Will The PS4 and Next Xbox cause the Wii U to become Obsolete?

If you listen to the gaming media than you would believe that Nintendo is on it’s way to becoming the next Sega. With the PS4 and Next Xbox just around the corner, sites like Game Trailers and IGN seem convinced that the Wii U is destined to go out like the Dreamcast. Is it possible?

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PopRocks3591795d ago

I assume this is a power based question? Just because more powerful hardware comes out doesn't necessarily render the weakest machine obsolete or irrelevant. The PS1, PS2, DS, 3DS and Wii are all proof of this. If anything, history has shown exactly the opposite.

LOGICWINS1795d ago

Correct. Power doesn't ensure success. How that power is implemented is MUCH more important.

Septic1795d ago


Just look at the sheer genius behind Ocarina of Time, one of the best games of all time, or Super Mario Galaxy and others. Only Nintendo can create such amazingly unique and engrossing games and with the Wii U, who knows how they'll utilise the gamepad.

I think they have more than enough power with the Wii U. Lets see what they can do with it.

The Wii U will deliver its own unique experience that doesn't necessarily conflict with those owning a PS4 or 720.

darthv721795d ago


They can coexist in my entertainment center just fine.

OmegaSlayer1794d ago

The big factor this time is...timing and economic crisis.
So yes, new Sony/Microsoft platforms will make WiiU more obsolete and useless than how it already looks

jmc88881794d ago

Economic crisis is a great depression. Actually it's worse than the one in the 1930's. Nothing has been done, everything is still collapsing, we ain't see nothing yet.

Now wouldn't that make you think that a cheaper console should pick up a few sales and the more expensive ones lose a few sales?

PS4 1.8 TFlops
720 1.2 TFlops
Wii U 0.576 TFlops

Thus PS4 is 3x a Wii U, and 720 is 2x a Wii U.

In other words, not much difference. It may SOUND like a huge difference, but it isn't.

Far less of gap than last generation. Plus PS4/720 are coming in far more underpowered to PC's then they did last time. Last time they were very close to high end PC's. Now they'll be slightly below mid range 2011 PC's with 2008 CPU's.

You can get video cards in the $2XX range that are more powerful than a PS4 in the store right now. Hell you could have bought them LAST YEAR.

720 is the equivalent of a GTX 560ti, and a PS4 a GTX 580OC. Oh and the 7XX series will be out. Meaning a $399 graphics card should get you ~2.5-3x the power of a PS4 and probably 4x a 720 in a PC before those even launch.

I don't know about you, but if all three plus PC play many of the same games. (basically all that aren't exclusives or poor dev/publisher situations)

So if you are saying a Wii U will be obsolete because a 720 is double it or a PS4 is triple it, then what will the PS4 be when a PC triples it and quadruples a launch?????

The point being, 'next gen' scales well and will be able to have games that look good to great within these ranges. Many features use a lot of power to display marginal changes. It takes a bigger gap to make something obsolete.

That's why Wii U won't be obsolete. It can run the same games as the others. It can do this because it can run the same engines as the others. The others will be better looking versions, but not by a huge margin. This isn't a Wii port versus a 360/PS3 game. That's not happening this generation.

iNathan1795d ago

Leave Alone Ps4 and Durango.

PopRocks3591795d ago

Yes, it's so obsolete that it produced a port that looks better than its PS3/360 counterparts, closer to the PC version in fact.

DA_SHREDDER1795d ago

from a tech standpoint the wiiU is already out lol

Old McGroin1795d ago

Yeah, just like the Wii was obsolete compared to the PS3 and 360 and that's why the Wii didn't sell well. Oh wait. The least powerful of the 3 consoles outsold the more powerful consoles by several thousand country miles.


ThePsychoGamer1795d ago (Edited 1795d ago )

Wasn't it the power difference that drove developers away from the Wii, leaving it with very few worthwhile third party games?

wiiumad1795d ago

you really think wii u is obsolete compared to 360 ps3? i find that hard to believe. Its a fact that the wii u specs are better. period. Now games have not reflected this yet. And they need to. fast. wii u has shown alot of potential but at some point potential has to turn into something that we can play.

jmc88881794d ago

So when a midrange PC with a five year old CPU can have the same gap between the PS4 and the Wii U, does that mean the PS4 is obsolete?

I mean afterall if PS4 is 3x a Wii U, then if a MIDRANGE PC is 3x a PS4....then shouldn't the same thing apply? If not, then neither are obsolete.

By your own measure you will buy an obsolete machine.

Hell it'll (PS4) be 1/7th or 1/9th the power of an uber PC when the PS4 launches.

Prodigy-X1794d ago

LMFAO!!!!!!!!! You Mad Bro? Or are you about to cry but anyways PC really doesn't matter since majority of people play on consoles. The Wii U will be come Obsolete because it won't be as powerful nor will it have the multiplats that the PS4 & Xbox 720 will have to be able to compete. Watch the PS meeting and then comeback and tell me if those games can run on it. Even EA doesn't won't to support it.

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