Sessler's ...Something : 5 Small Requests for the Next Generation of Games

Rev;This week on Sessler's ...Something, Adam looks ahead to the next generation of games, and shares his 5 (small) requests for the game designers of the future. What do YOU want to see changed in games.

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SolDojo1976d ago

Perhaps the G4 of old, or even Tech TV, but the G4 that Adam ran screaming from, most of the viewers ran screaming from as well.

There was never any way to compare Adam leading "Feedback" to any of the new hosts. Adam WAS G4Tv for all intents and purposes, and his decision to leave only represented much broader problems that we have only recently seen the true nature of. (That being the death of the entire G4TV brand at the hands of black suits who care nothing for games and everything for television ratings...)

WeAreLegion1976d ago

According to Adam, he was fired.

SolDojo1976d ago

Wow, really highlighting the sheer inability of CBS or whoever to understand their audience.

I honestly had no idea, and was extremely sad when he departed G4TV, feeling that the show "feedback" was nothing without him. It boggles my mind to think he was fired, but thank whoever you pray to that he found a great new home, and is helping Rev3 really get some new viewers.

SilentNegotiator1975d ago

He was one of the highest paid people at a dying company. Of course he was fired.

RickHiggity1976d ago

You're going to miss Cops and Cheaters?

3-4-51976d ago

Same here. Sess & Kevin were always good to watch / listen to because they actually care and seem to " get it" when it comes to gaming.

They aren't always 100% correct but they understand the industry and games better than many.

WeAreLegion1976d ago

Why can't I see the video?

FunAndGun1976d ago

Oops, your ad-blocker detector is on!

Cerberus291976d ago

Good to see Sessler doing something after leaving that train wreck that was G4

LondonMediaOS1976d ago

I just wanna see REAL JRPG, like traditional Final Fantasy. I just want my favorite genre back..

Asuka1976d ago

this gen we had:

ff13-3(soon to be)

basically, imo we haven't had a single decent ff game or a resident evil game. If there was one thing that made this past gen feel empty to me, its the lack of those quality games. Otherwise, its been a great gen.

DEATHxTHExKIDx1976d ago

Have u ever played Lost odyssey?

LondonMediaOS1975d ago

I have, but my point is there was a serge of JRPG's last generation and it seems like they have now become a thing in the past.