Why is the Wii U struggling and can Nintendo fix it?

Nintendo’s latest console appears to be floundering three months after release. And the competition will only get stiffer.

The announcement that Rayman Legends has been delayed until September, as well as losing its status as a Wii U exclusive, has reinforced the impression that Nintendo have botched the launch of their latest console.

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Monalouise2008d ago ShowReplies(5)
Monalouise2008d ago

...and I'll fight anyone who says otherwise

fredakinlale22008d ago

You're taking the obvious, shitty line that everyone takes towards new consoles these days;
Well done..

Monalouise2008d ago

The hive mind everywhere will be on my side after the Sony announcement next week, but thanks :)

gamer422008d ago

Next week? I thought it was on Wednesday, or is there one I didn't here about?

fredakinlale22008d ago

Time will tell-I just think it's a bit early to say. Some great games are on thier way

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The story is too old to be commented.