Crysis 3 - PC Graphics Comparison [Low, Medium, High, Very High]

DSOGaming writes: "Crysis 3 has been unlocked on various regions and PC gamers have already put Crytek’s latest FPS title to the test. YouTube’s member ‘ResetLoad’ has made a comparison between the various graphical preset options."

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Pandamobile2003d ago

Christ, that still looks better than 95% of games of the last 2 years on low settings.

ritsuka6662003d ago (Edited 2003d ago )

Still Crysis 3 better than all exclusives PS3 games in low specs =^^=

Anyway, i can't wait for play this game.. looks better than Crysis 2 for sure.

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Letros2003d ago (Edited 2003d ago )

lol KZ2 that game was a pile of mediocrity

classic2002003d ago

Too bad it its not as good as any PS3 game or even the original crysis. This game is a fun tech demo but its still a good game but nothing special.

Most PC gamers already dislike cryteck for crysis 2

Pandamobile2003d ago


You haven't played the game, so don't be so quick do dismiss it as a tech demo. Every Crysis game so far has been stellar (yes, even though Crysis 2 was a bit of a departure from the first it was still, overall a very solid game). The third installment is shaping up quite well too, with more emphasis on what made Crysis 1 awesome (large, open-ended levels and dynamic gameplay).

Stop talking out of your ass.

cpayne932003d ago

@Letros Killzone 2 was one of the best shooters this gen. Considering the critical and consumer reception, I would say there aren't many people who agree with you.

deadfrag2003d ago (Edited 2003d ago )

Another great graphic tech demo,but a piece of crap of a game in the gameplay department!

llMurcielagoll2003d ago (Edited 2003d ago )


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ZoyosJD2003d ago

Minimum requirements are the 400 or equivalent series which wasn't even available till 2010 and yet console hardware from 2005 can run it just fine.

Five years of advancement in PC tech only to be on par with consoles. Not exactly efficient.

Maybe you should consider the implications of how that effects a standardized hardware format that could be unveiled any time now...

Pandamobile2003d ago

The PC version uses DX11, and DX11 cards have been around for 4 years, so the console versions are below PC low settings and are locked at 720p and 30 FPS. Running the game at 1080p already requires 2x more computation power than what consoles are capable of. I'm really not sure what exactly you're trying prove here besides your very limited knowledge of computer hardware.

landog2002d ago (Edited 2002d ago )


if you consider sub hd, covered in jaggies, screen tearing, low res textures and awful performance to be as you put it

"console hardware from 2005 can run it just fine"

i would not call that fine, i'd call that chocking on tech it cannot handle like nearly all console games from the last 5 years, resolutions are dipping lower and lower, anti aliasaing is almost never used, or its some awful blur filter after effect, performance is tanking

the truth is, every major multiplat game on console is just the pc version at the LOWEST possible settings, with draw distance reduced, no anti aliasing, no dynamic shadows, no ssao, nothing

Sarcasm2003d ago

Definitely more polished looking than the Beta.

ZoyosJD2003d ago

Your not proving your point well, as DX 10 and 11 features have been implemented on the DX9 cards on consoles. Lighting, motion blur, depth of feild, wet and refective serfaces, tesselation. Any reasonable 2005 pc wouldn't even run crysis 2 720p30fps even in DX9 mode, yet consoles can handle crysis 3 with DX 11 features. The only noticable difference you'll see is FPS and resolution and only if you have a GTX460 or higher card. And 2x the power is 18 months, not 5 years of technological development. Where does 3.5 years of progess go? Face the facts, this game would be a 5 min strees test for a bottom of the barrel 2009 DX 11 GPU in 1080p at anything above low.

I'm not saying that the extra cash for a new card and 5 year wait is not worth it for some like yourself, but the only thing your proving is your resolve to ignore how extensive console coding optimization plays a role in their longevity and reasonable pricing per performance.

DomceM2003d ago

Zoyos leave the tech talk to the big boys. ok?

So much misinformation in that post and flawed thinking that its pointless to even get into it.

Autodidactdystopia2002d ago

you know that you can tesselate using a cell phone processor right?

the difference is all of those features you just mentioned are Hardware accelerated, meaning that it was designed to run those effects and 100s of times faster using compute shader hardware tesselators, more rop's, for addressing higher resolutions, and upwards of 1000 cuda/stream cores to do it with.

not to mention the raw clock speed advantage.

DoomeDx2002d ago

I dont get this guy.
Hes moving and running around in all direction to compare graphics..

Why not stand still, and transit to the other settings..

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PS4isKing_822003d ago

@letros crisis is the definition of mediocrity.

Graphics is all it has going for it.
Ps3's worst game is better than all 3 crisis games combined.

Pc nerds and their graphics lol

ExCest2003d ago

Woah, way to bring personal insults to the equation you stupid idiot.

Eldyraen2003d ago

Surely someone with that name and icon wouldn't be a bit biased...

edgeofsins2003d ago

The first Crysis has very fun gameplay. It isn't all about the graphics. Customize your gun in real time, awesome physics, grab people and use super strength to throw them far, etcetera. The 2nd wasn't terrible but it didn't feel that fun to me.

Elem1872000d ago

If gameplay matters, then why do you play a ps3 and not a Nintendo?

Nintendo is by far the most creative and innovative company when it comes to gameplay.... PC has the eye candy and Nintendo has the gameplay.

What is the reason people buy Playstations and XBox's?? console fangirls say its because the graphics are better.... Not from my vantage point.

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floetry1012003d ago

Looks like DX11 has officially arrived.

Dat low setting.

Thefreeman0122003d ago

I don't know what half of those effects mean but it's a shame that crysis isn't an open world game like Gary cry other wise I'd be sold.

Bathyj2003d ago

You shouldnt let that deter you.

Farcry 3 is a great game but it doesnt mean all games should be open world. You can run around for 10 minutes before you bump into 4 guys, kill them in 30 seconds then go on another hike to find more.

Not knocking the game, I loved it, just saying there is room for 2 schools of thought.

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