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Will Consoles Exist After the PS4/Xbox "720"?

"In this video, DLB and his guest, Kyle "US_ARMY", discuss what they think will happen next... next generation - even to the point to if consoles will even exist after next-generation. Will the console companies move to service companies like OnLive? See what the guys think in their latest video"

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GribbleGrunger1706d ago

I don't believe they will. The PS4 is the PS5/PS6 and so on. Gaikai will become the provider for generational leaps in games, whilst the PS4 will simply be the device through which you receive those games.

OpenGL1706d ago

I agree, set-top boxes and smart TVs will replace traditional consoles eventually, and if Sony is smart they can continue the Playstation brand for a long time via streaming, hardware partnerships with Samsung, LG, and others (as well as through their own brand of Smart TVs and devices) and by continuing to support their first party studios. Playstation Network and Xbox Live are only the first steps towards the future of console gaming.

classic2001706d ago (Edited 1706d ago )

I think you are forgetting that the faster the the internet speeds get, the faster we can download games. Soon we will be able to dowload games just as fast as loading up n4g.

Cloud will always be around for rental purposes but we always have the option to owned games on our gaming systems. The hard drives are becoming more portable and safer.

Remember when you pay full price for a game on onlive they dont actually sell you the game forever. You keep the game for 2 years if I remember correctly.

Also I think Smart TV that can do proper gaming might always be way way expensive than even building a gaming PC. there will always be a need for cheap consoles.

darthv721706d ago

not in the same sense that we know of now. Chances are by the next go-round, the tech will be where it needs to be for a portabl unit that can connect to any video device to double as a console.

We see that now with phones and tablets and have seen other game devices in the past offer similar approach. The nomad was a portable genesis that had tv out. PSP 2000/3000/Go had tv out with the Go actually having sixaxis support.

Sony, as a hardware company, has the potential to deliver such a device more so than Ms or nintendo. Biggest concers are usually price and performance and power/heat. But like i said, in several years we will likely have reached that point of where the tech is ready.

Bigpappy1706d ago

Yeah! Even with steam gaming finally getting some traction, the console will still be king next gen. Cloud saves will make gaming more portable, and with surface type PC I can see that happening in a big way. But just like gaming PC's are still here, consoles with still be around as a specialty unit for gaming on the sofa, even if it is a docking station for a portable, surface like version.

The_Infected1706d ago

Most likely yes but If not at least Sony is at the forefront with Gaikai and by then Gaikia will be advancing all the way and will be well into the game by then. Most likely they will improve tons and figure new things out to just keep making it better and better.

ziggurcat1706d ago


yes, they will. and considering how onlive was a major flop, i doubt that sony/MS would go in that direction.

graphics fidelity will always improve, so you will need improved hardware to be able to run those games as they are meant to be experienced.

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