Like horror games? Have you played Slender?

Adnan's opinion on the first Slender

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jay21974d ago

Not yet, I will now.

RyuCloudStrife1974d ago

I don't understand how nerds play this and scream like girls.... Only PC gamers...

Neonridr1974d ago

If you enjoyed the original Slender game, check out Slender: The Arrival. It is a revamped version of the original. It is created by the same person who deveoped the original Slender, but also adds in the talent of the Marble Hornets staff to help flesh out the story further. It is more than just the 8 pages in the woods game, as there is much more story this time around and multiple levels. You can preorder the game for $5 and you also get access to the Beta. The Beta is just an updated version of the original with much better sound effects, graphics and lighting. I suggest anyone who is a fan of the original to check this game out.

FlyingFoxy1974d ago

How is it a horror exactly?, all i've read about it so far makes it sound like a psychological thriller more than anything..

KwietStorm1974d ago

Its horror because its scary as shit. The graphical enhancements in Slender: The Arrival make it even scarier, because you're in a forest at night, with nothing but a flashlight, and some man in a suit is following you the entire time, only you never know where he is, because he doesn't actually chase you. He just appears at random as soon as you feel bold enough to look out the corner of your eye.

FlyingFoxy1974d ago

Horror generally has gore, and from what i have read and seen on video's this has none.

Just scares, so no, it is not a horror.

KwietStorm1974d ago

Well cool that you have your own specific definition of what horror is. I never knew it had to have gore. Does it really matter anyway?

Adnan_rules1973d ago

Game is too scary, you need to play it. Trust me try it. you may not but you might find it scary

Gamewiz_251974d ago

to bad they don't release it on consoles

BALLARD321974d ago

There's a cheap Indie knockoff on Xbox Live called White Noise. Not nearly as terrifying as Slender. Looking forward to The Arrival.

Qrphe1974d ago

I didn't find it as good of a game as I found Amnesia or Penumbra for example. I've played SCP as of recent and I've enjoyed it (it's FREE).

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