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Parents rip off kid, Engadget to save the day.

Parents videotape their son unwrapping an Xbox for Xmas, only to have the box feeling a bit light... (Culture, Xbox 360)

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Foolsjoker  +   2779d ago
That is just strait up messed up.
...I feel bad for that kid, his parents have no idea how mean that is. On top of it all filming it and putting it on the web...i mean come on.
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ravenguard88  +   2778d ago
Yeah. That crap is not funny.
Nothing is funny about this other than the awesome Don King hairdo.

Those parents are jerks.
Milky  +   2778d ago
That video has made me so sad.
Meus Renaissance  +   2779d ago
Well done and thank you
alan001  +   2779d ago
Cruel but i think he did get the game, here the descr from youtube
"My mom decides to buy my brother an Xbox 360 for christmas. We leave that night and return the next morning to find he has sneaked a look....just as my mom thought he would, this is the result...and yes he did get the game i will try to post the second video"
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WAR_MACHINE77  +   2778d ago
if you read the artical, they say they have contacted the kids family and he really didn't get it.
v1c1ous  +   2779d ago
d!ck move by his family
EZCheez  +   2779d ago
I'm 26 years old
I might have cried too if this happened to me. Makes me want to go buy him one myself.

His parents are jerks.
socomnick  +   2779d ago
Thats really F@#& up poor kid ;/.
devilhunterx  +   2779d ago
Who did his hair?
xionpunk  +   2779d ago
And the world wonders why kids are so messed up these days...
MailMan  +   2779d ago
"About This Video
My mom decides to buy my brother an Xbox 360 fo... (more)
Added: December 31, 2007
My mom decides to buy my brother an Xbox 360 for christmas...and yes he did get the game i will try to post the second video"

SADLY,the child DID get a White BRICK.It's most likely DEAD by now,so all is WELL.

Jump OUT and Play B3YOND
mintaro  +   2779d ago
poor kid....was that a sweater?
pav2323  +   2779d ago
Wrong Wrong Wrong
You know he must of been asking for one, Lets just hope that is the worst thing they have done to him. I mean to laugh in his face, Cmon people. just remember Karma...
TheIneffableBob  +   2779d ago
I have a feeling that this is all just a ploy.
Parents make video, video gains attention, Microsoft sends them free stuff for good PR.
Parents and kid wins. Microsoft wins.
We lose.
mr_potato  +   2778d ago
Ya and ur child got his brain fuc__ked off over that thing to get money and hell grow fuc__ked up.
Premonition  +   2779d ago
I almost had a little tear myself, who would do something like that just to see their kid cry, BAD PARENTS BAD!
AzaziL  +   2779d ago
did it for the lulz
those parents are *******, they did it for the lulz on their own kid, though it's an epic win, their kid will probably become an hero.
IzKyD1331  +   2779d ago
awe man thats cruel, those parents are asses
Winters89  +   2779d ago
I take my statement back after I found out this..

"Read the Youtube description, he snuck a peek at his gift and they decided to show him up. They gave him the Xbox360 a few minutes later.
http://www.youtube.com/watc... ...

"My mom decides to buy my brother an Xbox 360 for christmas. We leave that night and return the next morning to find he has sneaked a look....just as my mom thought he would, this is the result...and yes he did get the game i will try to post the second video"
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RecSpec  +   2779d ago
The kid peeked at it early, so he got what he had coming, I mean he did get it in the end. Of course I would have went a bit farther and put an old school system in there. Like a Master System.
IHATEGOD  +   2778d ago
His family came up with the theory that he peeked at his gift, AFTER all the backlash from you tube. They have had plenty of time to put the second video up but haven't, leaving me to believe that these low life losers just like to pick on their kids. I showed this video to my 8 year old and he almost cried cause he felt bad for the kid. Just think of this after they made this video they put it up on youtube, wow these people really shouldn't have kids. I try to get my kids everything they want,but if I can't afford it, I'm sure as hell not going to film my kids depression. One point over looked is they RUINED his christmas.
Torkith  +   2779d ago
Yeah they showed this on Attack of the Show, he did get one, but it was said he was caught peeking at his presents before; which is why the cruel prank went into effect.

Edit** Though after watching it again.. the amount of laughter at him from the family was a little harsh...
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W831Liquidsnake  +   2779d ago
Words cant describe how that kid felt. Totaly crule. It'd kind of like taking a starving child to a buffet just to look.
KnowitAll  +   2779d ago
No.. The kid didn't get an xbox360 unless its all a Conspiracy to take over the world!!! I mean... to get a free xbox360
Update from the website
"Update: We've been flooded with email from well-meaning geeks and even Microsoft; just about everyone wants to help us hook up Jonathan. We think we've gotten in touch with his family (who let us know he never got an Xbox, and the whole thing really was a prank on the poor kid); once we know for sure we have the right people we'll post again."

1.this is a plot all acting to get(Free stuff)
2. Its just a prank; but in the end they did get him an xbox360(Since how the hell can you get the 360box?) Unless they went for a further step just for the master prank. Which I give props
3. Exactly like 2 except they deny giving him a xbox360 to get (free stuff)
Or 4. Its a great emotional distress family moment.
Shadow Man  +   2779d ago
Fuking assholes! Man I almost cry T_T
NRG  +   2779d ago
That kid is going to grow up to be a serial killer. No remorse.
highps3  +   2779d ago
What is wrong with people?
Lew_Ijgee  +   2779d ago
I can see murder in that kid's eyes.

t-0_ot-  +   2779d ago
Hehe, my parents did something like that to me before.. Not cool.

But, on the plus side, I did get what I was askin for and I believe this kid also got what he was askin for.. Where else would they have gotten the box from??
SuperSaiyan4  +   2779d ago
The reason why he didn't get a 360
Look at the size of his mum...They must have made sure they had enough Turkeys for x-mas...

Yeah it was a nasty comment but still not as nasty as doing something like that.
TrevorPhillips  +   2779d ago
i feel sorry for that kid gettin humiliated what the hell is wrong with his parents they also recorded it thats just a stupid thing to do record ur son get punk'd on a christmas day loool
Quickstrike  +   2779d ago
*gives kid a X-box 360* Even a kid deserves a 360 more than clothes.
Chuck Norris  +   2779d ago
Regardless whether the kid got an Xbox or not, the sad reality is that not everyone can easily afford a next-gen console. I would love to see this kid get what he wanted for Christmas, which is an Xbox 360. Most likely he really did get a 360 later on. To see the look on his face when he opened the box is just wrong. Too see the look on his face when he gets his first RROD is even worse.
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M0KILLaU  +   2778d ago
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