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What if PlayStation 4 Is Not Announced this Week?

Tynan Muddle at Aussie-Gamer.com says; "The entire internet is abuzz with speculation, rumour-mongering and old fashioned hype that Sony will unveil the mythical PlayStation 4 this week.

But what if they don’t?" (PS4, Sony)

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jay2  +   711d ago
I've approved. but I don't think all this hype for these.
shivvy24  +   710d ago
if its not announced i will go drive up a cliff , push my car down the cliff, throw my cat down then ill jump off a cliff !
ylwzx3  +   710d ago
I just told them to not announce it. :-P
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egidem  +   710d ago
If they don't announce it in 2 days, Sony would instantly become the biggest troll of the century! XD

Correction: If they don't announce it tomorrow!
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Red_Orange_Juice  +   710d ago
it will be announced ok, enough with the "what if's"
inveni0  +   710d ago
"What if PlayStation 4 is not announced this week?"

You shut your mouth, sir... ...shut it right up.
Septic  +   710d ago
I'm gonna look like an idiot at work if it isn't announced.

Anyone know what time the reveal is?
Daver  +   710d ago

6pm east
badz149  +   710d ago
The internet will implode with disappointment!
Tr10wn  +   710d ago
N4G isn't the internet.
badz149  +   710d ago
last time I checked
N4G is not the only website where people talk about games! You really think other websites will just be doing nothing if there is no PS4 on show tomorrow? There will be an outrage all over the internet for sure
showtimefolks  +   710d ago
It's ps4 just look at all the playstation classic videos made by Sony for ps1-2-3 and now psp and vita.

It's ps4 and it's gonna be announced on february 24th and if vita's event in Japan is any indication than expect a lot of game reveals.

UBI will be on stage
EA will be on stage
Activision might be on stage to show next gen COD(COD has been dropping in sales this current COD sold 10% less than last so activision will be looking to spark some interest)

Destiny maybe revealed for ps4 with some gameplay but there is a 10% chance of that happening

I hope last guardian is not only shown but it's playable and Sony will say it point blank IT WILL LAUNCH WITH PS4 DAY 1
HITANDRUN  +   710d ago
Well admirers of sony product like myself will be fine and just laughed. With the same token most of the sony trolls here in N4G SONY LAND will probably insert their fingers were they dont belong, cursed, be outrage, and start a war of integrity. Lets hope sony announced it or the sony trolls will make the apocalipse come early.
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yeahokchief  +   710d ago
Uh.. you can be pretty sure after they post consecutive videos titled PS1, PS2, PS3, PS Handheld on their youtube each day leading up to 2.20 that they're going to announce the PS4 tomorrow. lol if they didn't they'd be the ultimate trolls.

How would i react? I'd be cool with it. Going to be plenty busy with my pS3 this year and i don't like burning money. I don't plan on buying a PS4 until 2014 probably when it gets a price cut. i buy consoles for the games and my ps3 will have plenty this year.

Games that prompted me to pick up my Playstations:
PS1- for Resident Evil 1
PS2- i cant remember. i have so many...
PS3- GTA IV and in anticipation of God of War 3

Now if Sony were to announce something about the PS4 running PS3 games better somehow or if they had a truly killer lineup hidden all this time... Then maybe i'd pick one up in January next year =) Really it all depends on how much of my life i devote to GTA V because im going to play the hell out of that game.
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PersonMan  +   710d ago
Just go out and get God of War 3 right now. Why are you waiting?
hellvaguy  +   710d ago
I wouldn't be too surprised if they changed their minds on the 20th announcement. I mean afterall, they strung us along believing the ps3 wouldn't be replaced for 10 years.
NeoTribe  +   710d ago
You got it wrong my friend. They say that they support there consoles for ten years each. Why do you think when ps3 came out they were still supporting ps2 till its tenth year.
GribbleGrunger  +   710d ago
If the PS4 is NOT announced tomorrow then this will go down as the biggest mistake Sony have ever made in the history of Playstation. They've had weeks to deny this and to set the records straight, but not a single word of denial has appeared. It HAS to be.
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NYC_Gamer  +   711d ago
The PS4 will be announced on the 20th
ArmGunar  +   711d ago
PS4 will be announced !

The videos of " Evolution of Playstation " aren't here to decorate Internet :P
LOGICWINS  +   711d ago
If the PS4 isn't announced on the 20th, it would be a disservice to diehard Sony fans. Those videos imply the next step in Playstation gaming is upon us.

As for me, I'm more concerned with Vita and Gaikai.
WeskerChildReborned  +   710d ago
Lol you're acting as if Sony really did confirm it, they've been on hush but it's not like they are obligated to show it on the 20th, also all of this have basically been rumors. I'm not saying i doubt it will be shown, i'm just saying that even if Sony didn't show it, i wouldn't get mad cause they never promised it or even confirmed anything.
LOGICWINS  +   710d ago
I never said they "promised" or "confirmed" anything. But they are IMPLYING the next step in Playstation gaming.
Realplaya  +   710d ago
They will announce Gaikai. it's there evolution.
LOGICWINS  +   711d ago
"What if PlayStation 4 Is Not Announced this Week?"

Then its not announced this week. Not a big deal. With Ascension, The Last of Us, GTAV, Tomb Raider, Bioshock: Infinite coming out this year, I don't need a PS4 anytime in the near future.
WitWolfy  +   710d ago
Finally someone who speaks sense!
Tr10wn  +   710d ago
Amen to that, beside they better keep their word and let MS announce first, that way they keep their word and hopefully make a better console than them, now that i move to PC i really don't care for the 360 or the PS3 i wanna know what's in store for the 720/PS4 to attract the PC Gamers back to consoles.
Lucreto  +   711d ago
If it is not announced?

The gaming media would be in trouble for hyping up an non event. Article after article from sites like edge and IGN hyping up the PS4.

The media know it is the PS4. I am sure they have all their info packs. These are all articles to hype up and get traffic to their sites and hope you watch from their site on Wednesday.

Gametrailers have different video up each day about the PS4.
LOGICWINS  +   711d ago
"The gaming media would be in trouble for hyping up an non event."

Ummm no, Sonys in trouble. They've been hyping up the PS4 announcement with those evolution videos.
Lucreto  +   711d ago
They will I counted 6 articles from IGN. 4 or 5 from Gametrailers and many more froom other sites.

Sony started the fire but the media are fanning the flames.
LOGICWINS  +   711d ago
"Sony started the fire but the media are fanning the flames."

Ummm yeah, maybe because its their job? I'm not understanding what point your trying to make.

EVERY gaming news site is hyping the PS4(N4G included). THATS how these sites gain popularity and grow. Again, what exactly is your point?
vickers500  +   710d ago
Sony is also quietly standing over the flames with the biggest extinguisher ever, not doing anything.

If the ps4 doesn't get announced on the 20th, then it will be both the medias and sonys fault. Sony could crush the rumor with a single tweet, yet they have chosen not to, which means one of two things: they are desperate to bring hype and attention to something that isn't the ps4, so much so that they would go on and let people believe a lie (not told by them, but still), OR the ps4 will be announced, which it will be.

Sony would be the biggest trolls ever to not announce the ps4 on the 20th, people would be furious at them for not denying it.
Bathyj  +   710d ago
I think his point is it doesnt matter how many people scream PS4, Sony themselves have never hyped PS4 or even acknowledged that it exists.

But Vickers is right, its the medias fault (and ours) for running with this ball so wildly, but it would be Sonys fault as well if its not being announced for not saying, hey fellas, your jumping to conclusions.

But I dont think Sonys that dumb, the backlash now would be something they'd never recover from, it would have very real consequences in the real world, like share prices plummeting for example, or just simply losing customers for life. (People seem to hold a grudge around here.)

No, the only sensible explanation is that the 2oth is going to be what we all think it will be. I mean, it has to be, right?
mandf  +   711d ago
Cool if they announce cool if they don't They are releasing something so hopefully it's something I would like or use.
clarkbariowa  +   710d ago
I think everyone overlooked that they can stream PS3 and Possibly PS4 games to the Vita using Gaikai. This might be one major part of their announcement. Hopefully PS4 is the other. I am sick of old technology. The next iPad will be more powerful than PS3. Add airplay and a controller and Apple takes down both Sony and MS.
extermin8or  +   710d ago
not using gaikai- not for the ps4 games anyway,remote play seems likely as IT CAN be done- but remote paly will be how they do it so you actually have to buy a ps4 :P a device they need because the internet infrastructure isn't up to digital only- neither is it up to streaming; and streamed games have limitations on fps and how clear they look most of the time anyway and no apple really don't they don't have anythign that can trump games like uncharted, gran turismo, forza, halo etc...
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extermin8or  +   710d ago
It will be announced sony would've denied all the hype if it wasn't going to be- would be bloody funny if it wasn't although sony might find itself subjected to alot of ill will :p Anyway I'm so Hyped for this news, I hope they give a projected release date for each territoryy (please UK and europe this year...) and tell us pricing not make us wait till E3/gamescom :(
smashcrashbash  +   710d ago
Okay first of all clarkbariowa stop the Apple @$$ licking.And second of all there have been too many rumors from reliable sources with no denial from sony.They would never have let it go so far without some sort of statement from someone. Are you telling me that with all the leaks no one leaked that the PS4 doesn't exist.I mean even the developers are claiming they have games in progress for next gen.If there was no PS4 you would think at least they would have indicated that it won't be happening for a long time. And like I said before Sony would not spend all this money to announce Gaikai.Anything they announce that is below a PS4 could have been announced online on their blog or on a game site or waited until E3 and saved money.It's not just a price drop or a VITA change or a game or Gaikai.Any of those things by themselves could have been announced normally without press or investors or a giant building that holds thousands of people.They will most likely be part of the show but a PS4 is definitely teh main event.Sony has no time to be wasting money now and wouldn't have done so unless it was something huge. Gaikai is not that huge.We all know what Gaikai is. Nothing has ever had such a huge amount of rumors and confirmations and not been true.If it were fake someone would have said it by now.If people can get leak the info about a PS4 existing don't you think someone would also be able to leak if it was a fake?
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jacksheen0000  +   710d ago
I would be very upset.
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pr0t0typeknuckles  +   710d ago
1-it will be very strange expecially when you see how sony has been releasing evolution of playstation trailers.
2-i will be sad, but i wont be pissed, ive seen enough dissapointments from fthis generation already(ubisoft not giving one F about prince of persia,capcom,etc...)ohh but if the ps4 for some reason isnt even teased then the fanboy wars will be entertaining at least.
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ziggurcat  +   710d ago
"1-it will be very strange expecially when you see how sony has been releasing evolution of playstation trailers. "

none of those trailers even remotely prove that they're going to announce the next playstation. it's an illogical conclusion to assume that they will.
pr0t0typeknuckles  +   710d ago
okay then explain to me why they would even release the trailers,its an illogical assumption conclusion for you to say that, when you realise that sony has been known to make trailers or videos for announcements, lets not forget the jabs theve been dishing out towards nintendo and microsoft, so please explain to me why you think its an illogical conclusion for me and everyone on the internet to believe those videos are clues for ps4 being announced on wednsday,ill be waiting.
PockyKing  +   710d ago
Then the next Xbox will be announced next week cause of all the hype surrounding next-gen lol.
mamotte  +   710d ago
Everyone will laugh at Pachter.

As always.
BLAKHOODe  +   710d ago
Prototypes of the PS4 have already been played by journalist and industry insiders.. it's reveal on the 20th is a GUARANTEE.
BLKxSEPTEMBER  +   710d ago
Nothing is a guarantee. The world could end before the 20th...
TheOneEyedHound  +   710d ago
I'll let the load dry on this comment.
Zodiac  +   710d ago
What if this is an announcement that announces when they will announce a plan to announce another announcment that will announce that a PS4 announcement will be announced in a a future announcement during another announcement that won't be announcement until a future announcement?
Kingthrash360  +   710d ago
That comment was an announcement within itself.
ILive  +   710d ago
Dude, that was hilarious!
majiebeast  +   710d ago
They are gonna rent a space that can hold 1200 people and not announce the ps3 yeah i doubt it.
Kingthrash360  +   710d ago
"They are announcing the ps3!" .....is what I said 8 years ago......

Other than typo ...great point.
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TheOneEyedHound  +   710d ago
I hope you're right and they announce the "Ps3"
GoldenElf  +   710d ago
They very well might announce PlayStation 4, but remember, Sony have fallen on harsh times recently in terms of revenue and profit. Note I said "SONY" which is different to "PLAYSTATION".

So, if Sony need to hype something up, even a small announcement (or an announcement that isn't PS4) to garner support and hype, then I don't see why they couldn't hire a 1,200 seated room to show off a product that isn't PS4.

For example, they might be wanted to hype up those 3D visors as the "next big thing" for PS3.
ILive  +   710d ago
NO, just no.
BLKxSEPTEMBER  +   710d ago
I'm sure I'll live if they don't...
Plagasx  +   710d ago
I'm going to punch a baby.
Y_5150  +   710d ago
I'll be sitting in a corner crying, eating ice cream.
BitbyDeath  +   710d ago
Probably only be postponed for some sort of national disaster in which case we'd have bigger concerns... like zombies
TheOneEyedHound  +   710d ago
I'll shoot a hot load, on my lap top screen and scroll down all the articals where you guys are dying of excitement.
Kingthrash360  +   710d ago
Then showing the documentarys of ps1&2 (and most likely ps3 tomorrow) would make it confusing. ..doncha think. .....
BitbyDeath  +   710d ago
PS3 vid had already come out 2 days ago.


Handhelds vid was today

HeavenlySnipes  +   710d ago
Would be the biggest trolling event in all of media
Relientk77  +   710d ago
Then the world would explode
tweet75  +   710d ago
i think it may be a very public confirmation the ps4 will be coming maybe even show the console and some game footage but not alot. Most of the focus will be on upcoming ps3 games and a VITA model
ILive  +   710d ago
Did anyone see the playstation meeting for the vita conference? They did not show any PS3 games. They talked about the future of playstation, and the services they will be providing. Afterwards, they announced the PS vita, and proceed to show off games that will be on the handheld and how they will function with its control options. If they follow this same pattern, they will talk about gaika, and how it will be integrated in all the platforms. Then they will announce the PS4, showing games and how the new controller will enhance gameplay. They could always announce price drops and such without an event like this.
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brother_zero  +   710d ago
What if I tried to somehow make a pathetic career out of writing pointless articles about things that might not happen?

I really hope to god most of the people shitting out worthless "articles" that show up here don't actually make a dime for wasting everyone's time with their blubbering horseshit.
GoldenElf  +   710d ago
Then you'd be making money on making stupid comments like that one.

What could possibly be wrong with that?
WitWolfy  +   710d ago
I wouldn't be disapointed because SONY did say they wanted MS to make the first move after all..
ceballos77mx  +   710d ago
I read that too, then they announced this event, if they do show the ps4 then they've trolled MS big time.
DivineAssault  +   710d ago
ill start crying
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