Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time – The Cooper Gangs Best Adventure Yet | LevelSave Review

James writes, "Having been a big fan of platformers and the Sly Cooper series in general, I was a bit skeptical when I heard that the team that helped do the HD re-launch of the original series was making the next game instead of Sucker Punch developing the continuation of the series"

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BitbyDeath1887d ago

The Cooper Gangs Best Adventure Yet - 8.5 O_o

r211887d ago

Just because the author thinks the Cooper gangs latest entry is the 'best adventure yet', doesnt mean it should get a 10. If he feels giving it an 8.5 then let it be. A good fun game is a good fun game no matter the score :)

SolidDuck1887d ago

Not really my type of game, but I played the demo, and it seemed like they really nailed the feel of the old games.

ziggurcat1887d ago

great game, just finished it a few days ago. if any of you love the previous sly games, you'll certainly love this one.

and at $40, which includes the vita version, it's a steal of a deal.

GuruStarr781887d ago

Im loving this game on vita... been playing it since it launched nonstop (going for that platinum!)..

PLAYER50951887d ago

Got myself this game and the collection cant wait to start playing them until my collection comes from newegg already got my thieves in time copy from amazon!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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