‘Destiny’ exclusive pre-order bonus revealed by Amazon for PS3 and Xbox 360

Amazon has revealed their exclusive pre-order bonus for the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 versions upcoming multiplatform title from Activision and Bungie, “Destiny.”

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DaThreats1858d ago

PS3 and 360?
Our games gna be limited to their hardware.
Want it to be only next-gen

ShugaCane1857d ago (Edited 1857d ago )

Why is that ? If the game is to be released on both current and next gen consoles, then you'll be able to choose the system you want to play it on, and everybody will be happy.

BanBrother1857d ago

I think the core game will still be enjoyable, but I am not pre-ordering right away. I hope it also comes out on next-gen consoles, as the release date and the latest information points to that also.

The whole contract appears to have changed these last couple of years, so it looks like a multi-platform release for both the PS3/360 AT THE SAME TIME. That is some good news, as timed exclusive on the 360 would negatively effect the series planned 10 years life.

RuleofOne343 1857d ago

Still Early & especially w/ the deals between MS & Activision of late things can change in any form.

PS3DOESIT4ME1857d ago

Is this still a timed exclusive for M$?

iGamerZero241857d ago

I'll be playing this on PS4 or XBOX 3 , buying both so it doesn't matter what system I play it on

MasterD9191857d ago

It's a mixture of Halo and magic...I doubt it's going to be as ground-breaking as they claim it is, but I am curious to see the final product.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1857d ago

Why pre order? I don't know what it's about! They showed nothing!

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