Neocrisis: Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance Review

Neocrisis: Can Rising surpass Metal Gear Solid 4? Is a game a Metal Gear Solid game when the main character is not Solid Snake? Has Platnium Games done justice to this series with the release of Rising? Do I need to watch ridiculously long cutscenes like in Metal Gear Solid 4? I sense an enemy approaching, can I use my lovable box to hide myself from the enemy? Read on and find the answers to these and other questions.

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Ezio20481887d ago

why am i sensing this to be a universally acclaimed game :p

DatNJDom811886d ago

Seems like this reviewer didn't like MGS4.....

Masta_fro1886d ago

Seems like he didn't really play the game...

maybe a demo. This is not a review. Its a "try hard to make it look like i played the full game so my website gets hits" review...

HammadTheBeast1886d ago

Another review gave it a 3.

AznGaara1887d ago (Edited 1887d ago )

Guess that one user who said he/she was going to buy DMC instead, based off a 7.5 score, has to buy this game too lol.

crimsonfox1887d ago

there are multiple users on this who have their heads so far up th.... man... I'm not giving them anymore troll food. But, I will say DMC looked horrible the demo cemented my idea of it. I just can't get over the ridiculously over stylized environments. Metal Gear Rising has been looking nuts since platinum got a good of it, they have yet to let me down. And as huge fan of Metal Gear I'm counting the hours/minutes to see what platinum has came up with!....Damn I lost focus...

DivineAssault 1887d ago

i have to buy this.. Its getting great reviews everywhere.. The demo wasnt all that to me but it didnt by any means suck either.. Im just afraid of blasting the $60 & it ends up being something i wanna sell when im done.. MGS games always stay with me forever but idk if this will be like that

SAE1886d ago

When i played inFAMOUS1 Demo i didn't like it at all. I felt like it's a super hero game like batman or super man. But when i played the full game i had a different feeling for it because of the story so maybe you will have the same feeling too about the full game when you see the story..

The story is different then war games. It makes sense and the talk can be seen in real life like in my country Bahrain. When you play it you will understand me. I don't want to spoil anything to you..

DivineAssault 1886d ago

Ya, i get u.. Maybe ill grab it on payday.. I was gonna get DmC but i think this one is going to be better

Soldierone1886d ago

Everyone (including me) that I've talked to had the exact opposite reaction to inFamous lol We all didn't care about it at all, then we tried the demo and pre-ordered the game.

The GameStop employee I talked to even said pre-orders didn't really start happening at his store till the demo released.

crimsonfox1887d ago

Damn you work! getting in the way of me and this game...
These reviews are just getting me more excited. Damn good read

Ryder491887d ago

10/10? Damn. This made me sit up and pay attention to the title again.

Donnieboi1887d ago

This applies to all game reviews:

Don't be gullible over a score. Even COD gets 10/10, and we all know that that doesn't make sense. Try reading more than just 1 review to get a sense as to whether the game is right for you.

Ryder491887d ago

Yes I know that. It's just been getting pretty good scores across the board so that's why it's interesting.

ginsunuva1887d ago

And this, folks, is why companies and reviewers care so much about the little number called a score at the end of their review, because it clearly makes people suddenly and intensely interested in the product, as seen above.

Ryder491887d ago

Yes because I've totally never read a full review before. I just look at the pretty numbers and spend all my money on games that only get 10's!

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The story is too old to be commented.