How Will the PS3 and Vita Factor into This Week's PlayStation Meeting?

Push Square: "All eyes are on the PlayStation 4 this week. Sony’s widely publicised PlayStation Meeting is set to take place on 20th February, where we’ll almost certainly get our first glimpse at the platform holder’s next generation console. But while the emphasis has been very much on the future for the last couple of weeks, we can’t help but feel that the present has been somewhat overlooked. So, how will the manufacturer’s current consoles factor into its upcoming press conference?"

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Bumpmapping1949d ago

Easy price cuts for both of them long with I hope some new Vita games and the rest of the meeting about PS4.

Protagonist1949d ago (Edited 1949d ago )

It´s been a long time since I´ve been so excited. More games for the PS VITA would be great and if it takes a price cut making people realize what an awesome little machine the PS VITA is! it´s all good by me.

Come on PS4!!!!!!!

Dno1949d ago (Edited 1949d ago )

they won't, and thats how it should be

Omar911949d ago

The meeting will go perfectly smooth if they announce
price cuts for both ps3 and vita
Show a awesome montage of both vita and ps3 as usual
show some gameplay footage of upcoming vita games to boost the confidence in the system
Finally at the end announce the ps4 while showing either a up close look at the system or a video similar to what they have been doing these pass few days with the history of playstation

on top of that give us a few information on the system (such as specs, hopefully pricing, new controller etc)

Thats it! keeping it short but sweet but at the same time keeping us at the edge of our seats.

Capt-FuzzyPants1949d ago

No as soon as Tretton or Hirai or whoever walks on stage I want them to say, "Guess what everybody, heres the PS4!" And then they show a montage of a couple games and then get into details. I really don't want to wait until the end for them to show it off. If they do stuff for the PS3 and Vita it should be quick. And I hope they show the Vita intgrated with the PS4.

Omar911949d ago

True I agree with you but I'm just going about it how every company does. They show the best for last. But If they do this from the get go I wouldn't complain either

despair1949d ago

I'm thinking this will be 90% ps4, why blunt your own huge announcement with including a lot of non ps4 material. Remember the tag line Sony is using is "the future of playstation" so it would be sad to have only 10 minutes on ps4 at the end. I say save the big ps3 and vita stuff for e3.maybe just announce the price cuts.

Bigpappy1949d ago

I believe Sony will show a new motion control camera, that is more responsive that current Kinect on 2/20. They will also touch on the PS4, but will be light on details. You can be mad at me now, but you will be happy that I lower expectations on the 20th. Hell you might even get more excited for the PS4 when you see the motion controls. I know many of you would really like to see Sony reclaim this bragging right from M$. Both Sony and M$ see motion gaming as a strong casual magnet, so don't expect either side to walk away anytime soon.

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