Don’t Blame Journalists For Aliens: Colonial Marines Being Terrible

Gaming Blend wrote: "Aliens: Colonial Marines is widely perceived as a disappointment. This weekend, we published an editorial that accused the press of misleading the public about the game, of collaborating with publisher and developers in this effort. This was a mistake."

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ShugaCane1976d ago

Journalists didn't develop the game, they just fueled the hype, accidentaly or purposedly. It's up to the gamers to either blindly buy the hype or remain cautious. Latest previews and hands-on were a lot less enthusiastic than the early ones. Plus, the game suffered from a chaotic development. There were lots of elements that could give us an insight of the quality of the final game.

EvilCackle1976d ago

"It's up to the gamers to either blindly buy the hype or remain cautious."

Pretty much this. At the end of the day, it's up to the gamer to do their research and decide what's worth their money. If they're at all skeptical, they shouldn't pre-order.

toxic-inferno1976d ago


While the journalists are not to blame for the quality of the game, they are partially to blame for hyping a game up that they clearly had very little knowledge about that extended further than a year-old demo.

And after playing through some of the game, I have to say it is certainly not awful. Definitely not going to go down as one of the greatest games of all time, but it is certainly playable.