10 Hook-Up Websites For Lonely Gamers

Complex - Online dating is big business and so is video games. So why be surprised when a bunch of developers get together and bring the two together? Over the past few years, online dating sites have launched hoping to cash in on passionate gamers looking for a mate. Websites like Game Crush allow you to play your favorite titles against beautiful women (for a fee of course) while the hilariously named Shag A Gamer offers no-strings-attached love connections ala Adult Friend Finder.

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DarkBlood1950d ago

hey what can they do about it lol, this stuff doesnt work on me though, just got to have controll over your self and lose the depression over it

brettyd1950d ago

Yea depressed is something you can just choose not to be...if you think that you've never actually been depressed.

DarkBlood1950d ago

i have been depress when i was younger, i wasnt implying its something you can get over immediatly that stuff takes time, mind over matter after all

muttley651949d ago

one thing i've learnt from dating sites
they ALL fake!! 98% of women looking for a sugar daddy and only concern how much MONEY you make,what kind of car you drive,how long you work at your job. they dont care if your nice,kind,understanding,intent ive,show love for them. also they looking for a father figure. from all that i learned take it as online Entertainment only in the long run you'll be safe.

Axonometri1950d ago

Its amazing what people will do to make cash.

Relientk771950d ago

Where is Mika, I am waiting for her to comment

DarkBlood1950d ago

lol dont jinx it damn it :P

Relientk771950d ago

But I crave entertainment lol

Kratoscar20081950d ago

Isnt Claud3 Mika´s alt? Im sure both are the same girl.

isarai1950d ago

While i see the point in finding someone with shared interests, this is not the way to do that. just go talk to girls, it aint that hard, it's not like they're royalty or some shit

TheSaint1949d ago

These sort of sites are a joke, you get about 2000 men to each women, and on a site like this you can multiply the men by ten.

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