Should we be excited for Bungie’s Destiny?

A brief look at Bungie's history and the newly announced Destiny. Should we be interested?

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ichimaru1761d ago (Edited 1761d ago )

article doesn't actually address bungie's history with the game at all( been in the works since odst and supposedly conceptual since Halo 2). It kinds of comes off as a platform to bash Destiny, pegg it as a cheifless halo and take shots at bungie for not being the "same studio from Halo :CE" know the one that dropped over a decade ago. the best part is that all the game has to show are concept art and 6-7 seconds of ingame walking. It gives us something to talk about but this is more bait that news imo

fizmarble1761d ago

Totally meant to flag it as an opinion piece. Thanks for the note. I am admittedly not pleased with Bungie's track record, and didn't mean to present the post as 'News'. It's definitely my own thoughts and 'opinions'.

ichimaru1760d ago

no worries, bro im sure you've got good reasons for your opinion

glennco1760d ago

I am interested but not excited.

Perjoss1759d ago

Agreed, there's isn't exactly a ton of details about it. Very interested just because of who they are, its both good and bad that they are sticking with scifi. It's like they have this great chance to prove they are not a 1 trick pony but they are going with yet more scifi. Still, if its good and not too similar to Halo, who cares. Bring it on, come at me bro, my body is ready, shut up and take my money etc etc.

Theyellowflash301759d ago

If you like shooters.... why not.

RuleofOne343 1759d ago

I am cause I pre-ordered the LE without knowing if they have one, so yeah I can say am ready for the games & all DLC to follow.

RuleofOne343 1759d ago

After what was said last night, will cancel my order Thursday & gamefly it.

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