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Submitted by UnRated 1090d ago | opinion piece

Microsoft Is Changing the Console Experience

Microsoft will be changing the fundamental pillars of console gaming if the recent ‘next Xbox’ rumours are true. (Microsoft, Next-Gen, Xbox 360, Xbox LIVE)

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Gr81  +   1090d ago
Is this what the market really wants?
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Root  +   1090d ago
Is it what gamers really want

They are doing something what the PS3 was trying to do when it launched. To be an entertainment system and a console, now Microsoft are putting such a focus on it instead of focusing on gamers and at the same time are trying to say are doing it better then Sony when it fact how does a few exclusive US apps compete against a multi media entertainment service like region free blu ray which everyone can enjoy.
fei-hung  +   1090d ago
Sony didn't try, they succeeded.

They are the only console which has the ability to play BluRays and offer services such as Netflix, Lovefilm and other film and music streaming services without a need of a Sony membership.

The key difference is, MS is bragging about these things like it has never been done before and is something new and great. Similar to how Apple brags about new services of offer when it has been on Android as standard for years.
Saigon  +   1090d ago
Sony, never tried to imply that; unless I missed it, the PS3 was a game console that happen to implement the next generation medium at the time. So it doesn't mean that they implemented entertainment first. In reality their process was similar to what happened with the PS2.
Septic  +   1090d ago

Not according to Ken Kutaragi:

"The PS3 is not a game machine. We've never once called it a game machine...With the PS3, our intentions have been to create a machine with supercomputer calculation capabilities for home entertainment." Kutaragi:
BDG  +   1090d ago
I used to use my ps3 for lovefilm, tv on demand etc, now all these things are intergrated to my smart tv so never use them on my ps3. Times are changing, so Microsoft might have got this wrong
AngelicIceDiamond  +   1090d ago
Hopefully for the better.
Qrphe  +   1090d ago
You can always create a new market. That's what the Wii did.
shutUpAndTakeMyMoney  +   1090d ago
yoga ftw?
user3915800  +   1090d ago
First of all more bs rumours, he said and she said.

Ill bet always on required for non Gold members users, so they can go online and get adds to pay for their continues game on online experienced. MS knows how to make money, they dont want to get rid of people, they want more of them.

Here its what I see, MS will have the best internet experienced again, you will be able to play used game, always on require for non-gold members users, wont be able to get into entertainment unless you are always on and games always able to play online or not.

Tactics its the key to sucess, MS are masters at earn income, you dont want to pay subscription? Fine, always on servers with adds for you.

I also see used games been able to be played, I see the availability to play on 2 diferent tvs at onced with different gamers tags from same console.

Many new services provided with apps and partnerships. I see skype straight out of the box with kinnect 2.0 able to transfer audio and video to people.

MS its going to be a beast and most rumours are garbage, most rumours came out of DAE with his durango kit first version, they are on durango 3.0 as stated by EA and activision. The whole field has change.

My bet is Sony will have DRM block for games, while ms will allow for the use of used games.

2more days to see the unveil of PS4, we will see what happens, and if the PS4 its not shown, the droids will go on a diet manifest of a week without eating and rampaged all over the internet. I will laugh until my heart explode (tee-hee).
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Talamak  +   1090d ago
So you're a clairvoyant "I SEE" lol
3-4-5  +   1090d ago
We want A......they give us B.....we then complain about B and ask for they give us H !?

Just improve upon what you already do good and only add things that will contribute to making the product higher quality.
Mounce  +   1090d ago
It's what they want the market to want.

Doesn't mean it'll be true. That or they'll be telling us that the Market WANTS Kinect.....which they already have.
Gamer1982  +   1090d ago
I read an article recently that said MS wants to link your console to tablets and phones where as Sony wants to go the cloud route and enable social media through there box with youtube uploading etc.. 2 completely different directions for 2 different type of gamers. Honestly I think its a good idea as nobody really wants 2 consoles exactly the same with a few different exclusives on each.

I think MS is moving too far away from gamers though and it could hurt them if they try to charge for xbox live with the new console as the stuff they want to charge for we get on other devices. Gamers won't be getting the console for games so forcing online play wont be an issue anymore. How are they gonna get you to pay for the XBL account if they are going in the other direction that's the main thing..
UnholyLight  +   1089d ago
Jason143  +   1089d ago
Would it even be a console at this point :)
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chukamachine  +   1090d ago
Rofl Bar-Brothers.

55million max console sales for ms nextgen machine.
GalacticEmpire  +   1090d ago
Whether it's a change for the better is yet to be seen.


"However, in light of recent rumors, the spotlight is on Microsoft’s next generation offering"

...who are these guys trying to kid? All eyes are on the potential PS4 reveal this Wednesday.
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UnRated  +   1090d ago
Article was actually supposed to go up 2 weeks ago - however the features editor got in an accident :(
GalacticEmpire  +   1090d ago
Fair enough but why not change it before publishing?

Wish him/her a speedy recovery.
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UnRated  +   1090d ago
I changed it too

"the spotlight is also on Microsoft’s next generation offering."

should read better now.

Thanks for the suggestion!
WeAreLegion  +   1090d ago
Tell the editor that we wish him well! Sorry that he got in an accident. :/
StrongMan  +   1090d ago
Why is it that when the PS4 is mentioned games like Uncharted 4, Infamous 3, and GTA4 are mentioned as well but when the Xbox 720 is mentioned no games are mentioned at all, only apps that are already available for free? Isn't this troubling to the core gamers that made the Xbox what it was?
mr_kubrick  +   1090d ago
GTA4 on awesome ;)

Lets wait, nothing about Xbox Infinity is no Alan Wake 2, Forza 5, Forza Horizon 2 or Gears of war - Infinity up till now...

just wait, the time of ms will come.
Norrison  +   1089d ago
Alan wake is no longer an xbox excluisive, milked franchises don't interest me at all.
omi25p  +   1090d ago
Again why do you care, you don't own a current gen Xbox?
Knight_Crawler  +   1090d ago
GTA 4 on the PS4 the Enhanced Edition :)
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HITANDRUN  +   1090d ago
Psst... MS dont need to advertised much about gaming, they already own the USA, people are aware of their gaming but not so much with apps. MS its about to open the lid and let the devil out, Im concern with my PS3, I think, I will switch to xbox next gen, t will depend on what sony announced. Either way, I wont be an early adopter and buy a broken console from sony, they always sale bad hardware at the beggining and denied it is lol...
T2  +   1090d ago
Did you literally just switch xbox for ps3 in your post ? My original ps3 lasted 6 years while I inherited my friends 3rd gen xbox after his 2nd rrod ... And it craps out already from time to time . 2 years new
isarai  +   1090d ago
The statement that it REQUIRES an internet connection alone sounds like it;s a change for the worst. Doing that is going to choke the living hell out of their sales
darthv72  +   1090d ago
and what of
the ps4 and its rumored always on internet? Would that choke sony's sales?
Snookies12  +   1090d ago
Yes, it would.
theDECAY  +   1090d ago
I've not read that one. Just the MS one.
KillrateOmega  +   1089d ago
Where was this? I've read a lot of PS4 articles, but I have never seen this come up anywhere.
miyamoto  +   1089d ago
Its absurd to compare the Genesis to the 360 considering the situations they were in.

Sega was the cash strapped underdog that relied on many new games like Sonic and smart marketing against a cash rich Nintendo. For every dollar Sega had for marketing Nintendo has ten.

M$ was cash rich top dog that relied on the industry's deepest pockets against a cash strapped Sony. They free loaded on other devs games. M$ and Sony marketing budgets are beyond comparison.
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stage88  +   1090d ago
I'll sum up my reaction in a gif

Edit: Haha, I did, my bad

Related image(s)
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contradictory  +   1090d ago
you forgot the gif
ExCest  +   1090d ago
That gif ain't giffin'
contradictory  +   1090d ago
this is new and therefore i automatically hate it.
no, really i just want better graphics and gamedesign in general. not gimmicks
i never got why the hell would you want netflix on your brand new console when i can just plug my pc on pretty much every new monitor ever and use that
theWB27  +   1090d ago
People who favor one console(idk why) act like all they buy are exclusives. Most games released are multi plat..and although Sony has more exclusives-they only have as many as Xbox when it comes to actual system sellers. Most of Sony's other exclusives are decent sellers that DONT move extra systems.

So Microsoft wants their system to be the center of your television. Maybe that's the case because they want Xbox to be your number one place for cable, tv content.

Microsoft just has a different vision for their gaming system than Sony. I don't understand why people have a problem with that from a business stand point.

Gamers should be good with that. I like technology..and I'm looking for the day when I cancel my overpriced and overbloated cable box and can look at the channels I want on my system.

Based off the continued, good, sales of Xbox, yes people want that. People are largely looking for a way to cut costs and Microsoft is working on a way to doing that, and centralizing it. It doesn't damper my love for Sony, it doesnt make me want them to fail. I just accept the other way Microsoft is going and enjoy gaming without a brand association.
Sheikh Yerbouti  +   1090d ago
Because they ain't offering anything I can get practically free elsewhere like my tablet, roku,or my TV itself. Without games and exclusive IP, a console is obsolete in the living room. Real games, not yoga.
Root  +   1090d ago | Well said
"Sony has more exclusives-they only have as many as Xbox when it comes to actual system sellers. Most of Sony's other exclusives are decent sellers that DONT move extra systems."

So the only exclusives we should care about are "system" sellers ¬¬

Do you think all exclusives need Halo like sales...

Sales mean nothing, if they sell a ton means nothing. It's about if the games are good, they are great quality and you enjoy the hell out of them. That's why people go on about Sonys exclusives....not because they can pretend to brag that it's going to move a ton of PS3's but because it shows you have well Sony supports gamers, the core community and their console
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theWB27  +   1090d ago
@Sheikh Yerbouti- not everyone knows about roku or has a tablet. All I'm stating is they are offering a choice. What's wrong with having a choice? Without games a console is obsolete..obviously not having exclusives doesn't make it obsolete since Xbox is still thriving.

@Root- I didn't say you should care about anything..I ultimately stated that they have the similar amount of system sellers. Micrsoft is investing in taking over the living room as an entertainment device. Sales mean everything- if they didnt mean anything then studios wouldn;t be shutting down as a result of bad sales. Even quality studios releasing quality games are getting shut down. Even Sony has shut down studioes that haven't preformed well.

Both of not bashing Sony. I simply stated Micrsoft is going in a different direction...they have a different goal than Sony. I don't see what the problem is with that.
theDECAY  +   1090d ago

No, literally the same goal. Sony just cares more about the games it seems.
Sheikh Yerbouti  +   1089d ago

They advertise rokus in every best buy circular.

Are you saying the XBox has no exclusives? I never did.
clintagious650  +   1090d ago
MS has NEVER been known for taking RISKS on ANYTHING they weren't sure would succeed. They are the type of company that will put MOST of their FOCUS on what GENERATES the most INCOME. Why do u think they rather SPEND money getting exclusive dlc for huge 3rd party games like COD is because its easy money. Why spend millions creating a new IP u dont know will succeed when u can just do it with 3rd party games that are already successful. Thats their moto. Sad but it is the truth. I hope they can do better with the nextbox but I doubt it, hopefully they PROVE ME WRONG.
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darthv72  +   1090d ago
make it sound like its a BAD thing. I mean if they INVEST in exclusive content and it flops then they are only out that investment.

If they INVEST in a new IP, AND IT FLOPS, then they are out even more $$$.

Sony knows that all to well. Oh and they did extremely well with the 360 so i dont know why you think they have to do BETTER.
Nick_515  +   1090d ago
Are you TWO the SAME person? You BOTH are putting RANDOM capitalized words ALL over your COMMENTS. Damn, LOOKS like I'm doing it TOO.
clintagious650  +   1090d ago
I never said it was a bad thing but when your last three E3 appearances have been MAINLY FOCUSED on kinect games it makes u wonder if MS really cares about their CORE BASE. Like I said, they will put MOST of their FOCUS on what brings in the most money. The difference with them & sony is, sony doesnt put ALL their FOCUS into one area. They want to PLEASE ALL their CONSUMERS which is why they continue to dish out NEW IP's to keep the core base happy while they also try & dish out software for their handhelds, ps move & other devices they SUPPORT. This a HUGE REASON why so many ppl are more excited about the next playstation then the nextbox because SONY is PROVING it to their CONSUMERS that they wont ABANDON u no matter the position they are put in. Nick nope hes a different user biting my style lol.
Hicken  +   1089d ago
Why does it seem like it's really okay for Microsoft to think that way?

INVESTING naturally comes with a risk. You invest with the HOPES of a return. You don't always get one, but your potential rewards are higher if the risk is higher.

You think spending money on proven, third party, temporary content is higher risk than pumping money into a new, unproven IP?

As a gamer, you should WANT them investing in new games, instead of spending money on content that's only exclusive for a short period of time. The other stuff is weak, honestly speaking; are you seriously satisfied with, say, getting CoD maps a month early? That isn't enough for me.

Microsoft has to do better because, though they did well, they're set up to be last this gen. And that's with their nearest competitor dealing with quite a few early missteps. They had a full year to themselves on the market, but at the end, they're at the bottom. They can boast of having made lots of money, but do you care more about the money they've made this generation, or the games they have- and could have- brought to you?

Yeah, they're gonna need to do better in this upcoming gen, just as will Sony. And, hopefully, Nintendo still has room to improve, as well.

It's okay to like Microsoft; it's pretty obvious that you do. But you shouldn't defend EVERYTHING they do. Just like Nintendo and Sony, they get things wrong, too. It's perfectly okay to admit that, you know.
DEATHxTHExKIDx  +   1090d ago
Its gonna be Interesting if Microsoft can pull it off. I have high hopes for nextgen from Microsoft AND Sony.
BLow  +   1090d ago
I don't care what these consoles do as long as they play games. Everything else is just a bonus in my eyes. The only thing that bothers me is always requiring an online connection. Yes, there are 40 million Live users. How many are gold accounts? We don't know but people just say 40 million just because..well I don't why. 76 million consoles vs 40 million live accounts. I just don't see MS just saying forget it to those 30 million+ users. We'll see because that's a lot of money they will lose out. Can't wait until E3 when all the info is out and we can focus on the games again.
#12 (Edited 1090d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
ceedubya9  +   1090d ago
It is a highly risky move if they go this route. It could be a decision that leads to their downfall if the connection is needed to do something as simple as play your games. I don't claim to know everything, but I just don't see how a bunch of people sitting in a meeting room could think that doing something like that would be a good idea. Yeah, my console would be connected the majority of the time, but there could be a time that it isn't for some reason or another and I may still want to play my games. Taking that option away from the consumer doesn't make sense at all. Of course, these are all just rumors until we have a real confirmation, but if some of these things turn out to be true, then Microsoft could end up losing all of that momentum that was built during this current generation.
Clarence  +   1090d ago
I highly doubt that. Sony accomplished this with the PS3. The PS3 is the reason that M$ decided that they wanted their console to be more about entertainment. Sony will be first next gen, followed by M$. Nintendo will move to 3rd.

Just look at how fast the PS3 reached 70m+ consoles.It took the 360 an extra year to do this. Not only that, the PS3 had a much higher price.
To me this shows that the Xbox dose not have the ability to go toe to toe with the Playstation.

The Xbox will need to come out a year early again just to stay even with the Playstation.
M$ doesn't even have the ability to read what people want.
If they did the 360 would have been equipped with hdmi ports, Internet, bluray, and wifi when it first appeared on the market.

Instead a majority of these things were installed when the Xbox slim was release.
The last innovation M$ brought to the table was windows and even that was a rip off Apple. Why do you think windows is garbage now

I'm not saying that M$ is not smart but they don't have enough dreamers to come up with new ideas.
M$ changing the console experience... I think not.
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meatnormous  +   1090d ago
You must be out of your god damn mind. Bubble for the avatar.
jdktech2010  +   1090d ago
Granted, we have more info about the PS4 becasue it's close to being unveiled which means more legitimate leaks but it looks like so far that the ps4 will be a bluray player with kickass games and cloud gaming for backwards compatability while MS looks like a gaming console with a few exclusives (sure there will be some new ips) and multimedia which can all be accomplished on the ps3 (at least the netflix/amazon ones). Now if they let me choose cable channels a la carte, then that's something.

I've never owned a sony onsole until last year but PS4 is in the highly imaginary lead to be bought day 1 this generation.

I never realized how many great exclusives PS3 has. Personally, I don't think Uncharted or Killzone are of the overall quality/universe that a game like Halo or Gears has but there are a lot more quality experiences on PS3 versus one or two great experiences on Xbox.

Xbox has a lot to prove with me
meatnormous  +   1090d ago
The reason you have so many cable channels is because the networks own multiple stations. The cable company has to pay for them all just to get a few good stations. When you see a dispute over a cable company and a network, say Viacom, They threaten to take away MTV, Nickaloden and so on. It is not the cable companies fault you have so many channels, its the networks. I've worked in a cable head end for years.
guitar_nerd_23  +   1090d ago
I will never pay twice to use my own internet service, it's as simple as that for me.

That said I'm also the kind of person that refuses to pay for 'premium' tv like Sky because I don't see how it's premium if it's full of ads.
extermin8or  +   1090d ago
currently have to have sky where im living only way to get a signal- but you are so right if it's premium why the hell do I have adverts every 10 mins or so it's rediculous, I watch most of my tv online nowdays after it's aired without adverts, hell when I go to uni i probably wont get a tv license whilst im there because I just wont watch live tv-then again if anyone deserves my funding it's the BBC- good tv oh and... no adverts whatsoever :o lol
NateCole  +   1090d ago
They should not lose focus of what gaming consoles are for. Gaming.

It's obvious that MS will use the next xbox to push Windows 8 which one of many reason they are going with 8 Gig ram.

MS must understand though that multimedia entertainment future belongs to mobile devices. Not home gaming consoles.

I think they going with a very dangerous strategy with the next xbox.
Trago1337  +   1090d ago
Microsoft, all I want is Games. But Halo is not enough. At least with Sony and Nintendo, there are games that WE KNOW we'll get. But with you guys, i honestly can't expect much, which is a damn shame.

Microsoft started out pretty good this gen too, with those JRPG exclusives like Lost Odyssey, Blue Dragon, and Star Ocean. But i think after like 2008, the focus shifted from games, to Entertainment hub.

and to add insult to injury, MS raised the price of Xbox Live, Put friggin advertisements on the Dashboard, And now all that's left to play is Multiplats.

Here's hoping they get they get their act together. If Not, I'll just play Halo 5 over at my friends place and call it a day.
matrixman92  +   1090d ago
watch out guys...if you post anything at all about microsoft succeeding, the n4g Sony knights will get you
kenshiro100  +   1089d ago
And anyone who criticizes Microsoft is attacked as well. So basically criticizing a company's direction and wanting better games is attacking.

360 fans complain about Sony fans defending the PS3 but they turn around and do the same thing with the 360.

Things that make you go hmm...
ger2396  +   1090d ago
Microsoft's next console will be entertainment hub first, game console second. That's not by accident, that's been their goal since day one.
Wrightylfc88  +   1090d ago
The next Xbox will be ruined it they carry on making it an entertainment system. We buy it to play games on not sit there n watch Tele. Its good to an extent but they really are going over the top with all this talk of music n video. If all the rumours are true the next Xbox will get destroyed by the ps4. The PS already has a lot more better exclusives and it will carry on that way unless microsoft and developers start concentrating on it being a games console!!!
CPTN MITCHELL  +   1090d ago
Half of the apps in the 360 I have in my galaxy phone,plus they got no 1st studio games like Sony does.....
DomceM  +   1090d ago
microsoft is making changes for the worse not better. if these are true, ps4 will be king of consoles.
#22 (Edited 1090d ago ) | Agree(10) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
nigelp520  +   1090d ago
XBOX: Great exclusives
Xbox 360: Decline on Hardcore exclusives Rise of everything else Casual
XBOX 720: Casual system that needs to be online all the time and cant play 360 or used games
IK IR Y IP T  +   1090d ago
2 each his own all sony has is 1st party games but the problem with that is you beat them once then u done with them . The playstation controller is a joke which is why i hope the controller remake is true. Xbox all they have is timed exclusives and shooters with a outstanding media platform so if they start to create more first party studios sony is in trouble, and microsoft did just open a couple of first party studios in london don't count the xbox out yet. Reguardless both systems will be behind pc rigs anyway esp with more games on pc accepting controllers
now a days reguardless it is going to be a good year for gamers !!
Snookies12  +   1090d ago
How is the Playstation controller a joke? In what way is that statement true? Both the 360 and the PS3 controllers are great, however I slightly prefer the DualShock 3's analog placements being on the same plane.

Both need to redo their triggers though. Somewhere in the middle of both. The 360's are way too steep in terms of upward angling. They cramp the hell out of my finger if I have to repeatedly tap it. The PS3's controller has no upward angle at all, which means your finger slips off all the freaking time.

Aside from these issues though, both are great. So I have no idea why you'd call it a joke when they're finely made controllers on both sides.
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theDECAY  +   1090d ago
supremacy  +   1089d ago
If MS puts out exclusives PlayStation is in trouble? I hope you are not serious with that statement.

I am willing to bet they'll R.A.R.E those studios,you know kinect here,kinect there.

The thing is even MS were to try and match Sony's offerring i am afraid they will still come short.

Of the two Sony has a strong pedigree. Both old and new ideas they have manage to garner awards for a lot of its games, big or indie.

Little big planet, heavy rain, journey, uncharted 2, GT among others have receive many awards.

Sony to me, is a mature Nintendo(only less dependent of 22 year old ips), as far as games are concerned. When was the last time, ms had its own baseball game?

They have always rely on 3rd party. For nearly everything heck their consoles have been manufactured by someone else. All they've done since entering the industry is buy they easy way out and promote themselves as pioneers in the process. And honestly all they care about, is their xbox live service, because after all thats where they really make their money. Subscriptions and ads. Not saying Sony is a saint neither, but judging from the xbox experience thats whats become clear,look...

After the ps2 era, Sony said that they would invest more in gaming than in the past. And they did just that, funding their own ips as the market changed before their eyes. They didnt turn the world upside down, nor make trillions of dollars, but the commitment is there. With that said...

The big Difference here is, Sony currently has about 12 or so 1st party studios and of those about 11 of them are constantly pushing more than a single brand/ip. Then there are the 2nd party studios whom are doing the same thing.

You see, you got companies like activision who owns two studios just to make call of duty games, in this sense i respect EA a little more for trying to introduce more than just battlefield.

However i will admit, the one thing both activision and MS have in common is that they know how to market and make a pretty penny of what little they invest in.

This doesnt mean Sony don't make a penny on its investment, it simply means they have more to market and sell to the consumer. But ultimately its the people who decide what to buy, and is the people who make these companies go places.

So even if MS puts out a new studio or two, it remains to be seen what exactly comes out of them and whether or not what they try to sell intrigues the population beyond the usa.
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fsfsxii  +   1089d ago
What are you talking about??
For the record, i beat Uncharted 2 like 8 times
Uncharted 1 beat it 5 times
Heavy Rain beat it twice, God of War 3 beat it 3 times
All of the PS3 exclusives i beat them at least twice
SDF Repellent  +   1090d ago
Can we wait for some real announcements from all parties before proclaiming "Microsoft is doomed" or "PS4 is the second coming", and etc.?

Some of these comments are unbelievable!
#25 (Edited 1090d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(5) | Report | Reply
Gamer-Z  +   1090d ago
This doesn't even sound like a console anymore:

Always online connection to play

An even more forced subscription to live

Used game blocking technology

A stronger emphasis on music/videos

More casual games & apps

Kinect like controls

More advertisements

Yup Sony will be getting all my money next gen.
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BadConsole   1090d ago | Spam
BitbyDeath  +   1090d ago
Lol, i read it as "Microsoft is Charging the Console Experience"

Just me?
xxLuckyStrike  +   1090d ago
Xbox will ALWAYS own America just as the PS Brand owns Japan. The days of Sony and the PS brand ruling America are Gone!!! Just as Japan supports the Home Made console SO DOES AMERICA. Keep dreaming if you think America will jump from American Made to fORIGN.

*Looks in mirror only to realize Xbox is made in China
#28 (Edited 1090d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(8) | Report | Reply
tigertron  +   1090d ago
Well that doesn't explain how the Wii managed to do so well in America, that's a Japanese console, and neither does it explain the PS1 and 2's success in the US either.

The reason the Japanese didn't get behind the Xbox 360 was due to the lack of RPGs etc, whereas the PS3 had a much more appealing catalogue of games, so gamers thought "why should we buy a 360?". Different games for different cultures is the reason.
xxLuckyStrike  +   1089d ago
Lack of choice for PS1 tho it was great I had 3 of them. PS2 I had 2 and traded one in for a Xbox. I wanted a different experience. Got an Xbox 360 day one. I stood in line all night at Target for that bitch and was ready for any would be jacker. Just got a PS3 for 60 bucks. It was collecting dust in my brothers room and hadn't been powered on in over a year. He traded it for a new copy of Black Ops 2 for his 360 Slim. The Wii was a fad that everyone bought into. Plus its a Mario and Zelda machine. Even I grew up with a Nintendo Playing games. I think we paid $100 for it at a grocery store. so the name itself has a lot of recognition in america.
DivineAssault  +   1090d ago
the nx box will be a great unigamer system thats well rounded but i think sony is gonna murder em with all the features, exclusive games, & services they have incoming.. Who knows tho? MS has been REAAAALLY tight lipped about their nx console but from what ive been reading, its more of a casual entertainment machine that plays games than a core gamers console..
urwifeminder  +   1090d ago
Wii u and next box is all i want,my new pc and these consoles will keep me happy.
Snookies12  +   1090d ago
You'll be missing out on a lot of great exclusives if you don't get a PS as well. If you're getting the Wii u and the next Xbox, why not go all in? It's best as a gamer to have all options available for playing games.
urwifeminder  +   1090d ago
I dont play sony gear or games and have no desire to do so i will be to busy to care.
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Snookies12  +   1090d ago
That's kind of closed minded to say... Is there a reason for that?
etownone  +   1090d ago
I was going to agree with urwireminder,
But I'm not a pc gamer anymore,
And I sold my WiiU before even opening it with no desire at this point to get one again anytime soon.

I think it's strictly Xbox nsxt gen.
Unless, Ps4 doesn't something really impressive that makes it a must buy.
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