Destiny Footage Running On Next-Gen Console?

Eskimo Press: "Destiny, Bungie's ambitious upcoming sci-fi adventure, has certainly nabbed the attention of the gaming press after the recent reveal featurette. Aside from speculations running rampant about how the game itself will shape up, there's now just cause to assume that the footage shown in the video is running on next-gen console tech. "

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GalacticEmpire1977d ago (Edited 1977d ago )

My expectations are realistic when it comes to what PS4 games will look like but there's just no way those few snippets of gameplay were running on next gen-tech. They looked like they would run without breaking a sweat on PS3/360/WiiU. Do you honestly think Sony would allow PS4 footage to be openly shown before their event on the 20th?


Really? Well each to their own but I have my doubts. Do you think that the gameplay footage looked 'next-gen' to you?

FiLTHY ESKiMO1977d ago

If it is unannounced, sure, why not? Bungie have also confirmed that this will be released on next gen consoles, so one would assume they've already started developing for the PS4/X720. Also, when it comes to revealing your game you'd want to make sure you show your strong hand... the lead console for development.

Anything is possible at this point, I'd say.

ThatXboxGuy1977d ago

Your site is garbage.PLEASE stop submitting things every time you have an idea on the toilet.

DigitalRaptor1977d ago

hey I'm sure some of the best ideas ever were conceived in a toilet.

mr_kubrick1977d ago

Who cares, the gameplay footage could be a CGI-rendered Movie made in 3D Studio MAX or Maya on any Laptop.

Just remember the KZ2 pre-rendered movies introducing just the movies.
grab popcorn and just watch it. u cant play it, lol

greenpowerz1976d ago (Edited 1976d ago )

You think that game could run on PS3 and 360? LMAO

It's not just the visuals that shows the capability of hardware. That game is massive with many people online with all kinds of vehicles and it still looked better than any game this gen LOL

Why do people on this site have such a simple way of thinking with weak resaoning skills?(sometimes willfully to justify fanboyism) Almost like the game is being unfairly criticized because it's taking the grahpical crwon away from whatever game.

A living breathing world with those visuals being a massive social game is impressive.

Blacklash931977d ago

The footage looked quite good, but it's definitely in the reach of current gen.

Fyflin1977d ago

I think that if next gen consoles had already been announced and tech demos/launch games shown then Bungie would have been able to show us some actual gameplay footage of Destiny. The footage shown so far looks comfortably current gen.

We know of absolutely tons of next gen games that are being worked on at the moment, but other than a few exceptions such as Ground Zeroes, we haven't seen anything of them yet.

djthechamp241976d ago

dude its another first person shooter and there you have it

EskimoPress1977d ago

@ThatKansasGuy. Our site. There are five staff members who work on this site.

Regardless, all the best ideas are born when you are on the toilet. Any writer can tell you this.

It's very unfortunate for you that you don't like the site. Just don't visit us. :)

Have a wonderful day.

whoyouwit041977d ago

Couldn't agree with you more he is probably some Sony fan boy that has the PS4 on the level of god interns of graphics but because you said that this game which looks good but not next gen good could be running on PS4 hurt his little Sony heart.

BigStef711977d ago

The game looked great but theres no way that was next gen footage. I think KZ3 and Halo 4 looked better than that. Remember the engine is scaleable so the next gen versions will probably look like crysis 3 or BF3 on pcs of course

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The story is too old to be commented.