Is the Wii U going to be a total Flop?

Sales for Nintendo’s newest system the Wii U have been plummeting and according to gamasutra the Wii U sold well under 100,000 units last month. This isn’t the first time Nintendo has experienced rough patches, the Game Cube did equally as bad in its early days, and in fact right before the original Wii launched Nintendo had its worse sales month. Now, I believe that can be attributed to people were waiting for the Wii to come out. But, right now the Wii U is putting up numbers month after month consistent with this time period and this is a new system, doesn’t bode well for the company

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wishingW3L1948d ago

a better tittle: Is Wii U going to become the next Virtual Boy?

startalancenter1948d ago

I couldn't agree more, Virtual Boy was cool for like 2 minutes and then disappeared looks like the same is going to happen with Wii U

cpayne931948d ago

LOL no. The Wii U may or may not be successful, but it is nearly impossible for the Wii U to achieve that level of failure based on the wii name and the progress so far alone. The VB had very few games, and even less games worth playing. It was an awkward piece of hardware that didn't work half as well as you thought. The Wii U is off to a slow start, but the games are coming. And even if it doesn't sell that well, it will still have some amazing titles it will be remembered for, Pikmin 3 will probably be one of them.

MikeMyers1948d ago

If we get a trend of sales like we seen in January then maybe. I think a lot of customers are like me, waiting to see what Sony and Microsoft offer. The casuals who literally ran to buy a Wii and counted calories along the way probably aren't returning for the Wii U. It took Nintendo a long time just to market the Wii U to the public of what it does. That right there goes against the grain of the original Wii which was easy to pick up and play and offer fun for the whole family.

HITANDRUN1948d ago

I will not dare say it will be a virtual boy, but I will be surprise to see numbers like the gamecube and N64. wiiu WILL BE what it is today a total disaster waiting for a total recall. Only way I see wiiu increasing the sales is if Sony are dumb enough to block used games as well with 720. There is no reason to own a wiiu, really think about it, what is there? If you said first party game then you are a true gamer, cause thats not reason enough for me to waste money on second rated last gen games, while I could be playing higher quality AAA on actual next gen consoles. WIIU RIP...

herbs1947d ago

Hourly Nintendoom article to feed the hungry Sony Zealots... Ding ding ding goes the dinner bell, them Zealots be Glutinous.

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Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II1948d ago

Its looking that way... literally no games wow.

live2play1948d ago

i know right?
what utter trash

c'mon nintendo you have been out 3 full months and you havent released a 3D mario a new zelda, smash bros 4 or any other 1st party titles

other system launches never have this problem
everyone else already has megaton AAAAA titles out by now


HITANDRUN1948d ago

No they are not planning to be a flop, they are already a flop.

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RyuCloudStrife1948d ago

Wii U gonna be a flop?

No friends it already IS a flop, a travesty.

OmegaSlayer1947d ago

WiiU will die too.
Imma poet

Shnazzyone1947d ago

Amazing how much people can determine about a consoles level of success based on one month alone. So vita sold worse than WiiU in the same month. Does that mean Vita is a flop too? From my understanding it's the worst sales of an HD handheld of all time. Does that mean anything? Guess sony AND nintendo are going under now.

Mounce1947d ago

I think, they shouldn't say Wii U is 'Going to be' a flop. It is CURRENTLY flopping.

The appropriate title is, can Nintendo stop flopping and flop back into the ocean again. All they have that's good for them are their VERY-Select 1st-party titles like Mario/Zelda, some 3rd-party deals of games that are Already on 360 or PS3 except for the rare circumstances of games like Bayonetta 2 which I'd be unsure if they Paid for exclusivity or timed exclusivity because the developers aren't gaining anything by limiting themselves for sure when they've made a lot of games for both PS3 and 360 already and are what they normally do.

Nintendo has nothing going for it except the controller-screen feature that could also be counted as a gimmick. Nintendo will make good use of it themselves, but how long until other developers try to make good use of it beyond the ones in the current-know?

I just, personally, don't see Nintendo going as strongly this generation as they did with the original Wii, there's just nothing Special in the LONG run. Sony always tries to go for the 10 year cycle, Nintendo and Microsoft typically go with the flow and try to plan a bit ahead of time but for the most case they just 'Do'. Wii U just isn't a 'Do' just like Gamecube wasn't, even though Gamecube ultimately got a few great games and great hidden gems which I'm happy to own like Eternal Darkness or MGS Twin Snakes orrrrr Pikmen 2.

Psn8001947d ago (Edited 1947d ago )

We need Nintendo to do well for the good of the games industries and we need strong competition .

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PopRocks3591948d ago (Edited 1948d ago )

No it isn't. You know for every doom/gloom article that comes out, they almost always forget to look at history. Same with the commenters.

You want to compare the Wii U to the Virtual Boy? Alright, let's do that.

The Virtual boy was a fundamentally flawed machine, the 3D didn't work as well as it should and the graphics could only be projected in black and red pixels. So its designated "gimmick" was too broken to really be enjoyed.

The Wii U's "gimmick" is the controller's touch screen which actually does exactly what it is meant to do, be used for touch inputs and project content on the screen and on top of this the console is backwards compatible with the Wii.

It's been THREE months, since this latest console came out. How about we give it a year and give it some more software releases before spelling out its end? One month of low sales does not justify it as such when the Vita has been suffering the same problem for over a year.

EDIT: The PS3 didn't start well, the 3DS didn't start well and both of those platforms are now considered roaring successes. If people gave the Wii U and Vita the same time of day, then we wouldn't have ridiculous Pachter-like headlines like these.

InTheLab1948d ago

Surely you see the difference between a $600 console selling 4m in 3 months and a $300 console selling the same, right?

Also, I see every WiiU defender throwing up Vita numbers as if that saves the WiiU from failure. They're both selling poorly. There's no point to be made there.

PopRocks3591948d ago (Edited 1948d ago )

What are you getting at? I've openly said in the past that the Vita is not a failure either by any stretch of the term, but people keep labeling the Wii U as such without so much as acknowledging the Vita's even lower performance in sales.

The PS3 selling slowly is due to the price, yes. But the economy was stronger then. The Wii U is currently the most expensive HD console on the market and has a rather small game library (not to mention how the 360 and PS3 are both still hot on the market despite being over half a decade old). You also didn't bother to talk about how the 3DS started slowly but became a best selling system as well.

EDIT: Did you read my comment all the way through by the way? If you actually did you'd notice I said specifically that people should give the Wii U AND the Vita the time of day they both deserve.

BullyMangler1948d ago

i think he was only joking .. .

TotalSynthesisX1948d ago

> Completely valid and sensible points
> 11+ disagrees

Don't bother trying to convince these rabid Sony fanboys, man. It's a lost cause.

PopRocks3591948d ago

I'm not out to convince anyone of anything man. I'm here to simply express myself and have some fun debating with others, same with anyone on an online forum. But I appreciate the vote of confidence regardless.

AKR1948d ago (Edited 1948d ago )

Watch out PopRocks - Making sense and providing cold hard proof to justify it is quite dangerous here. You should be careful. The Sony fanboys will eat you alive.

~ Seriously though - excellent point, my friend. It's good to see knowledgeable and logical people, who actually THINK and not have knee-jerk reaction to things, on a site like this.

The Wii U is no Virtual Boy, people. It - like every other console before it - is in it's total infancy. It has no games at the moment, because developers are still working on them. It's THREE months old. Not THREE YEARS. What, you expect an entire tsunami of games instantly? Hah! Keep dreaming! We won't even see that with the PS4 or Xbox 720. Why? Because it's the pattern with consoles.

- New hardware. Developers need some time to work with the hardware. Once they get the hang of it - more and more projects start being produced, and the rest is history.

No console has ever had a Golden Road launch. They all launch on a rocky patch, but it tends to smooth out as time passes.

Has anyone forgotten the "Wii U Direct" video? What about all of the other games? Has anyone forgotten how many things were revealed? Or has the surge of "Doom and Gloom" articles over-washed that? Let's jog your memory, and take a look.

- Wind Waker HD
- Fire Emblem
- 'X'
- New 3D Mario (?)
- New Mario Kart (?)
- Super Smash Bros. 4 (?)
- LEGO City: Undercover
- Need for Speed: Most Wanted U
- Bayonetta 2
- Watch Dogs
- The Wonderful: 101
- Monster Hunter 3: Ultimate
- Project C.A.R.S
- Yoshi's Land
- Bit. Trip Runner 2
- Toki Tori 2
- Pikmin 3
- Rayman Legends

. . . Ahem? How is that for you? "No games", right? Oh! What about when Nintendo mentioned the UNANNOUNCED TITLES THAT COULD SEE RELEASE BY THE END OF THIS YEAR? Has E3 flew out of your mind guys? Who knows what reveals we could see, what we don't know about yet!

Honestly - These doom and gloom articles need to stop. Judging the Wii U is rather foolish, this early in it's lifetime. Give it 1 full year out on the market first, then pitch your two cents, people.

And for everyone using the "PS3 was more expensive, yet it sold more at launch" argument. - The economy of 2006 is much different than the economy of 2012/2013. Money is harder to obtain, and needs to be allocated to the more important things.

Also - The Wii U's library is rather dry. But once quality software is released (like the ones I mentioned above) - we can see some units shuffling around.

Honestly, the Wii U is looking to have a better first year than the 3DS when it first launched. Time will solve it's woes.

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Old McGroin1948d ago (Edited 1948d ago )

6 months after the likes of Mario Kart and Wii U Fit launch the sales figures for the Wii U will look very different to what they look like now, i.e. a hell of a lot larger.

richierich1948d ago

Didnt the PS3 have nothing but doom and gloom articles when it was first released and look at how successful it turned out. The only problem with the Wii U at the moment is that there are no games that would justify buying the console but just wait till Zelda U and other exclusives get released.

Godmars2901948d ago

Before it was released. Thanks to the $600 price point.

LevelUp1948d ago

Nintendo has some of most reliable hardware (however underpowered) and coolest innovations (motion control, tablet control, spawned and will spawn copy cats) out there right now. Software choices on the Wii were so limited after MARIO, METROID, and ZELDA there wasn't much to choose from. The Wii U is looking at the same problem. Once some of the better titles release I hope/think we see better sales.
They just can't wait so long after a console launches because Sony is going to announce their new console in a few days and Microsoft is sure to follow them sooner rather than later.

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