GameStop, Best Buy list Watch Dogs for Wii U, letting consumers pre-order

NE: "More evidence suggests that Watch Dogs will be coming to Wii U."

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RTheRebel1976d ago (Edited 1976d ago )

watch dogs will work perfectly on wii u =)

harrisk9541976d ago

"watch dogs will work perfectly on wii u =)"

Why? I mean, it's nice that it will be on the Wii U in addition to the PS3/4 and the Xbox 360/720... but, why perfect for the Wii U? Is there some information that you have about the game play of game that has very little information released about it?

Just wondering.

PopRocks3591976d ago

The whole point of the game is using the cell phone device to hack into things, right? You could add some functionality on the gamepad screen to make that the player's hacking cell. At least that's what I would assume.

GadgetGooch1976d ago

The screen will implement so many different game-play interactions as shown in the original trailer the protagonist uses his cell for all different kinds of uses and being able to play out those interactions directly on the GamePad will heighten the immersion quiet alot i should think.

RTheRebel1976d ago

poprocks comment explains it all =)

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1976d ago (Edited 1976d ago )

Did you see the gameplay? Hacking, phones, technology etc.. Yeah I can imagine they could do cool things with the screen. Getting the pc version though.

They will either do cool things of fail and make a straight port with tacked on features.

Lol I am sure wiiU gamers are hoping for a port from pc than 360.

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Gemmol1976d ago

just preorder for the Wii U

Link0791974d ago

I will preorder it today for WAIT 4 IT .............................. ............................... .................WiiU...

sprinterboy1976d ago

Dont own a wii u but that controller will work very well for you with this game.

Dark111976d ago (Edited 1976d ago )

Funny how nintendo fanboys seems to hate on Ubisoft alot despite the fact that ubisoft have supported the wii u more than any 3rd party developers/publishers.

Edit: Disagree all you want people but it's true.

PopRocks3591976d ago

When have Nintendo "fanboys" hated Ubisoft? Are you talking about the Rayman Legends delay? The one that even pissed off the development team? That even non-Nintendo fans agreed was a shady move on Ubisoft's part?

I was never angry at Ubisoft until after they did that, and even then, I don't exactly plan on boycotting or hating on the company. I'm not as enthusiastic over Rayman but that has little bearing over their other work (assuming it's handled fairly) in my opinion.

CouldHaveYelledUiiW1976d ago

Another Fine sermon, Preacher PopRocks, another Fine sermon!

"Well Said" to PopRock and Realplaya

MNGamer-N1976d ago

I will be purchasing this game for Wii U. Thank you Ubisoft!

gamer421976d ago

Why anyone would disagree with this comment, I will never know.

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