The Future of MMOs

Examining the features that will make the next generation of MMOs better than ever.

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Magnagamer2221951d ago

'Cross Platform Integration' is way overdue! You would think that this would have been an industry standard. It suits the interests of the gaming Industry.

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Conzul1951d ago

MMOs need more flawless animation for me to get interested. It needs to look as fluid as a major SP campaign, not that sh!t with people bonking eachother with hammers from ten feet apart that *clearly* aren't making contact.

gamerlive1951d ago

I'm looking forward to Defiance.

MysticStrummer1951d ago

Indeed. Reserved and hoping for a PS3 beta code. Destiny sounds very cool also. I wish Sony would finish The Agency.

3-4-51951d ago

The Future of MMO's are Free Non-subscription based games that mix different genre's together.

ATi_Elite1951d ago

as a PC Gamer I have already seen the future and the future is GREAT!

MMO's bring SP and MP together perfectly under one game.

Looking forward to Star Citizen as it promises to evolve the MMO Genre even further!

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