PlayStation Store Preview – February 19th, 2013: Countdown to PS4

Yet even more long-awaited Skyrim DLC arrives this week: Hearthfire. Crysis 3 hits the PlayStation Store, as well as a few PSN games and a pair of demos. But who cares? The PS4 is going to be revealed this week!!!

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Wedge191647d ago

Woo! Can't wait for Tuesday... so that it can be Wednesday! Oh and Vanquish on PS Plus is pretty cool too.

TheGrimOfDeath1646d ago

EU Lumines Electronic Symphony for PS Vita PS+! Awww yisss!

By this rate we are going to have all the epic Vita games! I ain't mad at that!

decimalator1647d ago

I am continually surprised by the strength of PS Plus. Sony has done a great job making it well worth the money.

alexcosborn1647d ago

Bring on more PlayStation content!

ftwrthtx1647d ago

Another free game for PS+ that I already own. Still not bad, though.

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The story is too old to be commented.