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Quantic Dream May Announce New Game On Wednesday

Gameinformer writes: A few savvy gamers at NeoGaf noticed that Quantic Dream's co-CEO Guillaume de Fondaumière recently tweeted that he is in New York. Awhile ago Quantic Dream registered the domain SingularityPS4.com, so it seems reasonable to speculate that the company may be getting ready to announce this project during the press event where Sony is expected to announce its next console. Maybe this project will use the tech Quantic Dream showed off with its Kara video early last year. (PS4)

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Godchild1020  +   829d ago
It could be a new game or they could be showing off Beyond Two souls on next gen hardware.

No matter what it is, I'm all for it. And it also means Sony believes QD are high quality developers, if they have them making a new game before their current one is out. Do I here First Party Developers soon?
Abash  +   829d ago
It's too soon for me to get excited about their next game when Im psyched for Beyond: Two Souls. Thats all I care about from them at the moment
inveni0  +   828d ago
I seriously doubt we'll see Quantic Dream, besides that Beyond may stream to the new console. I reckon we won't hear from them concerning next gen until their current gen game is released.
Root  +   829d ago
I hope it's Kara

I mean Valorie Curry hasn't been up to much after crappy Twilight so it's not like she would of been really busy for their next game.

The only other thing she's in now is The Following....which is amazing.

Playing a android who thinks it's human or wants to be human while the Government try and seek out and destroy her would be a fantastic idea in my opinion.
dboyc310  +   829d ago
Hopefully is kara
Kara is that woman that doesn't know about her freedom.
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doctorstrange  +   829d ago
Or he could even 'just' be showing Beyond on PS3. I'm sure they'll show some PS3 and Vita stuff first.
_-EDMIX-_  +   829d ago
that might be the dumbest thing I've read in a long time. Why would they show a game that already exist on another system with more units sold? they are here to show off PlayStation 4 IP's not PlayStation 3 IP's on PlayStation 4.

the only companies that worry about putting existing IP's on new systems are third parties. Sony Microsoft Nintendo are not interested in trying to sell a new system with an old game. if anything Nintendo is the only first party publisher to my understanding that came out with an GameCube game on the Wii but that was only because the systems architecture is are basically the same. but even then the Twilight Princess had Wii motion controls tacted on.

I don't see Sony re releasing games on PlayStation 4 at launch. this is a game to sell the PlayStation 3 not to sell the PlayStation 4. whatever Quantic dreams are going to announce I could probably guarantee it's not be beyond 2 souls on PlayStation 4 it's very likely a brand new IP just for PlayStation 4. why on earth would I buy a PlayStation 4 for a game I could buy on the PlayStation 3 which I currently own?

I don't even understand why any publisher what is even waste the resources in time to do such a thing, especially a first party publisher. I could understand with third party publishers trying to make a quick return on ports with sub par updates but a first party publisher has a system to sell.
Godchild1020  +   829d ago
They can show off Beyond working through Gaikai. Not a port to the system.

But as Mac is Ok has pointed out, it could be a reveal of a new game.
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BitbyDeath  +   829d ago
Quantic Dream May Announce New Game On Wednesday

NastyLeftHook0  +   829d ago
indingo prophecy; :shattered sound"
Fyflin  +   829d ago
I'd like to see what they can do with the PS4. They really made the PS3 sing with Heavy Rain and what we've seen of Beyond.
akaakaaka  +   829d ago
hard to believe.. we all know they are working on their next gen tittle but I don't think is near to announcement or even ready to show anything.
the may show a next gen tech demo?on the 20th that I believe is very possible, but like they always do it will not be part of the final game and it will be just a concept demo to show their tech..
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Conzul  +   829d ago
yeah a tech demo is more likely.
Mac is OK  +   829d ago
They released a screenshot some time ago of their other project, and they also registered a domain name for SingularityPS4.com. Here's a link to the screenshot for anyone who missed it:
IRetrouk  +   829d ago
Damn, how i missed that I will never know. Bubble to you sir.
mike32UK  +   829d ago
So excited for next gen announcements. Can't wait to see what the top devs have got up their sleeves but I refuse to believe that robot Skeletal structure is any kind of in game engine! If it is I will be even more excited for next gen than I already am! Bring it on Quantic!
TheMailman  +   829d ago
For the look of that pic I must say photorealistic graphics on the way..
jagstar44  +   829d ago
i remember them saying they have two titles in development
IRetrouk  +   829d ago
Yeah, starting to get real interesting round here aint it?
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DaThreats  +   829d ago
Kara is a real game!
josephayal  +   829d ago
I will be getting fat PS4 Day 1
GribbleGrunger  +   829d ago
Don't gild the lilly, you'll be disappointed. Just stick with what you got excited for -- the PS4 announcement -- and then anything else is a bonus.
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matrixman92  +   829d ago
I know Kara was just a tech demo...but man, my dreams would come true if that turned out to be a real game. i love those types of themes in scifi
KingofGambling  +   828d ago
It's interesting that the key people behind Heavy Rain and Beyond are there, maybe an announcement about the release date for Beyond or ever better, Sony announce their purchase of Quantic Dreams.

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