Microsoft Invests in the "Future of TV" on Xbox

The Xbox is no longer a simple games platform — it's an entertainment hub — and to support that trend, Microsoft has revealed new information about its Los Angeles-based studio focused on producing "true interactive content." The 125 person effort is being spearheaded by Nancy Tellem, former president of CBS Television Studios who joined the company last year, and will expand upon the company's ongoing efforts with live events, such as the interactive polls it utilized during the Academy Awards. The studio, Tellem says, will be integral to the company's strategy to "pioneering the future of TV," which will include over 40 new TV and movie apps coming to Xbox in the next year.

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Ghost_of_Tsushima1798d ago (Edited 1798d ago )

They used gamers to take over the living room with entertainment crap and let the gamers down especially hardcore gamers. Well Good job because I'll never support them again I got away went to Sony. Peace MS!:)

JoGam1798d ago

I was afraid of this. Honestly i really hope MS doesn't let down their gamers. This is where Sony will win the hearts of more gamers if MS drops the ball.

Red_Orange_Juice1798d ago (Edited 1798d ago )

probably 90% of next XBox will be about wont be even availaible outside of the US

Snookies121798d ago (Edited 1798d ago )

I agree, I really hope they don't disappoint their fans. Xbox may not be top of my list for gaming (that would be PC), however those that do prefer it don't deserve to be cheated out of gaming for a media device.

They HAVE to get in touch with the core crowd that got them where they are. At least give them some good stuff to look forward to. Hoping for a great next gen for all companies. :]

Gamer19821798d ago

MS sees a MASSIVE gap in the market right now. Everybody has a digital box of some sort whether it be cable/SKY/Tivo whatever and if they can provide that kind of content on there box while playing games? They could sell a ton of boxes. In theory anyway. However gamers are less likely to buy there consoles because of this as the games side of development will take the hit here.

They force Kinect on top of it? I think MS could be in for a rude awakening from gamers at least. Only casuals would be interested and then the price would be a key factor..

Septic1798d ago

I think E3 will make it very clear what MS' intentions really are.

But the rumours and early signs don't paint a good picture as far as the Nextbox and core gamers are concerned.

However, you never know, MS could surprise us all and finally put RARE to good use and show us some core titles. It's all speculation at this point.

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Jadedz1798d ago (Edited 1798d ago )

Is business suicide in this day and age. You kinda have to be the, ''Jack of all trades'' now more than ever. Tablets and Smart phones are threaten the gaming market everyday, because technology gets better and newer models (Tablets and Smart phones) are released annually.

Smart tv's are migrating their way into homes, and developers are branching out their titles to the Ios/Android markets.

I remember when arcade machines were ''da ish'' back in the day. Things change, so it only normal to expect N/MS/S to adapt or they'll be owners of a much smaller gaming market.

deadfrag1798d ago (Edited 1798d ago )

One thing M$ IS FORGETING is that 99% of this apps is for US market,and im pretty sure that they will loss plenty of Europeans fans by neglecting them!"pioneering the future of TV," in US!They are really thinking EU gamers will pick a new xbox without games...or that europeans are stupid and are going to pay for a new xbox for M$ to get the money in the bank and invest in apps for the US market.I dont think;thats why Sony PS4 is the console to get NEXT even for Europeans xbox supporters!Sony will give us what we want GAMES, and even Nintendo Wii u is a better pick FOR european consumers than the next xbox.

kudakadere1798d ago (Edited 1798d ago )

Here in Europe is actually quite expensive to get set-top boxes for bedroom etc , the 360 has proved useful with skygo personally , i can game on fifa then switch to real football when i feel like it . In my opinion their not narrowing the market to just casual gamers instead their wideing it to nearly everyone so that you can use it how you feel , you have a choice .

kudakadere1798d ago

I live in Europe can anyone please tell me this 99% Im missing out on , I'd honestly want to know .

Jek_Porkins1798d ago

You basically said exactly what I was going to say, Microsoft has the money to offer a full entertainment experience without it hurting gamers.

Yesterday I made a comment in an article about how the PS4 was going to be heavily integrated with social networks, apps like Youtube ect.. All the Sony fans were in favor of it, yet if Sony were to advertise the PS4 for it's apps, it'd be the greatest thing ever, not so for Microsoft though apparently.

Sony is going to try and capture the entire audience just like Microsoft and Nintendo. I truly believe that people think Sony never tried to get anyone but so called "core" gamers? I mean that is kind of deluded thinking.

Look back to the PS1, a huge reason it was so popular was because it offered a variety of games and genres everyone could enjoy, it also had a CD player, a lot of casuals got into the PS1 because they could play CD's with it too.

Look to the PS2, it had great third party support, was affordable, had variety and a DVD player, the cheapest DVD player around! Obviously there is a huge group of PS2 owners who bought it just for that, those aren't core gamers. Sony has NEVER marketed their consoles to just one type of gamer.

With the PS3 they tried to attract casuals with Move, and they tried to get the family gamers back, the ones they had with the PS1/PS2, the ones Nintendo took, you can tell late in the PS3's life with titles like LBP Karting and PS All Stars and Wonderbook, they are trying to capture that whole group of gamers.

Microsoft is successful and is a business, they have to know the type of gamer that adopts early. I am not sure how ignorant some of the people on this site can be, but they are only lying to themselves if they think Microsoft isn't going to come out with guns firing.

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caseh1798d ago

Tired of hearing this crap about them not catering for 'hardcore gamers'.

You still get EVERYTHING available on PS3/Wii with the exception of exclusive releases.

The day EA, Activision or any other 3rd parties with huge profiles move away from a platform is the day you should be worried, until then try to stfu.

juandren1798d ago

Your comment makes you sound like an idiot (I'm not calling you one so don't try to report me). What you should say is "On Wii U/PS3 you get all the games that the Xbox has, PLUS more". Why would anybody pay for less?

caseh1798d ago (Edited 1798d ago )

Why would I bother reporting you, as if I give a toss.

The real idiots here are the people who call themselves 'hardcore gamers' when they are in reality, mainstream gamers...the CORE audience. Somehow core has become hardcore, there ain't f*ck all hardcore about playing CoD and Fifa with 12yr olds online.

Anyway I digress, point stated; MS don't omit any gaming titles despite adding crap like Kinect and 10,001 TV channels. Something 99.9% of people seem to overlook.

Gamer19821798d ago

"with the exception of exclusive releases" You hit the head there didnt you? Why buy an xbox over a PS if not for the exclusives? You buy it for netflix? I don't think so. If you do then epic fail man.. Especially as you said hardcore gamers in the same comment. Hardcore gamers care about the games and Sony seems to be leading the pack on this right now.

Thats the issue here MS seems to be happy with lowering the amount of exclusives and catering for the casuals. Trying to tap into that wii market again. It didn't work with Kinect (although they did sell well). I don't think its gonna work here either. With MS funding games could be HUGE on Xbox. Look what they did with Halo turned your average scifi shooter into a game everybody talks about. In reality its no better than the other 5 million FPS but with the backing and advertising MS put behind it they make you feel its something special.

Something Sony cannot do for there games even ones that truly are special like Uncharted.

nirwanda1798d ago

@jadedz i have a tablet, a smart tv, and a very good phone, my tv is my hub and everything can be thrown to it.
I use my 360 as a music player but i don't want or need it to do anything else as all my other things have that covered.
If i want to use the internet its a quick press on my phone or tablet.
Why would i want to vote on tv programs its just silly.
Although i was impressed as was my daughter with kinect sesame street.

If ms go away from games i will be buying a playstation this time as i want a games machine to be the best gsmes machine

Chaostar1798d ago

This is where I'm at also, I can't see a point in having tv and various other apps that I already have built into my tv.

I don't know exactly how it works in the US but here in the UK you get a cable/sky box free when you pay for a subscription. I'm with virgin media (for their 120mb broadband) I got a free tivo box that records all my shows among other cool media features. It's 'always on' so I'm nit going to turn on my xbox as well just to do the same things.

MS are going to have to offer me something special to make me drop the convenience already offered by my existing setup.

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shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1798d ago (Edited 1798d ago )

lol Doesn't matter million of gamers will support this and defend it and even pay extra for it.

M$ is really the apple of gaming but trying to be apple. This is why windows 8 s failing like Gabe Newell said it would.

It's selling worse than vista.

This is what xbox gamers want and support so good for them.

Between this


and this

xbox will still be the best gaming console to a lot of people.

Plus paying for multi player.

And now 40 new media apps? Not 40 new games?

I like that kinect is coming day 1! I want to see what happens to xbox as a home console and wonder if e3 will be mostly media.

Anyway I expect xbox 720 to be always online like a tablet, window 8 style UI or just modified windows 8 on it & kinect used for navigation(Hence the rumor of kinect needed to be connected).

Sony can add almost any feature without worrying about hardware limitation over time by using the cloud.

Next gen is super interesting already.

I think sony will go out of their way to show people ps4 can do everything but is a game machine first.

Also how did MS let bungie make multi plat games? They let their biggest developers ever make multiplat games? I thought they would have bought them.

Anyway never stop playing.

Christopher1798d ago

My only issue is if these are all going to be individual apps, that's going to be more work for people. Sure, you have all these possibilities, but who's going to keep up with what is on what?

What they need to be doing is working on a way to centralize each of these apps in a manner that people can search for what they want and get the app that provides it as well as a hub that highlights each apps current offerings.

AngelicIceDiamond1798d ago

@Kratos Well MS doesn't need you, nor few 100 of other fanboys support to be successful next gen.

Lol what's a few 100 fanboys compared to millions and millions of hardcore Xbox gamers?

MS will survive with you, just like how Sony survived with out its original adopters at the start of the gen.

K1SSMYAZZ1797d ago

Microsoft's reply to this....meh!

hardcore gamers....idk, but there is no doubt that Microsoft being ahead of Sony in a vision much different then Sony, will dominate what they will set out to do. Til this day Microsoft is still the a step ahead of Sony in overall entertainment.

i believe they won't have as much exclusives (no what they're trying to pursue anymore), but they will have the best multiplatform games and the best entertainment system.

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Axonometri1798d ago

Lost me... It would take some serious changes and extremely impressive innovation to even make me think of buying another Xbox product.

Even then, I have a really taint taste in my mouth from the joke that is the current Xbox slim Kinect console. I have no clue why people are still buying the thing. Are MS even interested in gaming any more?

andibandit1798d ago

If the next xbox takes off like a rocket and gets a huuge userbase, you know game publishers will follow them likes flies to ****, and force their developers to develop for it.
Why try to wrestle with publishers and game developers to try to keep them exclusive, if you're sooo big, that they simply cant afford not to develop for your platform.

This would convince me to get another xbox.

Axonometri1798d ago

It won't make a bit of difference if the games suck a$$ and are not actually games that people want to play. A game console is supposed to be just that. All this social BS and connectivity Honkey is not what a game console is suppose to be.

It is about Games. Period.

StrongMan1798d ago (Edited 1798d ago )

MS have completely abandoned the hardcore that made the Xbox what it WAS. This will come back and bite them in the butt next gen. They keep pushing Kinect games that don't sell so you would think they'd learn their lesson by now.

abzdine1798d ago

the problem isn't that kinect games sell or do not sell, it's about the quality. i have more fun playing a SEGA Superstar EyeToy game than any Kinect game cause the recognition is broken and is so frustrating.

man those DBZ Kinect and Sonic Racing Kinect are the worst motion controlled games i've ever seen. but pigeons will always follow

K1SSMYAZZ1797d ago

Actually no it will not mess them up. Microsoft has made the gaming industry much bigger by inviting all facets of ages to play games together and have fun doing it (Kinect). My grand father use to hate us playing games, now he himself is up and playing and would always ask us to play with him...-_-

So give Microsoft it's props where props due. There are more gamers out there today then hc gamers.

urwifeminder1798d ago

Day one for me love to be entertained.

fooltheman1798d ago

Entertainment should benefit gaming, not abandoning gaming.

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