Far Cry 3 - New Features & Changes Revealed

Ubisoft's community manager ' MSV-Vextor' has unveiled some new features and changes that will be coming shortly in Far Cry 3.

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Skate-AK1979d ago

I was bummed that the Uplay is linked to the account instead of showing up in the PS3 download list. I would have played the multiplayer if it didn't have a level cap without the pass.

garos821979d ago

awesome.i really enjoyed far cry3 reseting enemy posts is the best idea out of all those. i aboslutely loved experimenting with them and screwing around with the weapons and items

phantomexe1978d ago

Whats it say is being added. I can't get the page to load?

tack1291979d ago

I am so looking forward to this.
Resetting the outposts would make things more awesome.

BizDaWolf1979d ago

hopefully they bring out some single player dlc

Statix1978d ago

A new "Master" difficulty is gonna be awesome! My only real disappointment with the game was its overall easiness and lack of true challenge.

Hopefully this new difficulty setting will be hardcore enough--as is the spirit and tradition of the Far Cry series--to satiate my need for a sweat-inducing, nail-biting experience.

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