Why is the Nintendo Wii U or Wii U Games Not Selling?

Possible reasoning of why the Wii U has not been selling well.

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solidt121950d ago

Because most people have a PS3, Xbox360, or both and they already played most of the Wii U launch titles that are for the core. Once the software starts rolling in sales should pick up.

Army_of_Darkness1950d ago (Edited 1950d ago )

So I'm not surprised that the wiiu isn't doing as good as they thought assuming nintendo was expecting the core gamers to flock right back to them with an updated wiiHD. Guess they were wrong....

Same gaming experience for multiplat games, but on a pricier console?! No thanks.

PopRocks3591950d ago

@Army of Darkness

Looking at the sales figures I think that's because the core gamers ditched Nintendo during the N64 and GCN eras.

Also Need for Speed on Wii U looks more like the PC build than the 360/PS3 versions, so no, not all multiplatform games are guaranteed to be the same.

3-4-51950d ago

Exactly. They have already announced multiple games that will sell 2+ million copies including:

* Mario Kart U - 2-3 Million +

* 3D Mario U - 5 Million +

* Yoshi's Yarn - 500k +

* Super Smash Brothers - 5 Million +

* Fire Emblem X SMT - 500k-1.5 Million +

* Monoliths game - 500k +

There are games coming...but we must be patient.

Look at the took a while but now they are releasing at a more constant rate.

MaxXAttaxX1950d ago (Edited 1950d ago )

Core gamers ditched Nintendo during the N64 and GC era because Nintendo was stuck and continues to be stuck in their own ideals, while systems like the PS1 pushed forward what we know today as modern gaming to the masses.

The Wii sold incredibly well because all of the marketing surrounding it was aimed at a casual audience. The NOVELTY of motion controls is what sold the Wii. Without motion controls, the Wii would have sold no more than the GameCube did, which was somewhere in the 20 million range.

The Nintendo fanbase is a lot smaller than some people would like to think and Nintendo knows that after the N64 and GC. It is why they used a gimmick(or novelty feature) like the Wii remote and targeted a different audience.
They're trying to do the same with the Wii U and the gamepad, but I'm not sure it has the same appeal and impact as the original Wii did. Also because adding a "U" after "Wii" was a dumb decision. Kinda like DS Lite, DSi, etc were all just different versions of the same system, the average consumer looks at it and says "oh so it's a Wii with touchscreen" and don't think much else of it.
And if you look at multiplatform games like Mass Effect and Batman, people that wanted to play those games either already did on their PS3/360 or will be able to. They don't feel the need to buy a whole new system to be able to do something that's already possible with what they currently own. Unless, of course, the only system you owned was a Wii. Then all of that will be new to you.

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herbs1950d ago

Wow the majority of people who post on this site are not even gamers just a bunch of losers and brand zealots strait up...

LOL_WUT1951d ago

Because the asking price for the console is too high and right now there isn't any incentive to buy one, the games just aren't there. ;)

1upgamer991950d ago

How much do you think other next gen systems are going to cost??? Certainly AT LEAST $50 more.

dgonza401950d ago

He's saying it's a combination of both, not just one or the other.

Deku-Johnny1950d ago

Most consoles release at a price that is 'too high' without many system selling games. PS3/360 were both more expensive than they were worth and didn't have any more system sellers than the Wii U does, look at them now. If the Wii U does what they have done over the past 7/8 years then Nintendo are on to a winner.

AJBACK2FRAG1950d ago (Edited 1950d ago )

I think the Wii's original price, $250.00 was super attractive to mainstream audiences. I don't even know why. Maybe a more reasonable price, to non gaming consumers, a better name, even though I love the name. One of the N64's codenames was the Ultra 64 but most of all I think of Gumpei Yokoi's first toy, the Ultra hand. Like here's an example of a good name the Revolution. That would've been a great name and millions of people already like it. I think alot of people could say more games right now but you know I don't mind waitng for a great, system seller type game. Mario Kart U I believe is one of those types of games that are worth waiting for. Super Smash Bros. Universe is another one also. The WiiU is awesome seriously give a try it's fun. e3 is gonna be a huge time for Nintendo amazing games headed our way. Problem solved. A nice price drop probably wouldn't hurt.

whoyouwit041951d ago

I think the real answer is poor advertisement, and people not knowing that the Wii U is actually a brand new console and not a add on to the Wii. they really should have just called it the Wii 2 to avoid confusion.

Anon19741950d ago

I agree. It's a branding, advertising problem. I know what the Wii-U is because I'm a game nerd. I keep up on these things. Not one of the families I know with a Wii have bought a Wii-U and I'm willing to bet that if I asked them if they considered buying a Wii-U I'd just be met with blank stares.

Also of note, of the families I know with the Wii (none of them stepped up and bought a PS3 or 360 last gen) I haven't seen any of them turn it on except to use netflix in years. There was a time when I'd go over and the kids would be all over Super Mario Bros Wii, or Wii sports 24/7. Now the kids are a bit older, between 6-13 kinda range and I rarely see them without some tablet in their hands, or ipod touch. That's something else that as a developer I noticed.

Where I used to see the DS all the time when visiting friends with kids of this age group, there's no Vita's, there's no 3DS's, even the DS's which I know they own have disappeared. I don't know a single kid, no nephew/niece, no kids I see visiting friends and family, I haven't seen a single 3DS or Vita yet. Every single one of them has some small tablet now. Anyone else noticed this with kids between that 6-13 range, or is this just a regional thing?

maniacmayhem1950d ago

I too have seen and experienced this. I have not seen one kid/teenager with a Vita and the kids/teens I have seen with a DS or 3DS don't even game on it anymore. I have only seen a couple of kids in college and work with a Vita. And I mean literally a couple.

Just recently I went to a friends house where he had his 4(!) nieces over and three of the oldest (also between 6 to 13) wanted an iPad/Phone for their birthdays.
The nephews I have want either a ps3 or a 360, they know of the WiiU but they are not interested in it at all since they have played games like CoD, Gears or even GTA on their father's 360/PS3.

They have no idea that the WiiU is and that it is now trying to cater to the games that this younger generation has spent most of their time on. As much as I hate to say it I do think that the image the Wii cast on itself is directly hurting what the WiiU is. But only time can tell, it is still way too early to start declaring doom for the WiiU. We saw the same thing for other systems. Nintendo has been around the block a few times they know whats up.

StrongMan1951d ago

Because they are trying to sell core games to casuals. That won't work. It's just like right now MS is trying to sell causal games(Kinect) to the core and they are not selling. Same thing.

Karpetburnz1951d ago

I think youre on to something there. Nintendo is has a casual fanbase, and now theyre trying to sell core games to a casual audience.

danny8181950d ago

Very true. Also the selling point is too much for casuals. Maybe they thought the tablet would make up for it. Problem is, its just not so appealing. The games are there i mean, the line up was stellar compared to te 3ds. Something just doesn't give

CatXFlash1950d ago

They should be the Kids console and only that, we already have PC, PS and XBOX we can afford to give our kids their own system. Nintendo would do superb as the official kids company.

boldstarr1950d ago

its not selling because PS4 is on the way...!

PS4 Baby!!!!

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truechainz1950d ago

Do you think splitting gamers into only 2 groups could ever be an accurate representation of them?

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