden to separate him from Solid Snake, but they keep comparing it with MGS4 which is unfair.
MaxXAttaxX  +   1089d ago
Why do they keep comparing this game to MGS4? They're two different types of games.
Irishguy95  +   1089d ago
Jesus. Stop bringing up that terrible argument. Do you have a favorite game from this generation. I do. Dark Souls.

Does that mean I think it's better than every other game i've played this gen(cept maybe Demons souls which is about equal but I prefer the world of Dark)

Yes it does. Because it's my favorite game this gen.

Is Uncharted 2 alot of peoples fav game this gen? Yes? That means they think it's better than the other games they played this gen.

And that's it. Do you think Rising as a game is better than MGS4?

That is the question and it does not matter than one is a Hack and slash and the other is stealth shooter. Almost everyone will have a favorite game of all time. By having a favorite game, or simply liking a game more than are automatically comparing it to other games.

"They're completely dif types of games" - Is basically a stupid argument of Someone trying to defend a game.

If you don't like Hack and Slash genre, you'll obviously like MGS4 more/ However if you like Hack and slash and Stealth/shooter...then you can compare how much you enjoyed them. I mean come on, why even have a review system or anything if that argument made any sense.

No one is comparing gameplay mechanics or ****. They are comparing the overall quality and experience of the game.

If someone ses FF7 is the best game they've ever played....Will you just pop in a say "But it's an RPG...and RPG's are not comparable to Shooters"/ No you won't. Because that's not what he's saying and it has nothing to do with FF7's quality
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Dannycr  +   1089d ago
@irishguy Sorry, but your approach is wrong. First of all, comparing oranges and apples doesn't make sense. I have a favorite game for each genre and i wouldn't compare my favorite FPS with my favorite RPG because it is completely pointless, but, that is not the point.

This is not about my favorite game in the MG universe. This is about the developers, doing something different, wanting people to acknowledge this game for itself, for what is trying to do different and mainly for not being a Metal Gear Solid game, yet, people keep comparing it with MGS4. Why? Probably to be able to use it as an argument to criticize the game for not being a true MGS game, even when the devs went out of their way to set in stone that this is not a Metal Gear Solid game.
MaxXAttaxX  +   1089d ago
Your whole argument is about personal preference. Having an overall favorite game is subjective.
It has nothing to do with nor does it make sense when making an objective, let alone reasonable, comparison.

Might as well compare the game to a movie, since they're both a form of disc-based media. So let's ignore things like genre, because ACCORDING TO YOU, Pong is a better game than MGS4 because someone out there in the world thinks so and it's their favorite... sigh*
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xBigxBossx  +   1089d ago
Amiroo  +   1089d ago
yeah, 4hr game with no multiplayer and ultra low graphics get a 10/10 . lol
core gameplay isn't fun either
NeXXXuS  +   1088d ago
So you're one of THOSE people... -_-
Amiroo  +   1088d ago
no idiot, i'm the one
Ripsta7th  +   1089d ago
YES YES!!! :D i had faith lol even thought this is just 1 review, im pretty sure others will be similar, YESSS!!!
banditscout  +   1089d ago
Firstly, I'm greatly looking forward to this game. That said, this is an awfully written review. This isn't English class; however, I have a difficult time taking any official review seriously when it's riddled with grammatical and spelling errors.
Heisenburger  +   1089d ago
You said "firstly" but then never followed through with that format.

I mean, this isn't English class....

banditscout  +   1088d ago
It wasn't necessary.
Dark_Legend  +   1089d ago
Platinum Games is sich a great developer
hosseincode  +   1089d ago
OPM UK and OXM UK both gave the game 7 out of 10
Excited2play  +   1089d ago
can't wait to play this game. I liked the demo although that cat robot was a pain the first time around.
Hanso  +   1089d ago
you really need to parry LQ-84i
its testing your parry skills great fight.

btw i think its a dog^^
Excited2play  +   1088d ago
you're right, It's totally a wolf too..My bad. The combat mechanics are nice and deep so it sounds like a game with some replay value.

looking forward to it for sure!
Williamson  +   1088d ago
I thought this game would be a typical hack & slash game but from the demo it feels unique in its own way, I got to pick to game up. Also its a shame its getting some mixed reviews, sounds like people just suck at the game.
josephayal  +   1088d ago
10/10 not bad but
I still have no idea if I'm interested in this game
fsfsxii  +   1088d ago seems people who don't know how "BLOCK" gave the game below 8, i picked up the game today and seriously couldn't put the game down, shame i have school tomorrow :(
plaZeHD  +   1088d ago
Not the time for April fool.

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