The Fading Importance of Backwards Compatibility

MouseEatsCat writes:

"It won’t be long before the next generation of consoles will be in full swing and there are a lot of questions being thrown around about what we can expect. But more importantly we have people predicting what they think Sony and Microsoft might drop on us in regards to features of their new hardware and one of the more outspoken topics has been that of backwards compatibility. And it got me thinking: is backwards compatibility for the PS4 or new Xbox really that important?"

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Jadedz2002d ago

With older software.

After all; Blu-ray players play dvds.

miyamoto2002d ago

ps3 will coexist with ps4

get a ps3 if you want to play ps3 games its the most practical, less expensive solution to this issue

first1NFANTRY2002d ago (Edited 2002d ago )

As much as i would love for sony to include BC in the ps4, i'll still understand if it's not. I know one of the many reason why the original 60gig launch pS3 cost so much to produce was because of BC.

If sony feel they need to leave out BC on the ps4 in order to reach a more attractive price point then so be it take it out. I want sony to be like they where during the ps2 era (on top of the ball).

Besides it's not like we're all going to throw away out ps3's even if we do buy a ps4.

Rush2002d ago

Yep you need a high end processor just to emulate PS2 games well. To emulated PS3 games Sony would need to either develop the PS4 hardware on similar architecture or implement a side Cell processor purely for emulation which is costly.

You need around 10 times the power an old piece of hardware to emulate it correctly, with the PS2 processor this is doable with today's processors.

However I think even hex core I7's @4gthz each core would struggle giving 10 times the grunt of the cell.

dboyman2002d ago

If Sony offered a "Premium Deluxe PS4" SKU with the Cell/RSX included, I would pay extra for such a model. Not everyone has decent hsi to work well with Gaikai, especially in rural areas or countries with overall low broadband networks, or ISPs that force low data caps like many ISPs in Canada as an example...

soniqstylz2002d ago

On one of the forums someone noted that why not allow someone to stream PS3 games via Gaikai to a PS4, as long as you had the disc in the console.

No need for a Cell, no need for emulation, only need is a solid broadband internet.

Kyosuke_Sanada2002d ago

All I can say if any game console is snuffing Backwards Compatibility, it better have a damn great game line up that doesn't make me wish otherwise.

torchic2002d ago

why do people still hold on to this archaic concept?

I you want to play your PS3 games, keep your PS3, nobody said it was illegal to own both a PS3 and PS4 at the same time.

it would be convenient for the PS4 to have it all in one but damn, it's not really that bad if it doesn't.

Kratoscar20082002d ago

Thats becaus when a new console is released it should be an upgrade, considering how expensive consoles have become selling your old system should be an option.

rainslacker2002d ago

It's not an archaic concept. The PS2 was the first BC console to ever release. Then the PS3(on launch). Most new iterations of the Gameboy had at least one gen worth of BC.

It's just become expected, and it certainly is a nice feature to have. It also has several benefits for the companies as well...such as people still buying older games or trading in systems to buy the new version. Back before PS2, BC was never heard of or expected at all. People either kept their old systems, or moved on.

I know some people say what Kratos does, but eventually down the line they would be stuck in a prior gen, which may be OK for them. Others will either keep their current system and get the new, or just move on to the new shiny toy.

Lvl_up_gamer2002d ago

The only people BC is fading for are those who chose to stick with the Playstation brand.

The 720 will have BC and you will be able to play all your exclusives AND the HUGE library of multiplats released this gen on the system.

Would really suck to have such a huge PS3 library of games and you have to have your PS3 connected to your TV in order to play them. I console to play all your games on, from past gens to current gens. Can't wait for the 720.

MadMax2002d ago

Why on earth would you even wanna waste your time with another faulty Xbox? I will never trust nor buy another Xbox again!

rainslacker2002d ago

Why would it suck to keep one's PS3 connected to their TV? It's a pretty sleek system, and for early adopters it covers 3 gens worth of games. It may not be the most ideal set-up, but it's not the end of the world. Hell I have 7 consoles hooked up to my TV at the moment, although admittedly I am far from the norm.

Your making quite a few assumptions on the PS4 and 720's BC capabilities as well. You may be right, and arguably I could reason the same thing, but hold off your fervor so as not to seem like such a fan boy.

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