Rumor Roundup: PlayStation 4

This Wednesday is an important day for gaming.

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iXenon2002d ago

I didn't think about the connection "Orbis" and "Vita" could have. "Circle of Life". I thought the Orbis name was a little stupid at first but it's an awesome idea if the two systems are gonna be integrated.

sinncross2002d ago

thing is that no one is going to care about the connection.

Vita is a cool name, but just leave the PS4 as PS4.

iXenon2002d ago

"PlayStation 4" sounds weird on my tongue. And then there's this thing going around that 4 has something to do with death in Japan.

Maybe they can just call it The PlayStation?

sinncross2002d ago

Dont worry about that death rumour thing for Japan.

In Japan, the PS4 would be pronounced as playstation 4 but obviously with the vocal sounds of the Japanese language. The 4 will not be translated into Japanese which is where that rumour about death came from.

SoundGamer2002d ago

It will be good when all of these rumors are finally cleared up on Wednesday.

iXenon2002d ago

I hope the ban on used games isn't true, though. Everything else is fine by me.

ziggurcat2002d ago

it won't happen, so don't worry.

rumours are just rumours, and patents don't matter since a great majority of them don't even see the light of day - that, and sony filed an identical patent prior to the launch of the PS3, and yet we can all still play used games on the current system.

inveni02002d ago

I agree. Banning them is the wrong way to go, if nothing else than for the bad publicity. The proper way to phase out used games is to pull a Steam/Netflix. People are perfectly happy with those services, and they don't allow used.

PS3and4_HAS_GAMES2002d ago

what time is this suppose to start eastern time?

WeAreLegion2002d ago

6 PM Eastern Time

I'm Central, so I'll be watching at 5. :)

FarCryLover1822002d ago

My hunch is that this thing is going to be called the "Playstation 4."

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