Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance(Original Game Soundtrack) [Vocal Tracks] Review

8bitfix writes:The Metal Gear series as seen through the eyes of a soundboard has been defined by excruciating, laborious pacing. Creaking lockers, the smack of rubber sole, the use of flash grenade to all out fracas. From inch to inch the audio was prostrate drowning in subtlety. That being said, the music has never betrayed its onscreen partner. They have worked together in unison to clear the overrun facility of paramilitary and barking mechanical menace. Each moment cued, tension escalating until one gun is finally nestled like a beak inside the inner ear of the wobbling, dazed opponent. This series overall scoring can be aptly summarized by a track found nearly buried within Metal Gear Solid 4's ponderous and fragile post-mortem sound cues. As seen below:

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Chaos_Raiden1949d ago

Going to buy the soundtrack soon.

Panaru1949d ago

While I absolutely love the Rising soundtrack (A Stranger I Remain, and I'm My Own Master Now in particular), this review is one of the most pretentious pieces of journalism I've read in a looooooong time. Dear god.

crimsonfox1949d ago

Haha you're right man, This guys writing was way out there

Black-Rock-Shooter1949d ago

This is a very good review and I hope to see this around sometime...

RE_L_MAYER1949d ago

I hope those songs on that soundtrack cd collectors edishiun comes with