GameStop's Mayan Apocalypse

The rumor mill is saying the next generation of consoles might not play used games. What does this mean for retailers such as Amazon, GameStop, and Best Buy? Will gamers flock to the one console that can still play used games? GoozerNation speculates if the Mayan apocalyspse draws near for used game sales.

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JimmyJames701947d ago

Do you think GameStop will stop selling brand new games if they can't sell used games?

Summons751947d ago

Gamestop doesn't make as much of a profit from new games. Their entire business is built on used game sales. If used games go then it won't be to long for them.

darthv721947d ago

the bulk of used games are for platforms that are out currently or older.

I buy used games for older systems that i know you cant find "NEW" anymore. So long as there is a market for it....there will be a GS to sell it.

i just hope they dont get wise and up the price for used games. If they do that then they should give you more for trade-in but that will happen.

rainslacker1947d ago

Something will have to give at some point. It would be hard for specialty stores to survive given the profit margins involved. We already see gamestop having their own toy store, so likely if no used games become the norm, expect them to adapt in some way to remain profitable. I've noticed they are pushing used Blu-Rays and DVD's more now for instance. The only places that could survive would be those that have multiple revenue streams, such as the big box stores like Best Buy, or internet like Amazon.

I know people hate on their policies, but they aren't singular in their need to profit when it comes to game specialty stores. If gamestop goes down, expect the smaller chains to go first.

ziggurcat1947d ago (Edited 1947d ago )

the rumour mill needs to understand that patents don't matter, and this will never happen on the next generation of systems as they will still allow used games to function.

gamestop isn't the only business that deals with "used" games - any rental service would be rendered null and void as well... and i doubt people (not to mention the companies) would stand for it.

kma2k1947d ago

im a gamefly member have been for a few years & the whole used game thing worries me, i am waiting for the day when we get some offical word on all this.